[Implemented - V41] Auto kick inactive alliance leaders

I’ll give this a vote.

My alliance has fought several alliances where the “leadership” had been inactive for 200+ days, and we were basically fighting against the remnants who were still holding on. I didn’t really understand why they still stayed in that alliance rather than forming their own…? Especially ironic when the alliance message stated “inactive for 3+ days = kick” and the leader hadn’t been on in nearly a year… :laughing: but seeing as how the active members were never promoted to the level to be able to change the message…

Personally I always thought the actives should just leave and form their own alliance, but I realize that’s inconvenient.

There needs to be a way for a co-leader (or game admins) to delete a grossly inactive leader from an alliance. I currently am co-leader for my alliance, and I have an inactive leader and additional co-leader who have been missing for over a year. It’s not fair to me or to my very active team that we are being dragged down in Alliance War by members I can’t delete. And I won’t migrate my alliance to new one because it’s extremely hard to make sure all my members are able to follow me, want to follow me, or fill empty spaces, since the only way to do that is Global chat and that is inundated with spam.

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Are you able to set up a discord server for yourselves? It may take a few weeks to get everyone organized but you’ve already been frustrated for months already.

I agree.

And, there is also a lot of inactive alliances where only inactive leaders left. This alliances should be removed after particular number of weeks or months of inactivity.

I completely agree. We just migrated our whole alliance because our leader just disappeared. We took a chance a luckily everyone came with us, but it was really anxiety producing!

Help me out. What is a discord server? I’ve never heard that phrase?

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It’s a free game chat app. You can get it from your app store. A lot of alliances use it.

It’s just an extension of your game chat - only your alliance members are in your “room”, it’s not a public social media site.

You can set up different channels for casual chatting (getting to know each other), game related chatting, and perhaps more sites dedicated to strategy, screenshots, etc. It’s great for longer conversations.

It’s of huge benefit for leaders and co-leaders to discuss inactive or “problem” players that you can’t discuss freely on the game chat. You can set up a separate channel for your leadership to discuss inactive players and restrict it to those players who make these decisions.

You can also private message another player - nice for when you need to deal with a personal issue that again you don’t want to discuss on the game chat.

There is s bit of a learning curve to set it up as an administrator but you may have other players that use it for other games and can help you get it started. Trust me, once you start using it you will wonder how you ever functioned without it!

And of course it’s great for sharing pet photos :grin:


Our alliance doesn’t have any Elders or Co-Leaders, so in our case the leadership should be able to pass to ANY member who wants to pay the 50 gems for it. So, imo, the simple solution to the inactive leader problem should be as follows:

If a leader has been inactive for 30+ days, then if:

A) There is at least one Co-Leader, then any Co-Leader may assume leadership for 50 gems.

B) There is at least one Elder, but no Co-Leaders, then any Elder may assume leadership for 50 gems.

C) There are no Co-Leaders or Elders, then any Member may assume leadership for 50 gems.

Regardless of who takes over as Leader, the 50 gems will in turn be reimbursed to the previous Leader. This seems simple and fair enough, and would make life much more pleasant for a lot of folks.

And, yes, I agree w/ your original contention that the inactive Leader should be bootable. Once someone else has taken over the role as Leader, the previous Leader should be demoted to Member, after which they may be removed at the new Leaders discretion.

Btw, I’ve also seen the idea floated that the system should kick out Alliances w/ inactive leaders. I disagree w/ this; I think letting other members of an Alliance step in to fill the leadership void would be a better way of solving the problem. Not only would this be more fair to the folks stuck w/out a Leader than just booting their Alliance altogether, but it would also slow the ever-expanding # of Alliances, since players wouldn’t be continually having to leave those w/ inactive leadership to form new ones.

If there are any inactive alliance leaders the co leader should be able to take over as leader so they can kick the old inactive leader

Apologies for out of order merges. I pulled in a recent and an older thread here, so that votes would join together :slight_smile:

Our Leader and co Leader was Also absence for months Then we decided to have our own alliance now . We are fine and having fun if you dont like the Way your Leader does thing just leave.
There are other Alliances you Can join or make your own. But The best is to join another one.

At most, an inactive leader should be put in some sort of ghost mode and leader options passed down to the next person in seniority until they log back in, if ever. I don’t think a person should ever be booted from an alliance they started and purchased; the ownership belongs ultimately to that person, whether you are disgruntled about their level of activity or not.

See the common sense thing to do would be for someone to split off and start fresh, or join a bigger team, or merge into a smaller one. Whichever but these situations aren’t exactly out of player’s control, so i completely understand why devs just overlook it

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If you are doing okay without a leader (not wanting to promote to co-leader or demote, or kick a co-leader), then there is no reason to move.

Alliances usually form a new one, with an active leader so those promotions/demotions/kicks can be done.

If your alliance has a lot of inactive co-leaders as well, it would make it harder to attract new recruits. They may think the whole alliance is inactive if they look at the roster.

Perhaps another option might be for your active players to all join an active alliance. The leader can still, should they come back kick you all out just because they can. Take a look at the recruitment alliance section - there are many.

Starting a new alliance means starting from 1* titans. That can get tedious fast. GL :smile:


Should go to the one with the most cups. No argument that way as long as they are active.

Faster you kill them faster the titan level goes up. You can go from a 1* to a 8* in about 10 days if you kill them fast enough.

Yes there is a reason to move. It is. A co leader goes rouge no one can kick them and they can destroy the alliance. Happened to me will happen again to a Alliance where the leader like me was locked out of account because it would not stay in Google play. Team had no leader. Tried to get them to move they would not. One came in played a couple months then went rouge kicked half the team left a nasty message on the board set the cup minimum to 3000 the team finally move but not before it was to late. Every Alliance needs a way to protect its self.

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Really?! Did you keep records on titan health etc? I’d be interested to read it - thanks in advance :smile:.

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