[Implemented - V38 Update] Add Stage Progress Bar or Wave Counter for Better Tracking / Keep Wave Counter Visible All the Time [MASTER]

show “1/3” stages when farming, not only between stages

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This should be a feature on all PvE stages. I shouldn’t have to remember if it is the 3rd wave or 4th wave. I usually charge my heroes, set up some diamonds or at least a favorable board before going into the boss wave.


I heard it will be on the next version


I totally approve and need this! 20/20 characters

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Wow seriously?! Maybe the person who neglected to add it to PvE was someone with a fair say in decision making of what to implement and their pride was simply too big to acknowledge their oversight… and they’ve now left SGG?! It’s about the only plausible explanation as to why it wasn’t there from day one lol.

Behold, I bring you hope!

This is a screenshot from SGG’s other game, Puzzle Combat, which is apparently in perpetual soft launch. It’s really hard to see, I’m just realizing - anybody know how to make the image larger? - but there is a wave counter just above the timer in the top-right corner. So far, I’ve only seen it on the Mercenary Event (kinda like a challenge event). It has not shown up in other PvE content yet, that I have noticed. But we can take the idea that the code is too fragmented to make it possible off the table. (As an ex-programmer myself, I get that being a possible concern.) I expect we will see this feature soon in the rest of Puzzle Combat’s PvE content, and there is no excuse not to then bring it to E&P. Somebody just has to walk across the hall with a few lines of code on a floppy diskette, right? :laughing:

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An improvement would be to have the wave / the total available waves. For example wave 1/5, 2/5 or wave 1/3 …2/3 etc as the case may be.

This would be better than just indicating wave 1, wave 2…etc as obtainable in PC.


We have it in E&P too, it’s just on Challenge Events though (similar to PC). I suspect it’s more probable that the PC feature came from the original E&P framework instead of the other way around unfortunately.



How did I never notice this? And since it’s there, why the heck hasn’t it been rolled out in all PvE content?

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ikr? It’s frustrating that they obviously see enough worth in this feature to put it in events but don’t see the same value in adding it to the other game modes. :-1:

I think you’re right though about PC being the testing ground for future E&P features, we’ve already had the alliance online indicator, chat-based support, goblin balloon…

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Agree, and hope we’re right. I’d love to see some of the matching mechanics come to E&P, like matching four of one color in a square. Seems like I get better cascades in PC.


As a longtime TDWTF reader, I can almost guarantee that:

  1. The wave counter code is chunked directly into the timer’s draw methods. It’s not a component of its own that just happens to be near the timer, and the combined component has a hard dependency on some other object or method (probably the one that initiates the timer);
  2. Further to that point, there is no modular architecture for any of the display widgets;
  3. The Challenge Events are totally discrete implementations, with little to no code reuse. Common code from each Event was copy/pasted into each module, with no refactoring into an overarching interface, class, or library;

So, the choices from a code point of view are to either double down on the monolithic architecture that got them into this situation, or do a major refactor. Since this is not a revenue-generating feature, they’ll take the invisible third option, “do nothing”.

Just a guess. :wink:


i am really surprised SG didn’t consider those quality of life changes and it has been over 2 years since this simple suggestion!

it is even easier to just put it in the stage info screen!

same with titan hit counter! the log isn’t long enough to cover titan from the start


Yes , absolutely: Players look at the board, miss the wave number all the time. They must show the wave number in every PVE battle (and get rid of the elemental weakness indicator with an option )

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Really surprised how old this thread is and how easy it would be to add this feature to the game … it’s a no brainier to add … will only make things better and there is plenty of real estate at the top to do it.

Please implement this … it’s not rocket science!


Really surprised that after all this time, the developers still have not implemented this feature.

I am no coding expert. Is it a lot of work to add a wave counter? Honest question.

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No profitable. More chances to get second Goblin’s Baloon than this feature.

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That’s a shame. This feature would make the whole gaming experience so much better for most, if not all, players.

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It’s not a lot of work at all … just pasting the existing wave counter functionality to the top of the battle map is about 30 minutes work for a typical developer …

It says a lot about their priorities…

Even if I took this at face value (which I don’t), and even if copy/pasting code throughout your codebase was a good idea (which it isn’t), there’s a lot more to it than that. The code is cheap, but even the I18n has a significant cost. Then there’s the possibility of regression. I sure wouldn’t want to break anything trying to implement this QoL change on the sly.

That said, I’d agree that this has been overlooked for reasons of prioritizing revenue-generating features.

Come on, SGG, throw us a bone here!

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