Improve loot for titan chest!

It takes a while to fill up the titan chest with 5 kills, then after that time to be let down by mediocre loot is very irritating!

Oftentimes I get better loot from the individual titan kills. The chest requires more time and effort to complete, so the reward should increase accordingly.

SG, Please improve the quality of loot in the titan chest!

Titan kills measure skill level… Wanted chest only measures participation level.

Skill will always be more rewarding than participation… Just be patient and continue to grow your team so the wanted chest becomes an afterthought and just a nice surprise.

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Valid point.

I just think they need to make ascension materials more accessible. This could be a good way to do that.

Have at least one 3* or better ascension item in the titan chest. I don’t think that’s too much to ask.

Getting random low level crafting materials and 3 gems is pretty annoying.


I agree titan chest should get improved. Currently it seems that it takes 6 weeks to actually get item from chest. Throw in the fact that we have people in our alliance not getting anything from titans and you have members getting frustrated with fighting titans. We have had one member who quit because of nothing from titans for over 3 months. Now we are on the verge of losing another. At least if titan chest was improved to a better than 50% odds of getting an item, members would feel that fighting a titan was worth it. In order to prevent people taking advantage of filling it by mercing and filling it In Under 3 days, I suggest making it so you can fill it once every 20 hrs similar to current titan rules(loot is nerfed until 20 hr mark)

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