[Implemented - V41] Auto kick inactive alliance leaders

Three people in our old alliance left because our “leader” had been absent for over 100 days. And there were only three of us active players, the rest of the 30 in the Open alliance never played.

So I started an alliance because we wanted to continue playing together but have an option to kick out inactives.

I propose after a set number of days inactive (like maybe 45 or 60) the inactive leader gets auto kicked and the job gets handed first to any promoted co-leader, then elder, and finally down to member if nobody responds in a certain time frame.


100% agree! No sure what the alternative would be… either allow the leader to be challenged in a raid or assign leadership to the highest level?


Yes there needs to be a way to replace deadbeat leaders! I think 2 weeks of inactivity is enough to indicate a deadbeat!


Players can always reorganize into a new alliance if their leadership is MIA. (Line is helpful to corral all the players until the transfer is done.)

I agree there needs to be some kind of inactivity removal, but I’m not sure I agree on the timeframe; many leaders I know have put months* into their alliances. Should they be shoved aside if RL happens? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Edit 12/1/20: “years”*


Couldn’t agree more! We had to create a new one, and didn’t have Line to corral so it was a bit of an effort. And of course, you have to start again with Titans. We left after about 50 days, but started talking abt it after about a month. Two weeks seems too short. If the (old) leader could be given a system warning at say 3 weeks, and then removed after a month I’d think that would work. They are still there of course in the old one, inactive well over 100 days, but attracting innocents who don’t realize


I like 1 month (notice at three weeks). That seems a decent compromise.


This is not necessarily the right theme. Is it possible after days and days of absence of the leader to pass a subordinate in his place. Otherwise I am forced to create a new alliance :frowning:
Thank you for your help


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To my knowledge, only a leader can actively pass leadership to another player. If the leader leaves the Alliance, Leadership should go to a Co-leader.

If the Leader stays in the Alliance but is absent (does not sign on, etc), then you will most likely need to leave and start a new alliance. This comes with the unwanted reality that you’ll have to start Titans at 1* again. :confused:

I agree that there needs to be a system in place and this also seems to be a common problem with most games - how to handle inactive alliances.

The original Guild Wars game did this well. In that game, if a guild leader did not sign into the game for more than 30 days, then they were auto-demoted to Officer status and the most senior officer in the guild (that had been active in the last 30 days) was auto-promoted to leader. If no officers qualify then the most senior member is promoted.

I’d like to see a similar system here, and in most games.

  1. If the leader hasn’t played in 30 days then they should be demoted to Co-Leader and the most senior Co-Leader promoted. If no Co-Leaders qualify then move to Elders then finally to members.

  2. If no one in the Alliance has played for more than 90 days, then the Alliance should be dissolved or at the very least taken out of Alliance search results.

I think most people’s main argument against auto-demoting a leader is “What if real life issues happen?” Yes, it happens. A leader has a car accident and is laid up for awhile, or goes on a month long honeymoon to Europe or moves to a new town. That’s why we have co-leaders and they need to be given the authority to manage an Alliance appropriately in a leader’s absence.

If the absence is planned then most competent leaders will step-down and appoint a new leader until they return. This is why it’s important to have people you trust in the co-leader positions.

However, let’s face it. Most people that haven’t signed in within 30 days have totally abandoned the game and they aren’t coming back. Those that have unforeseen real-life difficulties likely have more important issues on their mind than an alliance in a mobile game and would probably be glad to know things were taken care of in that game he enjoyed before X happened.


30 days? I feel that is a extremely long time for someone to stay in a dead alliance. A different game I play has a leader elect option that works quite well. Simply, after 7 days if the leader has been inactive, anyone can ask to be appointed leader. There under options is a “leader elect” button. Most senior ranking have first priority to name themselves but all seniority takes into consideration activity. If you are active and others that were senior to you have not been, then you are considered first. After 3 days, if no one senior objects or nominates themselves, then the person becomes leader and the leader is demoted to regular member.

A second option that this also allows is if there is a alliance that has been abandoned and a player wants to take it over. (Maybe they like the name or something). They can then use this same feature as well. Only issue is that the alliance has to be set to open. Perhaps after so much time of leader inactivity there could be a feature where the alliance is automatically opened. This could prevent a lot of ghost alliances that just sit and take up space and memory.


This can also permit a mutiny of sorts. If ten folk suddenly don’t like the way I run things, they can nominate and elect themselves to take over an alliance that I’ve run for ages?

I much prefer an automatic game action that puts in charge the most senior, active player. That makes sense to me.

puts down tinfoil hat :grin:


The mutiny cannot occur if the leader is active. They simply are online and thus voids the leader nomination attempt. These attempts aren’t able to be made if the leader hasn’t met the inactivity guidelines. If the leader has gone inactive they themselves have committed a type of mutiny by abandoning their team mates.

Ah, okay. I like it then. :grin:

I like the idea of being able to take over a dead alliance. This would be a nice feature for many games.

In every game, the most desirable names are quickly snatched up by the first players to download and play the game. Many of those players later decide that the game just isn’t for them and uninstall, thus locking up those cool names forever. An automated process to claim an Alliance name away from an abandoned Alliance would be nice.

I have to disagree with the 7-day rule though. Personally I think that’s just too short, but is probably appropriate for an extremely competitive alliance. Maybe the “inactive time” could vary depending on the Alliance’s rank?


I feel 7 days is too short - I mean people may want to go on vacation or get sent on a long work trip and not have the time, ability or desire to hit titans during that time, no? While 30 days feels long, one has to be sensitive to the leaders situation as well - maybe something came up. Surely a proactive leader would tell their alliance that, but still, too tight an auto-kick doesn’t matter even if everyone knows and you still will get booted.

PS: I’m just coming back from vacation where I did hit the titan during that time but still, not everyone may want that.

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Sleeper, no one is proposing kicking the leader from the alliance, just demoting him to co-leader and promoting up a more active player. Hitting titans doesn’t even factor into this. It’s just for leaders that haven’t logged into the game within the time period.

I don’t think anyone should ever be auto-kicked from an alliance. That’s up to internal Alliance leadership to decide. The only exception would be possibly to disband a totally dead Alliance.

I have one question though. What can a leader do that a co-leader cannot? And how vital are those tasks to a competitive Alliance if the leader is AWOL for 30 days?

Well, considering the thread is called auto kick inactive leaders, you can understand where I may have misunderstood :slight_smile:

I agree. I just left my old alliance and created a new one for the same reason. BTW, I’m looking for members to join in for Titan battles. Brand new alliance with only 3 members. Search for the Mystic Guardians.


What can a leader do that a co-leader cannot?:

A leader can kick the co-leader(s).

(So demoting a leader down is a short step to potentially booting them.) That’s why I like some kind of automated time-frame set up so that there is a time-limit. Leaders should know it and not abandon their alliances. In an emergency, they will have some time before being auto-demoted.


Well in the original case, this alliance leader basically formed the alliance, left it Open and no requirements, and then promptly quit the game. I joined this open alliance as a n00b not realizing that it really only had two active players with everyone else having quit months ago.

In my alliance we do allow for people to take off- as long as they leave a note. Otherwise 5 days gone as a level 10 or under and you’re out, 10 days gone for everyone else without notice.

I was the player with the least game experience but the only one from the old alliance willing to start it.

I just wish there had been a way to just keep the old one, especially with the 50 gem price to start one.

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