Important suggestion for game - game consider summon odds and rewards based on players progress and skill

I totally empathize with players who desire to provide feedback to developers to achieve better game balance. And this game still figuring itself out as it evolves.

However, don’t think too badly of the whales or discount their role in benefiting FTP … they are necessary to keep the business a business; as their spending helps financially support the platform that FTP players can play in also.

As a player though… it is ok to note improvement suggestions on how to better balance the game.

For example… I hate getting pushed non stop gem offers… when I cannot give gems to alliance mates for Christmas.

For example… I wish SGG would spend more effort on improving community features instead of pumping out so many events and new hero summons.



Hey @nevarmaor, hope you had a great Christmas. :slightly_smiling_face:

To the quoted text…yes and no.

That Telly was widely summoned to be used as a top level tank, and subsequently crushed by SG, just reeked of money grabbing, IMO. If they knew she was OP (incidentally, was she? Or was it she benefited from a superb synergy with others?), why release her card in that form?

This argument will continue on now until the end of Empires; each and every card that is considered very strong (KillHare, Finley, Cobalt etc…) and that gains from team synergy will be up for the nerf threads.

Sad but true, but a problem entirely of SG own making. I personally don’t think the players can be blamed at this point.


Zynga bought it, now they are slowly sucking the life out of it. Three, even two years ago you really COULD be competitive and rarely spend a cent. But those days are long gone. Patience now only brings the vanilla season 1 heroes that have an awfully difficult time even doing all the events or ninja tower or any of that. Not saying there are not f2p people who are under a year playing and are able to do all of these things, but it will be much more difficult now for a new f2p person to compete then it was before. And I think that’s a problem. People start the game and feel they are able to compete, that they do get some rewards, then they don’t mind going ahead and paying occasionally…or even more. Lol a satisfied player base leads to more spending, right? Without the feeling of accomplishment, people just don’t want to keep wasting their time.
I think the declining ratings in the store are showing that as, wonderful a game this is, people don’t like putting the enormous amount of time into the game, and rarely getting anything for that effort anymore. They might consider a guaranteed 5* every so often, like on your game anniversary, or after defeating so many enemies…it wouldn’t hurt them, and with how stingy they are with mats, why not throw the mass of f2p (and others) a bone once in a while? :rofl:
Any other ideas? What makes you want to keep playing?
The social aspect seems to about it now.


No, it shouldn’t, cause there’s no rare for P2W and the gap will gets bigger for F2P/C2P. Tellurias case is SG’s problem. They release something that they don’t test beforehand which is absurd for a company who release thing once a month.

To be honest, they tested it in beta and testers have been giving SG feedback about her being too strong. Do they listen? No. So most probably it’s intentional to break HotM so they can trash them out.

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Well hey there!

Yes, I had a great Christmas. Got to spend time with the grandson.

Was Telly overpowered? That is always up for debate. Personally, for me the deadly combo was Telly/Vela. Telly alone was definitely difficult but sometimes winnable. Telly/Vela was pretty much a guaranteed loss. Did they (SG that is) know about that synergy beforehand? I have no idea and I doubt anyone else can say definitively one way or the other. Was the string of subsequent nerfs overkill? Personally I think so. They could have stopped at the second or third last nerf and i would have been fine with it. And I have neither of Telly or Vela. After everyone switched to Telly they were not going to change away from Telly unless there was a clearly superior option. Emblems are just too expensive to keep switching around like that. So nerfing was not going to bring about any rapid change in the game without making Telly sub-par.

Did it reek of money-grabbing or panic? I suspect more of panic.

Regardless, the release of Telly was a PR disaster. The forums blew up with overwhelming anger and frustration, and really haven’t fully recovered to this day.

HOTM’s in the month of release are not overwhelmingly hard to summon for unless you are F2P or VC2P like me. Then it takes a lot of luck. Event / Seasonal heroes tend to be much harder to come by. I personally have five HOTM and zero Event/Seasonal 5* (and not from lack of trying). I do now have almost all the 3* though … I think I’m only missing Hisan. So, yes, Event / Seasonal 5* should be more powerful.

Killhare, Finley, Cobalt, etc are in the Event / Seasonal category and as such will likely never dominate the game like Telly did. And players have to concentrate on figuring out how to counteract them. That’s what I do with my overwhelmingly S1 bench.

Also I have no illusions of ever competing regularly with the players that have all these heroes. i will beat them sometimes though :rofl: .


I think that started before Zynga bought it.

