Improve Animation for Classic 5* heros special skills

I noticed that most of the classic heros have the same special skill animation. It is usually the large circle surrounded by runes with the snakes in the middle. With blue Magni and Richard use it. Yellow has Joon, Vivica and Justice all using the same thing. Other colors are similar.
With the new heros from Atlantis and the HOTM and seasonal heros having neat special skill animations I think it would be nice to improve the legendary hero’s special skill animation.
I work very hard to get those heros and with the 3 yellow of Joon, Justice and Vivica, they all have the exact same animation. I wouldn’t think it is too hard to change this with a quick bit of artwork.

I’d like to get rid of the animations at all. They slow down farming and cover screen hiding tiles in titan fights.

Yes, some of them do like MItsuko and Proteus cover the tiles but the heros I am talking about are above the tiles. There is a thread that suggests removing them for titan battles as well. I like them as it makes them interesting but working to get a 5* only to have it have the same animation as every other one is boring. Even the 3 and 4* atlantis heros have unique animations.

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And we could also speed up some animations that got slowed down in the past…

Heroes abilities should be unique to that hero itself. Joins solar beam and sartanas beam are just beams. All the archers fire the same and ice people about the same. Make an update so everyone has a more personlized touch it will make the game more interesting.

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