Important suggestion for game - game consider summon odds and rewards based on players progress and skill

In almost every game there is difference between players that have skill and learn things with other, I saw player that have "Lord Loki " full leveled (how much money spend god knows) and he did not have cups more than me with 4200 team power.
I suggest game consider summon odds and rewards based on players progress and skill. I am sure many players even do not know how works mana generation and just spend money and make team.
So this suggestion make game much interesting and change it to professional game.
I downloaded game because of puzzle parts, so based on some grade for calculate skill and progress game will be so fair.


Why not? I know some players that are always hunting for the next released hero, give him a power leveling, put him in the defense and start a big raid session to reach a top20 position to show him the community.

If this is there goal, what’s wrong with it?


While I tend to agree with you, the cups are not the only thing that is important in this game. Not to mention that it doesn’t matter you have 2400 or 5000 trophies, you’re still in the same raid arena.

Here is my defensive team / cups.

And here is my real defensive, at war.

Does it make me a bad player?

No, not at all. In my case I simply do cup drop and only go on 2400+ cups if the Path of Valor has this mission. Other than that, I complete the chest with 8 attacks at raid and hope the next chest is a colored one.


I agree that in some cases skill (mainly through strategic team setup and board manipulation) takes a back seat to shear power based on strong rosters. For instance, a change that could reflect a nod to skill would be to make tiers for Ninja Tower loot based on the power of your top 30 heroes for instance. Completing Ninja Tower with a strong roster isn’t super tough. But if you have five or less five stars, you can’t compete for good scores. Skill is completely removed and it’s all how good of a roster you have. Imagine if war pairing didn’t take into account the power of your heroes. So why is everyone competing in only one tier for Ninja Tower?


Look it was an example, not fact. I see it just when think about writing this. The whole idea is important, as I said I do not know about factors developer have for grading. All I say is this game need to change reward and summon as activity progress and skill no matter how calculate it you leave whole idea and lock on one example.
Many times players damage a titan double than others and got nothing or other things like that which is not fair and I think the way to grade is so simple and no need to count cups.

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The wrong part is game need ordinary players more than few rich players, when I install game 8 months ago game rate was 4.7 in google now it is 4.2 and almost all complains about the way that game is following that just needs money, you know what happen? People left and u think those few rich players are E$P lover ? No way they play because of huge number of community .
Game needs to have limitation, as a person who love game so much I always say it because I hope someone see it.


@BraveGirl I think I can see your perspective. However, I don’t see how it could work.

When you suggest game consider summon odds and rewards based on each player’s progress and skill, does that imply a skilled, long time player with a deep bench should get worse summoning odds and rewards?

As I am not computer engineer I do not know how it gonna be graded if I knew I work with developer but I know there must be a way for players who are more active and hard work to progress just like those who have money. And that way when comes make game so much more attractive, if u are active and try well u get the result if not u get not result so if player care about game and reward find time to play and be active.
The math or calculation is not my speciality friend

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Okay, no worries. I understand you better now. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I’ve been playing for 3+ years. I started out as f2p and gradually became very c2p. When I was starting out, the gap between f2p and p2p was not too bad imo. Over time, and especially after Zynga purchased SG, the gap has only kept widening. I’d say the gap is currently quite alarming.

It would be nice if they showed more care/appreciation for f2p and c2p players. Actually, all kind of players full stop.

I really think the reality is, based on the game’s current direction, power creep and game balance will keep getting worse. I’d love to be wrong. Does anyone here think different?


Active and hard working F2P/C2P players do get rewarded, more or less, but this happens in time. You can’t expect (being F2P/C2P) to have any progress close to top players by only playing the game for 8 months.

Sorry if that sounds discouraging but this is the reality in E&P, unfortunately for us non spenders. You will personally see this when you add another 1,5-2 years in your E&P resume.

There are a lot long term F2P players with 2+ years in the game (some a lot more than that) who play on very competitive level and even for top 100 alliances.
All this doesn’t happen over a year. It’s a very slow proccess and you need to be very patient.

We can never have the rosters those high spenders posses, but we could still be competitive against them and beat them. That is the best part of this game.
Now we even have HA, which even with very low odds, it’s still F2P/C2P friendly. All it requires is time (or huge luck).

Patience, patience, young paduan :slight_smile:


Patience and hard work can eventually reward a player with better rosters - the main problem I see is that it’s still all based on chances / probabilities.

The odds currently are so low that you have to play for months or years just to make some progress. Or you can just drop a huge chunk of money and make that same progress in one day.

TC20 can give you free 5* heroes, yes. But for a FTP, it takes many months to get a TC20 (and then you are still at the mercy of RNG).

HA10 is supposed to be FTP friendly, but now we’re talking years (and you are still at the mercy of RNG). I don’t think it’s even possible to get up to HA10 without spending in less than probably 18 months minimum. Unless you’re including “free VIP passes”, cashing in store credits for doing surveys, etc.

