[Implemented - V41] Auto kick inactive alliance leaders

I think demoting leaders to elders after 30 days of inactivity and replacing them with elder that has most consistent participation, or longest as elder would be better than auto kicking, gives chance for extenuating circumstances to be considered for keeping them in the alliance, but removing problem of inactive leaders.


So you won’t allow us to remove leaders that are in active. But there’s no function to Invite players from a previous alliance to join the new alliance nor am I able to send them a message informing them of the new alliance name so now I’ve lost all the people I played with unless I leave the newly created alliance. Basically this is BS and for this reason alone basically don’t wanna play this game anymore. it’s so frustrating

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I feel that the co-leader should have the ability to battle the leader especially if the leader has been inactive for more than 60 days for position of leadership the same idea in Lion packs

Oh no, I couldn’t vote for that sorry.
The leader purchased the right to create an alliance. So it’s theirs.
I don’t think it’s then right for the leader to have to “fight” to keep their leader role.
With regards to inactive leaders the only way around that is for someone to leave (maybe a co-leader) create a new alliance and then get everyone to transfer across

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I’m not in agreement. I myself have just found a war team that my alliance will fight tomorrow, in which the leader of the alliance was last active more than 900 days ago. Many other members of this alliance were also last active between 300 and 1000 days ago.

SGG/Zynga must do something about this if we as members of an alliance do not have access to kick such members. Many other games automatically remove inactive members of alliances, and promote the most active members of such alliances.

Personally, we don’t have such a problem in my alliance, and i am fortunate that i am a co-leader, so i can remove inactive members.

Lastly, purchasing your position does not automatically make your position inviolable. If you are inactive as described above then good riddance.


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I agree, but i think SGG/Zynga should actively find a way to automatically remove such inactive members especially since other games automatically promote the most active members, giving them the priveledge of removing inactive members. 60 days is a long time, but i have seen teams where folks were last active 900 days ago! This is nuts! and if i am not mistaken gives the company incorrect figures to base their income on.


I thank you for your reply I’m fairly new to this game but I’ve been trying to figure out how to put my my word in towards this this area because I really would like to see my alliance that I’m in get better and I don’t really want to move to another alliance

@milodemoray …I agree that Zinga / SG needs to do something about alliances that become more or less inactive and half full etc etc.
Players in the forum have been asking for that for as long as I remember… but nothing has been done.
With regards to facing such alliances in war, my recollection is that war matchmaking considers those members opting in who are active. I think being inactive for 3 wars automatically knocks you out of war and requires your personal intervention to opt back in.
I personally like the existing system. The leader creates the alliance and is the leader. Players who don’t want to stay in such an alliance simply need to join a more active alliance or create their own.
The idea of allowing a rule for someone to challenge the leader and fight for that position doesn’t sit well for me. It would leave every alliance completely open to abuse by rogue players who can jump in, beat the leader and then kick everyone

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No problem, I say stick with your alliance if they support you, and if you’ve made friends. Also if the pace of your alliance matches with your needs.

As for cleaning up dead weight. It seems like the only option is for the members of your alliance to agree to consider making a new alliance, and then leave the dead weight behind.

The fact that SGG or Zynga has not done anything about this does not automatically make it ok.

Like I said, this would cost them almost nothing to do a ‘spring clean’. Many other mobile games have this as an automatic feature.

Inactive players are a reality. This needs to be addressed. We all know why people leave, and that there are many reasons for leaving, but this does not mean that “safeguards” cannot be in place. o

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So has the suggestion been made that I mentioned and they haven’t been able to to come up with that that type of idea

What, you would want to kick somebody out of your alliance and/or kingdom? But everybody is your FRIEND!!

Not but seriously I believe that’s hilariously impossible. There’s no button as far as I’m aware, although I can’t check since I’m a governor and can’t be an alliance leader, which makes about as much sense as not being able to kick people out of your alliance.

I’m talking about a way to get rid of inactive leaders as far as the lion pack is concerned

I agree, that’s a great idea!

It’s just been announced by SG - We have now enabled automated demotion of Inactive Alliance leaders. If an Alliance Leader has not logged into Empires & Puzzles for 60 days, a new Leader will automatically be selected from among the eligible Alliance members.


inactive leader will now be removed after 60 days of inactivity

just announced:

This was first requested way back in August 2017. :sweat_smile:


Better late than never… :popcorn: :beer:


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Implemented in Version 41 update:

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