[IMPLEMENTED] Troop Element Change Item/feature

Forgive me if this has already been asked about, it is my first time posting.

I have been playing for almost 2 years now… and I have had absolutely terrible luck with my epic troop summons. I have even done the 10x summon a few times and received all 10 as 3*s every time.

As of now I have no 4* Nature or Holy troops, one of each for Ice and Darkness… then 6 or 7 for Fire. I know that most of this game is a lottery, and I accept that… but at this point I would pay to convert two of my extra Fire troops over to Nature and Holy… just to be done with it.

I would say that, to prevent too much exploitation, you should only be able to covert troops that are level 1, so if you have trained them at all, they are locked in. Even if the item was again a game of chance (Ex: rerolling a 4* fire troop would have a 25% chance to be Nature/Ice/Holy/Dark), it would still be better odds than the 2% chance for the summon token.

I am only talking troops, not heroes. I am lacking in the 5* Nature department… but I feel like the elemental summons, HotM, and other things give enough ways to seek out individual elements for the heroes.

Thanks for reading, please help me to make this a thing!

Closing this as effectively implemented by Hero Academy Retraining

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