You can’t really say that active FTP players “do get rewarded”, because rewards are ultimately decided by RNG. Without increased odds, pity timers, etc., it is entirely possible that someone could play this game daily for 5+ years and never pull any great heroes.

Flip side of that is, it’s also possible that someone could spend hundreds of dollars and not pull any great heroes…

Many of you seem to view that as the “Great Equalizer” that keeps the game fair. But it doesn’t really keep the game fair, at all. Spenders still have far more rolls of the dice, and therefore dramatically higher odds of pulling good heroes. But given the still extremely low overall summoning odds? The RNG is basically punishing nearly everyone. Forcing FTP players to wait months (or even years) for a good summon, and forcing spenders to spend lots of money for a good summon (oftentimes much more than they were originally expecting / intending to have to spend).

I really don’t see how this kind of system actually benefits anyone. Aside from “you know who”.

ADDITIONAL: as for the individual players and their goals. “What is wrong with it if someone is passionate about the game and wants the next best hero?”

We all want the next best hero. Am I less passionate because I can’t afford to spend $1000 to get it?

Timmy is really passionate about baseball. He spends every free waking moment of his time going out and practicing in the park with his friends, at least 8 hours a day.

Johnny is really passionate about baseball too. Johnny had a hundred million dollars to spare, so he bought himself a professional baseball team.

Which one is more passionate about the game? Which one is more deserving of a win?


I feel sorry to you who joined the game where it started to switch it’s focus to P2W to be OP only. Around 2 years ago, some of the strongest heroes can be found in HotM (GM, Kunchen, Athena, Hel, Frida, Evelyn, even Kingston) which balance the game between P2W and C2P/F2P since they’re more likely to get them. However now, people forgot the good old days and think “OP heroes are fine if they’re rare” which screwed probably the biggest player base that they have since those shiny heroes are almost P2W exclusive unless you’re very lucky which is probably will be once a year.


OP heroes are only rare if you can’t afford to buy a lot of summons. Those who can afford to buy a lot of pulls are likely to get many of the OP heroes. Those who can’t buy dozens of summons a month are just supposed to accept mostly Briennes and Kailanis etc. And we are supposed to be happy with that, and still somehow believe that the game is fair.


As @TGW wrote, it is true that RNG can force a f2p to wait months (or even years) for a good summon.

I started playing in December 2017. I got my first non-tc20 5* in June 2019, the HOTM Seshat from Sand Empires summoning portal.

That is more than 1.5 years to get a non-trainable 5*!

I have been playing for three years now, but for more than two years I had a grand total of one non-trainable 5*. :slightly_frowning_face:

My next non-trainable 5*? Quintus Costume sometime in early 2020. Another dark hero, and one I wasn’t too excited to get. Sorry Quintus! :sweat_smile:

I’d say that, I’m an example of extremely bad RNG. Thankfully, RNG has been kind to me this year. Finally!


Ive been playing for 2.5 years and I’ve yet to pull a s2 or s3 5s. I am c2p. Only buy the dragon and valor, but I am still waiting for a s2 5s.


I started playing in September 2018, well after you.

That month, I purchased a one year VIP pack and a 10x summons from Atlantis.

Zero 5 star heroes from any source until 6 months later, when I finally pulled Obakan from a summon portal.

And Obakan isn’t even any good!

Luckily, 5 months after that, I finally pulled my second and third legendary heroes. Miki as HotM and Richard from TC20.

So 11 months and $80 spent for a whopping three legendary heroes, two of them vanilla.

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I’m a bit confused here. You want to make the game more professional by making money less advantageous? In professional sports it’s the teams with the money to spend that win.

Players are like sport team owners. Gather the best team you can afford.


It’s not making money less advantageous. It’s making some of the best heroes to be available to everyone in HotM just like years ago and not now (where they’re second class, “free heroes” in comparison to other portal).

I think last year and before it, HotM was very valuable. This means even P2W pays less because they can just be content with HotM). As a C2P, I didn’t even get any s2/s3 5* heroes as you can still get vanilla from those portals. However we may have more chance scoring an HotM. But of course, SG has trashed HotM so people had to chase on special portals. Seriously if you compare current HotM and those released 1-2 years back, it’s horrendous, underpowered and a downgrade.


My mistake I thought you were saying make summoning odds based on player “skill”, however you would actually measure that or even agree on what it is, rather than the same for all.

Shouldn’t the rarest heroes be the strongest? Look at the turmoil caused by Telluria as an overpowered HOTM more easily available to all.

Not gonna happen. A game with In-app purchasing cannot discriminate. It cannot favor one group over another based on progress or skill. SG would be in a world of trouble if that was the case. Whether your LVL 100 or LVL 1, RNG treats you both the same.


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