Impossible to connect to Google play account

I cannot connect myself anymore to my Google play account. Already tried to turn off my phone and the game but nothing worked.


Empires & Puzzles game won’t work after android 8.1 update : (

I have the same problem logging in, logging into Google account

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I have the same problem with my huawai tab.


У меня тоже такая проблема целый день не могу войти в игру, что делать не знаю.

My phone is from Huawei, too

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Do not panic. This is not Huawei who causes the trouble. They have a bug in last update. I have the same problem as. You. My phone is honor 9. But to check if really my accounts were deleted I’ve installed the game on my dad phone (p8 lite) and I logged with success into. There are few options what can be the reason. Pls help me to understand: my problem started after last update. I was logged out any could not. Log in was it in your cases?

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I have a problem since the last update. I uninstalled and installed even the game, but nothing helped. I still get a “login error” Yes, like you, Adi, I will try to log on the old phone … So far I play. logged in via Facebook. Forgive language mistakes, English is not my native language.

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The same as you Agnès, tried every option proposed in the help topic updated the game and the nothing worked, I still get the error message

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Ok. So there is an option to play over Facebook. This can solve the problem for everybody who has connected they account with Facebook. Can You pls describe the procedure to connect over Facebook. This will help temporary till the game creators will fix the bug.

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Stesso problema anche a me

Idem telefono Huawei p 10 lite

Se avete aggiornamenti lasciatemi un messaggio grz raga

Не могу зайти во второй аккаунт уже более суток. В чем проблема?

Señores buenas noches, me sucede igual desde la última actualización, en mi caso tengo 3 cuentas y no puedo cambiar de cuenta, ni iniciar sesión en la que está abierta, por favor su apoyo para resolver este tema. Invertí tiempo y dinero en mis cuentas grandes… Gracias


Probably, however, it’s about the android version. I have two phones Huawei y5 and Huawei P10 lite. The same company, however, the older one is logging in to a Google account. It does not matter here the phone manufacturer. Game developers probably made a mistake in the last update. At about the same time, there was an update of the android …

Salve, anche a me non si connette più al mio account…come posso recuperare la mia situazione?

Contact customer support via the link at the bottom of this page for help.
You should delete the picture, because it shows your account data, which is a security risk.

Translated by Google:
Contattare l’assistenza clienti tramite il collegamento in fondo a questa pagina per assistenza.
Dovresti eliminare l’immagine, perché mostra i dati del tuo account, che è un rischio per la sicurezza.

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I think you mean: Tapping the book icon, which is where you find the Gear icon (settings), then one will see the “Support” button. For me it went to the Forum site instead of going to a page to send a message. “E & P Community Forum” is/was(?) a separate Play Store app. which needs to be downloaded and installed. Is it different now?

Have you checked if your Google Play app needs to be updated on the Play Store site?