You could be truly competitive without spending anything if you started playing at the beginning of the game. I started a year or so later, just as HOTM’s were introduced. That was the beginning of the end for being truly competitive without spending, and was a full year before Zynga.

The gap has only been getting bigger and bigger throughout the almost three years I have been playing. So what?

Do you believe that f2p/c2p should be able to compete with p2w? If so, why?


Sorry to cherry pick a small portion of your reply.

I’m not convinced that the Seasonal or Event cards should be more powerful. That they are rare by definition, making them borderline OP will just focus the P2W brigade in their direction even more, while disillusioned F2P/C2P will just scratch their heads and wonder why their HotM or vanilla cards continue to fall further behind. Unless of course, the premium cards are, in effect, being released for the paying players only, in which case the game is broken.

I know most of that is another argument for a different thread, but it’s all part of the same problem, I’d have thought?


Ok, not so much SHOULD be as – if a hero is going to be then better an Event / Seasonal than a game-breaking HOTM.

Besides which, the Event / Seasonals often have an offsetting weakness like the Springvale heroes and defense drop / mana block.

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Events/s2 wasn’t big until Zynga gets in. Previously the best of heroes can be found in HotM and events are just additional. Go take a look at first HotM (Hel) up to Kingston time. During those time, there’s not much OP heroes on event. The only two that I know is probably Finley (which actually considered manageable) and BK (which need double dispell). Their occurrence is highly limited and HotM is super strong anyways and counter them, thus balance was retain cause most people can gather those strong HotM.

Tellurias was broken as everything support her to be too strong since beginning and beta feedback was never heard by SG. To be honest, I think it’s an intentional way to trash HotM. Vela was never broken, it’s just that people was too desperate because of tellurias and was forced to bring red which what she counters.

Now compare it HotM now is definitely second class to what they have in events, S3, S4. Those OP heroes were made for you to almost always have good boards or certain counter 5* which is a joke. Another problem is, if you seen lots of them now, why would you even think it will be rare? It will only get worse with S4, new P2W event and ninjas that occurs 6 times in a year. That’s basically the number of Finley/BK occurance after 3 years, as they are twice a year, in one year.

I do think P2W will get advantage anyways cause you guys spend more money to get better roster. But balance is still need to be retained for a game to have more “competitors” and healthy player base. To be honest, it’s quite a snobby statement to say that C2P/F2P can’t compete with P2W or shouldn’t even be able to (which is where SG is going for now).

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Snobby? I am f2p.

What is snobby really (actually more like entitled) is expecting f2p to be able to compete with p2w without putting in a LOT of time and effort to learn to understand this game better.

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C2P/F2P SHOULD be able to compete to P2W given a lot of time and effort. However by putting all great, first tier and OP heroes in events, s3, ninjas and s4 and future event; and at the same time putting second tier heroes on HotM will make it impossible for a C2P/F2P to compete with P2W.

I’m not too sure what you mean by putting a lot of time and effort. I have played this game for 1.8years with Mana troop 23 and 11 without spending any money in troop portals just to indicate progress and I’m hitting 5 4.5k on war too (was very low end C2P, just buying VIP for 5 months and PoV).

However, even with time and effort there’s still walls of OP heroes combination that you won’t be able to climb without first class event heroes which you probably won’t have. The crazy is the short amount of time/OP heroes getting released for P2W, they won’t be rare anymore in 1 year from now.

Otherwise, what’s the point of having any strategy at all when your heroes barely put a scratch on not so favourable boards?

All in all, I think they should fix HotM to be like they used to and not more horrible than what they released 2years++ ago. HotM is the only “portal” that’s favourable to all players pool but of course, it reduces SG’s profit of P2W chasing.


Okay. I am once again going to make a futile attempt to explain why I believe E&P’s current pricing model is flawed and blatantly PTW.

I used to play a few different MMORPGs. Mix of BTP (buy to play) and FTP with microtransactions.

Microtransactions??? Yes. That evil, evil word. Except that I think they were mostly handled fairly in those games. And I’ll tell you why.

I was working full time (oftentimes overtime too) at the time that I was playing these games. I only had maybe 2-3 hours a day to play.

Others who were playing these games were able to play for 12+ hours a day.

Those games offered a few purchasable perks, such as “Elite” status, costume skins, faster mounts (a mount being an animal or something that allowed you to travel across the game world at a faster rate compared to just running on foot).

Now, in many cases, the “Elite” status would offer perks such as double XP and a faster mount. For say, $5 a month. I was happy to pay that, because it wasn’t an insane amount of money.

Other players called me “pay to win”. Because I was earning twice as much XP and my faster mount allowed me to get to my quest objectives quicker.

