[Implemented - V38 Update] Add Stage Progress Bar or Wave Counter for Better Tracking / Keep Wave Counter Visible All the Time [MASTER]

Lord dust … you are correct …

I am a software test manager by profession … you have to include other factors into the total time taken to implement this feature with acceptable quality…

But in my opinion this is such a simple feature to implement - pasting an existing functionality onto the screen as a placeholder … regression in this case is only cosmetic and presentation related … since we are not changing anything functionally in this feature …

With all things considered, the time taken and risk of regression is “low” for this feature …

I saw a screenshot mock-up of where this would go … right at the top … all I could see as an impact is that the hero special text presentation that appears at the top would have to be either overlayed over this presentation, or moved down not to overlap the feature.

It would be nice to see how many attack waves there are still to come during a stage battle.
I know it shows you between waves but sometimes waves take al lot of time and I forget how many attack waves there are still to come. The importance for me is the tactics, for instance: save the mana for the next wave (boss maybe). I know many players have the same problem.

It’s easy to show on the top of the screen ‘wave 2/4’ for instance.

Who is with me on this?

Lots of people
Please remember to search before posting :slightly_smiling_face:


You’re right! Thanks😄

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Upvoting… but looks like this is not on the priority list of the devs… this suggestion has been here since 2018…

I wanted to write about it but since it is already done, let me add a voice here!

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Let’s get this done please.

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I’m gonna bump this one 'cause I like it. If this thread weren’t already here, I was about to make it today

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Just a simple request. I would like the wave displayed on screen, top left when I am playing a level, for example wave 3/5 :slight_smile:

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Original post was in January 2018.

For reference, that was 3 years and 3 months ago.

Has anyone in that time come up with a rational reason for this feature to not be implemented?

None that I’ve seen.

So then… why does it still not exist?

I mean, if they can’t even get around to fixing minor details like this in 3+ years… but they have plenty of spare time to create Ninja Tower and Season 4…


I don’t exactly think my skepticism about them ever implementing QoL improvements without price tags attached is unwarranted or unreasonable.

It is available in Ninja Tower, why not in map stage? @mhalttu

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Spend 50gems to display wave progression…


50 gems seems reasonable enough as a one-time payment for this feature that I really really want…


I actually have to agree, that 50 gems is actually a reasonable price for any meaningful QoL improvement… I’ve been perfectly happy to drop 100 gems for 5 extra hero slots thus far. I know the price will eventually go up after I’ve purchased enough expansions, but I’ll decide whether or not it’s worth the price once I reach that point.

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Hi !

I’m not sure I’m in the good section but I have some ideas about Quality of life improvement in game.

First : this damn “turn counter” in ALL fight (all events, all seasons, ALL PVP battle)

Second : As we can see stats, speed and skills of any heroe in battle with all bonuses on (troops, buff, debuff, anything else…)… Why there is NO mana count ???

Something simple like a 150/650 units of mana for a Very fast and the total gen bonus at this turn…

With these two things, we will be able to anticipate when the ennemies will launch their skill by counting the tiles…

Three : The war battlefield needs to be blocked when attack phase start…
We are fed up with opponents who’s change their rank in alliance to move teams one the battlefield in order to trap us…

Four : We need more visibility on the activities against the mythic titan in our alliances…
Actually, we don’t know who is doing what… There is no way to help other players to raise their score without sharing screens or videos on a third party app…

Five : We need to know more about how damage works and how defense AI works too…

Thank’s for reading.
Message translate from French, I can explain more if there are some misunderstanding…

Hi everyone, good news! This will be implemented in the next update (Version 38) and will be tested in the next beta version. I’ll mark this feature request as in progress.


Great news! Thanks, @Petri.


Indeed- wonderful news!

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Annnnddd closing this thread as “Implemented” per Version 38:


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