Importance of having a dispeller on raid defense team

Do you feel having a dispeller on a raid team is a must?

I’ve been playing for a couple months now and made decent progress with my main team which I am using for majority of the game events, including PvE and PvP. The team consists of:

Belith-Sir Lancelot-Thorne-Rigard-Bane

Considering my bench roster is not yet very deep, I’m still working on leveling up this team. I’ve been relatively lucky, having a few decent pulls from the start including one 5* (if one can consider themselves lucky having Thorne :joy:) and a complimentary combination of having two healers: Belith(dispeller), Rigard (cleanser) and three snipers: Lancelot (attack/mana booster), Thorne (just Thorne), and Bane (fast).

As I continue playing, I am starting to outgrow this team composition, the 3*’s are getting killed quickly and I’ve now pulled a few 4/5*’s. And Now that I’ve got Rigard’s power up, I’d like to experiment with taking the second healer (Belith) out of the line-up and replace with a more powerful 4*/5* hero sniper/AoE. I would also like to take Bane out. Problem is, if I take Belith out, I’ll be missing a dispeller, and I don’t have any other dispellers besides Sabina who is also Dark like Rigard, plus I am giving up a sniper spot. My thinking is that it’s better to keep a rainbow team for raid defense (wrong thinking?). The only other strong green I have to replace Belith are Gaiderus and Gregorian (both unleveled for now). I’ve eplacing her with Minnessius who is combination sniper/dispeller but this is only temporary as he is also weak being a 3*. My current replacement option for a yellow is really only Danzaburo… I have Hu Tao but he is slow. I also have a bunch of red debuffers (Wilbur, Gormek, Scarlett) and blue (Triton, Boril), but no dispellers.

What are your thoughts on having at least one dispeller on the raid defense team? Is it a must?

Depends on how you play imo. I use who i have, but if i can replace a healer/weak debuffer by a fast damager (at best with another effect) i dont hesitate to do so on attack and defense. Do or die is the way i play except war, in which i use at least a semi healer on d and on spezial events/situations, worked for me so far. maybe luck, but i think it is all about hero speed and boards of course. At best you have fast debuffers like jackal(s) or a deadly combo like frida and grimm. It is late in Vienna, maybe that doesnt make perfect sense and is a bit off topic :upside_down_face:

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It depends on the situation.

Defense team
You should put your strongest hero on the team, since you don’t know what is going to attack you. Belith won’t normally survive long enough to make a difference, as the attacking team will surely try ro take her down, as she is the weakest link of your team. So you could fill her spot, and Bane, with a fast sniping hero or a AoE one.
Rigard - Lancelot - Thorne - Gadeirus - Danza
It could be a good team, Gad will provide some of Belith’s healing and Danza will hopefullyprovide some attack or mana regeneration

Attack team
For raids, team synergy is very important and a rainbow team is not really necessary. If the opponent has no buffer, the question just answered itself. Wow, i am so smart :rofl:
If it has a buffer, i would swap Sabina in for Belith. 2 darks will give you high dark tiles damage, so you could search and reroll until you get some yellow tank.
If you feel like you are lacking firepower, than instead of Belith/Sabina, you could take Gadeirus or Triton who will both do damage and help with the healing. In that case, no debuffer though.
You need to analyze what type of buffs the opponent team has and what you can do about it if you don’t bring a debuffer.
For example, let’s say the opposing team has Kiril, who buffs defense and attack. If you bring Wilbur/Gormek, you can overwrite the defense buff.

As of now, i always bring Sonya (for raids) or Melendor (for season 2). Before that, i had a 3/60 Sabina to fill that role.


It depends :rofl:

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On attack have a debuffer for when you need one…decide, by looking at the team you are attacking. I have a debuf configuration that I can rely on when I go against defenders and counter attacks. My debuf team has a minimum of two debuffer of different colors to increase my debuf capability. On defense it’s more difficult to decide I like a healer that can debuff like Belith and Malendor. But you need to have defenders or counterattackers that can help to protect them. In general I found my strongest team to be still the best team especially if I can get a speed advantage.

If the buffer is also the tank, I often triple stack the strong color and then often i don’t bring a dispeller. for example, if the tank is Boldtusk (red), I bring Kiril, Lepus and Triton.

my only 4*/5* maxed dispeller is Sabina, so if there is no other enemy buffer I often leave her out, as with my triple stacked Blues I can usually kill Boldtusk before he fires.

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I think there is some confusion on this thread between debuffers and dispellers.

They are not the same thing at all.


If I pull a jackal in the upcoming Guardians I think I will focus on leveling him above all to replace Bane, for the defense team.

If no Jackal, I’ll have to max Danza’s special to match Lancelot’s 24% man regen otherwise he’ll override with lower stats. Same thing for Gaiderius’s attack buff. I am leaning toward Grigorion instead of Gaiderius because of the unique add for crit buff as well as the sniper function.

Good point about Wilbur/Gormek buff override, I have yet to try that. That will work against some of the buffs expect for rippste I am guessing. Same for killing the tank, if that’s the most troublesome buffer.

I wish I had Sonya, I’ve always had trouble facing her in raids, I would put her on my defense team.

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@Inigo how so? Sabina, Belith, Melendor, they are all dispell buffs.

Yes, and it’s called dispeller not debuffer.
Debuffer is negative status effect to opponent, like example: defense down by Grimm. Or attack down by Scarlett.


You are right. I’ve changed the wording to dispeller. Semantically, appears the advice in the past replies still applies. I’ve also updated the question for primarily defense raid team configuration, not so much for offense raid team - as many have pointed out in the pasr replies, offense raid teams are best to form based on the make-up of the opponent’s team so it’s not much of a question in that case.


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