Impossible to get 3* Gloves?

Hello everyone,

I know that materials are randomly dropped, you’re lucky or you are not, but I’m now playing for over 2 months and I only got ONE 3* Gloves, yes one, just one.

I’m stuck at evolving all my heros cause of those gloves.

Meanwhile, a few guyz in my ally have roughly one / week, but not me, never.

65 days I’m playing & only one 3* gloves, really ?

At this point, it’s not just a random thing for me, but a true glitch in my opinion.

Got “a lot” of 4* materials but gloves, no, never.

AND, I think that the only 3* Gloves I got was from a chest I bought… Are those gloves harder to get than everything else in the game or what ? And if yes, how could you explain that 80 % of my friends have plenty (they all have 4 or 5 Gloves) & keep getting some while I don’t, never.

I don’t know what to do, it’s more than just frustrating.

I’d have bought a chest to get some but the Owl thing didn’t give any expect for the 110 $ one wich is waaaaaaaaaay too expensive.

Dunno what anyone could answer to that. I’m just thinking that SG should review his % for theses gloves, cause only one in 2 months sounds kinda not enough…

Did you already get this problem ?

Thanks for reading

EDIT : I have to add something. I pay 20 gems EVERYTIME to get my raid / monsters chest back as soon as they’re done. It did gave me some materials but not those gloves ._. Can’t do more than that. Titan didn’t give me any neither. It’s just… I’ve no words ‘-’

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I think you’ve just been unlucky on gloves, you may well get 3 of them in a week later and have more than you can use on your heroes. In any case don’t despair, play farholme pass rare quest when it spawns (it alternates guaranteed gloves and compasses for completion of 4th stage) and I think gloves are sometimes guaranteed reward also for some monthly or seasonal events.
The fact that you got less than the other guys in your alliance doesn’t mean the game is bugged, it is like saying “hey my friend and I threw a 100-sides dice 50 times, he got 100 twice while I didn’t get it even once”: this effect is just due to standard deviation not to the dice being unfair, and “standard deviation/mean” ratio goes down statistically as you throw it over and over, so I can only suggest you not to give up if you enjoy the game (you’ll eventually get everything you need with enough patience) or just quit if you can’t stand a long series of unfavorable loots, cause you’ll get many, many more than favorable ones (there’s actually a third option that is buying any unfarmable loot you need in offers)


Thanks for your answer.

It was not a “rage” message, I was just wondering how comes that someone can be unlucky that much :smiley:

Not thinking to quit or anything like that, just wanted to know if that was “normal”. But if you say that yes it is, well… No choice, just gonna wait, as always :slight_smile:

Thanks for your answer Sir !

And yes, I’ll buy those gloves for sure if they pop in a chest, but not a 110 $ one hehe

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I’m about to hit a year playing at the end of this month, but my first few months playing I was unlucky and only managed maybe 3 gloves. Now, I have 12 or 13 just sitting in my account yet to be used. Give it time it builds up as needed. This is a patience game.


As @alcaselzer said, make sure you are doing each and every rare quest. They are a guaranteed source of ascension materials. They pop up every 7-10 days in a predictable rotation.

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I do, I do ! But didn’t see any gloves so far :smiley:

Well, gonna wait. Thanks everyone :slight_smile:

Next one should be Farholme with the compass and Damascus blade

Was already Damascus last time, sad :slight_smile:

Playing 1 year soon. You totally remember me to my situation after 2-3 month playing.
Where the hell are this gloves hidden! I always had more than enough compasses. Now i have 29 heroes leveled, and 10 gloves on the Bench. They come, they come. But it takes time…
…spending 25 euro/month, so some gloves came from that.


Im in a similar situation, plenty of higher level materials, but I stop short with the gloves (think im at around 20 compasses atm)

they are used everwhere, but seem as rare as mono colour drops

The next will be mount umber with items for red heroes

Are those gloves harder to get than everything else in the game or what ?

In general, no. For some people yes. The other day I was shaking my head at how frequently I’ve been getting gloves out of loot compared to compasses. Compasses for the most part only come to me in the form of rare missions.

Unfortunately some items we’re just unlucky for :frowning:

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You’re right. We just had Farholme

You are not the only one.
I been waiting for it for too long just for 1 4☆ hero… and in that while I got even 6 heroes 4☆ to be ascended and all are waiting for it as well.
Also got x2 5☆ waiting that bad gloves to come.
The most bad thing is all heroes need gloves and compases to get tire up ascend.

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Your just not praying to the RNG gods correctly.

Farholme never got me any gloves tho. Compass & 4* stuff but none gloves :confused:

Farholme alternates. Compass and blade one time, gloves and tome the next time

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When does it come ? Cause I saw this quest 2 times so far & never saw any gloves D:

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Scroll up to the link I posted. The rotation is in there. They come around every 7-10 days

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Thanks for the info Sir

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