[Implemented - V35] Alternate Raid and War defense formations - Please add your ideas and comments here!

What about the idea of having the possibility to adjust the line-up. E.g. in Boss levels you often have 2 or 3 enemies or 1 surrounded by 4 which could have different advantages.


  • 3 heroes get + 66% health each
  • 1 surrounded by 4 has the advantage that the 1 couldn’t be hit directly
  • other variations could change the number of fields where heroes could get a hit

I am sure there are many other ideas


Are you referring to being able to use a different order/ configuration for your defence team?

I.e. changing the way your team is set-up?

Yes, but not only for defense also for attack team.

Alright, I’ve shifted your request to a pre-existing one which focuses on the same idea. It mainly focused on defence but if it’s implemented for one it could be extended to attack also :slight_smile:

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I have a such proposal for make raids and wars less boring.

  1. Defender can select a defence position from all possible variations (like in Springvale with 4 Foxes around Lady Wool, like in Atlantis, when you can hit only 3 enemies with tiles, and back 2 only after killing first, and as in S1 7-4, when wings is on front, and tank is on back)
  2. Defender can attack defence as-is or make “an ambush” - change enemy position (formattion, not order) to desired. Ambush should success for like 20% of tries, 20% should be outright fail and fight as-is, and 60% random different formattion should be selected, and ambush should considered “partially successful”.
  3. For wars there is a different situation - I want battlefield team placement really matter, and enemy formattion should be predefined due to relative position (for example, if attacker and defender in same column - then plain old fight, if attacker is in left column, defender in right - order change to Atlantis 5, when you can damage only left wing, left flank and tank by tiles, right heroes inaccessible, if attacker on right - mirror prev example Atlantis 5).

What do you think about this proposal?

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@Petri has this been dropped?

I don’t think there was ever anything to suggest it was in contention or being considered by the developers…? I haven’t seen any releases or hints or sneak peaks hinting at this ever being implemented…?

If you seach some the some of the old threads they had made a commet for about it. But it that thread is not been used any for inc updates

It was nice to see communication through that thread to hear what they have planned, but it seems dead.

Ok I stand corrected, there was a mention of it as a “considering but not working on”

Some of those items got added in. Most however have been sitting round (like this thread) for a long while now (thread last updated almost 2 years ago).

I understand.


I think an inverted V formation or an W formation would have helped with the Telluria-Vela problem.

Players that use a standard V formation ( 1 center, 2 center flanks, 2 backs ) could get normal K-factor ( 61 ).

Players that use an inverted V formation ( 2 front flanks, 2 back flanks, 1 back ) could get +20% trophies ( adjust the K-factor to 73 ).

Players that use a W formation ( 2 front, 3 back ) could get +40% trophies ( adjust the K-factor to 85 ).

Add reroll against your defense gains your defense +10% trophies from a win and +50% food from the reroll.

Each week gain 1 gem per 3 trophies ( based on average trophies during week both matches and rerolls ).

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We always face V defense setup in all PvP raids.

Include normal attack, alliance war, even tournament.

But you can see the difference when clear the season1, 2, 3 maps.

The monsters are mainly horizontal position.

But sometimes reverse V or like raids, normal V position also there.

This is what I want to say, how about we choose this position?

It’s bored diamond users always meet same heroes and position.

Through this, we should practice and study how to beat not center color focused raids.

Make front, middle, back position and users can choose each five heroes.

This will be definitely fun and blow fresh wind in E&P.

Raid Formation

Will be interesting if this is the solution to 5*+20 defense teams in raid and war.


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Great Idea. I have thought about this as well. Changing battle formations would a great feature, and could be similar to the RPG’s of old.

Closing this thread as it is now in Beta for Testing

See this thread for more information:


how about if you could vary the attack formation in PvP / war and play with 7 heroes instead of 5? Maybe even attack formations with 2 rows? I would find that exciting. I could imagine that things could get a little more exciting then.

New formations for raid defense are being beta tested at the moment if I recall correctly. Only 5 hero formation though.

Formations would not affect attacking team to any greater extent.

Closing as this has been implemented in Version 35 (for raid anyways with intention to extend to war potentially in the future).

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