But in the grand scheme of things? All that those perks were allowing me to do was to complete the same amount of content in 2 hours that would take a FTP player 4 hours to complete. I didn’t have 4 hours a day to play like they did. Majority of them in fact had much stronger teams than I did, even though we had started playing on the same day. Because I was only playing 2-3 hours a day, and they were playing all day.

Their argument was that they deserved to be better, because they were playing more than I was. I mostly agreed with them. But since I was not physically able to invest the same amount of time as they were, I made up for it by helping to support the game financially (again - in a small way - $5 a month… not talking the hundreds or thousands of dollars a month that they expect us to spend in this game)…

My “spending” in those games only gave me a small advantage. And it wasn’t really even an “advantage”. They had all the same heroes and skills that I did, they were all just as strong as me (if not stronger) when it came to PvP type stuffs, the only difference is that they had to grind a few more hours for it.

A few more hours.

Compare that to E&P.

The difference between a FTP, or even a CTP here vs. a big spender… we are not talking about a few hours worth of grinding. We are talking years. So many years in fact, that it’s not even remotely feasible for any low or non spender to ever catch up to a high spender, because (1) none of us will live that long, (2) the bar keeps getting pushed higher and higher every year so that lower spenders are actually moving backwards in progress, and (3) it’s unlikely that the game will even still be running by the time the average FTP manages to pull their first Gravemaker (or whatever, [insert hero here]).


Yep, I hate microtransactions and the game is geared towards spending IF YOU WANT TO BE AT THE TOP. I don’t, so as much as the spending model sucks it really doesn’t change how I play.

I am now approaching three years of playing. I am still improving my bench strength. I can on a good day hold 2500 cups. I can on a good day beat opponents at 4600+ cups (rarely succeed at 4700+, and I once saw a 4800+ team). I can sometimes compete with the big boys, I just can’t stay with them.

And I noticed I just dropped 244 cups in a span of two minutes. That always happens when I go over 2700.


Even if the game was fair to FTP, I wouldn’t be at “the top”. Because I’d still be getting beat regularly by FTPers who put in more time and effort. I’m totally cool with all that. Just as I’m cool with not getting all the heroes, because I don’t play obsessively. But I think that every player should at least have a viable path to getting better heroes without spending money. Even if they have to grind a bit to get there.

I have no desire to be at the top. But I’m talking about even basic stuff like Alliance Wars. They are supposed to be balanced based on the level of your alliance. We are already facing PTW opponents on a regular basis. They stack green tanks, half of them have Tellys and Heimdalls (we… don’t have those). They stack purple tanks, they have Ursenas and Kunchens and Seshats (majority of us… don’t have those). Et cetera et cetera.

I have done my best to try to keep up with the Hels, the Delilahs, the Ariels, the Tellys, the Velas, the Gravemakers, the Heimdalls, the Seshats and Kunchens and Onatels and Mother Norths and blah blah blah AD INFINITUM kind of ridiculous absurd heroes that (1) absolutely kick my ■■■ most of the time and (2) I have next to zero chance of ever pulling myself; and now they just pile on and on with these damn ninjas and Season Four and you name it…

Meanwhile all I’m asking for is a small chance to be able to pull a Wilbur or an Ariel from my Training Camp and they say “NO, NO, NO!!!”

Throw me a freaking bone here, guys??? C’mon. SOMETHING!


This would be a solid QOL improvement. S2 is long over.


In my view this is really a simple and great improvement, I hope one day soon it will happen!!


Season 2 for sure needs to go, all of them, right away, into tc20. :smiley: No staggering them out. And make sure a costume is actually an improvement, all the way around, a strong get hero.
We know they can do it! Keep buffing some of these season 1 heroes.

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Yes, totally agree with you Free! As someone who has received only a handful of non vanilla heroes after forking out way to much cash for over 3 years (I take full responsibility for my gambling addiction with this game, btw) I really need another way! :laughing: My only luck in getting 5* heroes has been through Tc20. And I have summoned all but Dom from there. But they do Not help you to stay very competitive for long. Because of my health, this game is like a job as far as the amount of time I spend playing. It would be nice to be able to continue to grow, without spending $100s & $100’s more dollars. (I turned mostly F2P over the summer)
I know Im not a top 100 player, and I’m ok with that. But I’m getting g extremely bored as I have no new heroes to level anymore. And the same dupe has been giving me other dupes for weeks now in HA.
I truly feel cursed sometimes when it comes to summoning.
So, yes, please, season 2 heroes into the tc system please!

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