Improve Might of Dark/Fire/Ice packages in shop

These deals seem like a pretty good start for a beginner - at least you get a couple troops 3* and a couple nice heroes 3*…oh wait. These deals could be a good deal for new players IF they actually had nice 3* heroes in them. Suggestions:

Might of Nature and Holy seem fine for beginners with the heroes included
Dark - excuse me, but in what world are Renfeld and Oberon good? Either throw in Renfeld’s costume or replace those two with Balthazar and Tyrum
Fire - Jahangir, seriously? Throw in Hawkmoon instead, let newbies have a starting healer.
Ice - Karil, right…Gunnar instead maybe?

Also, concerning the troops in all these deals…isn’t it better for new players to have an attack 3* troop instead of a defense one?

In my opinion, these changes would make the “Might” packages more desirable by anyone, but especially new players.

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