Impossible for me to get full valour points in POV...?

So one of today’s dailies is to get troop experience. Unfortunately, my barracks is currently being upgraded and won’t be complete for another 3 days. Is there any way I can get arounds this? (And paying the 1000+ gems to skip does not count as a solution). I wouldn’t generally care but missing one mission will likely result in 1 less valour chest by the end of the POV.

So this starts off as post asking for help, but if it is shown that there is nothing I can do (which I suspect to be the case) then it will transform into a complaints post… There really shouldn’t be any missions that are not able to be completed because buildings are not available due to construction.

I would say this example is slightly worse than the “craft x somethings” mission as you can have multiple forges, although they are usually high level items so it is entirely possible you won’t have multiple forges capable of building those items.


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