Improve my def for 2200+ cups

Hello all !
In picture you have my def team. I am staying with this around 2000 2200 range .

I also have max : falcon . Wu

Xi will be soon .

I have better option for my def team ? Soon kagr frida with be max… i will soon touch 2400 number but hiw i keep this number ?

why you want this?
i keep my cups number very low with very low lvl one hero as def team.
and this is why: low lvl teams to hit for revenge, small amount of rss loss, big amount of rss get in asault, easier way to open 40heroes chest. and more important: high class arena DO NOT GIVE BETTER REWARDS (i know official is different, but is not real).

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:slight_smile: you recommand to stay at actual range ?

but if you want this look at strong defensive heroes: Tarlak, Boldtusk, Sonya and Elkanen. i know Melendor is a healer but is weak. Joon is better in asault team, Sonya is better in def team (her class - Paladin - give +25% def), Frida (ascend 4, i’ve seen it) is better then most of your heroes (with mixt 3-4* troops for bonuses) and Boldtusk can improve attack, healing at the same time, with strong defense as well (with 4* def troops he can reach 900 def points).
good luck!

The team is ok. Maybe switch Joon with Rigard. And Ełk with Melendor.

But your cups lvl depends mainly on offence. Consider what to do with your offence.
Powodzenia Panie Babinicz!

actualy, is better to set a low level team to lose cups (1k is enough). in short time you will lose some important amount of rss, but in long terms you will get more. because your defensive team is weaker, when you hit on revenge you will get much more then you lose.
high number of cups is ok only if you can spend 1 - 2 000 $ per month to reach top 10 worldwide.


Get rid of either rigard or Mel, too many healers.

Kage JOON boril bt hansel

Hurry up and max kage and Frida (use as tank)

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yeah, Rigard is enough and much stronger then Melendor. too many healers and not enough hitters. in defense, Sonya perform better then Hansel.
good luck, Jędrek !

Hi guys !
I will give a try to :
Joon kage boril BT sonya

My attack team is :slightly_smiling_face:

Joon kage BT sonya hansel. Do you think when Frida is max would replace sonya well ? Now sonya is helps me a lot . @Aky.Minowara @G.O.A.T @l2ider

That may close the doors if you intend to apply to some alliances.

And also ruins the fun of strong challenges and the Will of becoming better player.

But I must agree that searching enemies can be annoying so I can´t criticize who do that.

i have my alliance, i don’t need to aply to another.
but this post is not about me, is about Jędrek and his optimal defense team. so, i say is better with some 4* heroes maxed out and talents over 5* blocked at ascd. 3.
Kage and Frida hurry and maxed out, along with Rigard, Sonya and Boril/Boldtusk (your choice - i will go with Boldtusk - heal & boost atk).
anyway, if you don’t have an alliance, i will take you. search for Alpha Eridani.

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