[IMPLEMENTED] Training/Creating Troops

I’d like to see an advanced building for training camps which would allow you to train troops. And options for troops by color would be awesome.

With all these Advanced building it would be cool to have a training camps have the ability to try and get troops. Sort of like the TC20 for a legendary hero. 1 and 2* troops are pretty easy to accumulate from farming and daily summons. But the Rare and Epic can be a bit more of a struggle to acquire. I know people that are F2p and C2p that have been playing well over a year without a 4* in at least in element. Even if the Epic doesn’t drop all that often it would be helpful to get the Rare for leveling up the Epic troops you might already have at a slightly more rapid pace.

For some reason the forum wouldn’t let me choose the proper category for this post. I realize it should have been under the ideas and suggestions.

Because you posted it as a reply to an existing topic. To choose the category, you’d have to start your own topic/thread. (But, don’t bother, because it’ll probably just be merged back to here anyway!)

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It would be nice to have when leveling up a troop and you run out of resources. To allow you to draw from your mines, or farms before you use your gems if you want. Instead of havi g to go out and harvest and have to come back I to do so.

I did start my own topic but it would only let me choose general, beta or bugs sections. Not if it was something I did but it’s fine because I was redirected here.

Oh. Well that’s weird. No idea, sorry!

Wish you would add a troop building to this so we can build troops like we do recruits even if it is just 1 an 2* troops it would help the folks out that dont have the money to spend.

2 words: Hero Academy

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Yea but I have folks that a long ways from that to use it hell I’m not even close to it and i spend

I have no idea what you mean… Hero Academy is a building where you can train troops without spending money. This is what you wanted? Or am I wrong?

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Yes it is but what I was thinking was being able to swap a recruit building in to a troop building. Like i said I got folks that will take years to get to level 25 on the strong hold so why can’t we convert a recruit building in to a troop building.

I don’t think that the game won’t work that way.

As the game progresses, more and more improvement levels are unlocked. Troops are such a big improvement of the team that their training should be unlocked even with extended game progress.

The possibility to level up troops is already available in the first third of the game. To allow troop training in this period would cause an inflationary tendency at this point. The troops would become too good too early, namely at a time when the leveling of the heroes is still in the foreground.

No vote from me. Imho this is not a. good idea for balancing the ecosystem of e&p

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Can I ask you a question then are you a beta tester

My mini is about 2 months in and at sh15 it can be done won’t take years. All depends on what you need or what buildings you level. it probably would be close to a year I guess. I haven’t even made a barracks yet to level troops. Troops cost so much to level anyways. Not a priority worry about later on

I understand your idea, however levelling troops is expensive. Very expensive!

You wouldn’t use multiple 1* troops to level 4* troops. I’d imagine that’s all you’d get from a troop TC. :thinking:

Yea but if they threw in a 3 star once in awhile along with 2* it would benefit the the new comers a little bit more

No. It’s also not necessary to be one to have an opinion.

Closing this topic and marking as IMPLEMENTED.

The ability to train troops was added to the game in V30 in the Hero Academy.

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