Impossible wins - pictures of amazing comebacks

this is my last picture of amazing win…

would you think I will win this one? (mine about 3850 his team is about 4550)

so I did. why? one word. skady…

please share picture but put the numbers too so we can see the power difference.


I won this one in war today

Starting board not in my favour

Then several moves in…just one more red tile

Unfortunately I didn’t get more shots but I was pretty chuffed to knock out the enemy Alliance leader after that start!


tough board… and you die easily… so how did you win?

Right before this picture, all 3 of the enemies fired their specials. I saw I had a chance of an epic war win here, so started recording.

Tiles took out Seshat and charged Atomos. So I had a chance and a little bit of room to work with.

Soaked another Marjana blast. It was looking a bit grim here. I was gonna need some board help if I was gonna be able to keep the Atomos wings up.

Thankfully when I cleared the six tiles into Marj, I had the green I needed show up.

Closing this one out was exhilarating. Soaked six enemy specials, and Atomos had died a total of four times. It was a big war win with my second green team against a Telly Tank Team and oh so satisfying :slight_smile:


A couple of Tyr wins


crazy skady…

I took 3950 they had 4600…

mist of my heros died but it didn’t matter… evil. turns upon itself…


Omg I need a Tyr :drooling_face:

Don’t remember the power difference but I think it’s still worth sharing


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