Important: Make Layla a 4 star hero

I’m sure there are a million threads on this so feel free to merge.

It’s surely time.
Layla needs a promotion. Awesome art, awesome character. Deserves to be minimum 4 stars. Beef up poisoned blade and let her wreck house.
Do it for the people.
This is the only thing that makes sense. :slight_smile:


I loved her. Oh Layla, I’m sorry I fed you away when I realized you were of no use to me. Goes and cries in the corner


Bump. If you don’t vote for this you are wrong.


@Executive Great idea! Voted.

She was my avatar of choice for a long time. I never fed away my maxed Layla! I used her on the only 2* raid tournament held, and bring her out for Tavern of Legends.


she is one of the opening screen “mascots”.
how we feed away a mascot by the drove every day lol.


Where has this thread been all my E&P life!! Voted - yes yes! Layla for 4*. Or even 5*!



Absolutely agree.
Legendary character, great artwork and EVERYBODY had her and used her.
She made it all happen for you.


That would be great :)) @SG-Leader, @EmpiresPuzzles, consider that, please :wink:

Totally agree. I still have my first Bane, so why does a “major” character not get the goods?

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Here’s a way to do it without breaking anything:

Give her a 4 or 5 star costume! But keep her normal state as 2 stars! This would also pave the way for some interesting star changer costumes!

Also means it’s a portal pull and not something everyone automatically gets


Layla is a gorgeous peice of art but come on really? If you start adding * levels to heroes what’s to stop * levels been taken away. Ohh I love my frier tuck let’s make him a 5* oh no why is my neath now a 3*. There has to be a line or before long the game will ruin itself

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Negative Nancy, there is no downside to making Layla a higher star character, only upsides, good will and good karma for doing what is right.

Of course there is. Just coz you don’t wanna see the negative effects it don’t mean they don’t exist

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I’m glad you’re taking this topic seriously because this seriously needs to happen. Our disagreement only shows you and I are united in our passion for Layla to be better hence you took the time to post in this topic. :heart:

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Still think it’d be nice if somehow, she could be upgraded to 4*.

I’d love a 4* Layla to be added to tc13. When was the last time tc13/tc20 got any update?

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Not before Aife is a 5*.


I agree she is one of the original heros on the art work. She needs to be moved, two star is sad.


She’s always been my favorite two star hero. Would be very cool if they made a 4 star or 5 star version of her and the fast blades she wields :slight_smile:


Make the 4* Layla a zombie/revived version like Hawkmoon/Sabina

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A masked Layla with the super power of a 5* and make her mats on the costume side make it happen…mega expensive but a tribute none-the-less plus that cool thing of “arrived” when layla costume is in your lineup.

Cool to imagine but all fine

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