[IMPLEMENTED] Able to train Trainer Heroes

This is how the game currently functions… Those that participate more, get farther in quests and events, recieve better rewards from titans - profit the most from trainer heroes.

Being able to train them at the camp would actually level the playing field, which seems to be what you want? It’s just confusing because you find it inhibits fair gameplay when it wouldn’t at all.

Either way I don’t get what you’re trying to say it seems. Happy hunting =)

Funny enough. Now that I think of it, your point is more valid than mine lmao

I agree. Trainer heroes help max out your heroes a lot faster.

Just wanted to bump this idea. Love the thoughts of being able to train trainer heroes and troops. They could adjust TC level 14-18 like mentioned above, or add another building or two to train these. Love to see it happen in season 2.

Hi everyone, i was wondering what y’all think about the possibility of t.c.#2(or 3) producing 1* or maybe even 2* trainer heroes, and t.c. > #3 (maybe 14&20?) Being able to produce 3*&4* trainer heroes?

Definitely got my vote


Seen that idea already somewhere here

I disagree. Way too powerful, or would require a massive number of recruits. Most TC levels are churning out feeders, not cards to be fed. It doesn’t make sense that some TC level would short-circuit this grind.

The grind seems to be based on a 10-15 year cycle… How about speed up what is available and release new heroes to level up to compete / beat the level 70 vs level 70 that will occur.

Guin has to go down eventually?

I think that it would be really great if training camps had the potential to also produce corresponding trainer heroes. Common could produce common, legendary had the potential to also produce 4* trainers, etc. Even if the drop rates were low, it would certainly put users in a good mood, not to mention be really helpful!

I like how putting players to a good mood is am argument here :smiley:

It’s certainly a pretty good idea. If I got a 4* or even a 3* trainer hero from camp 20 instead of another Hawkmoon, I would very much welcome it


I should add, getting trainer heroes during the daily summon would also be awesome.


Perhaps, if there was a possibility of getting a training hero from tc14-tc18, people might actually use those levels?
I’m not sure if that would be enough to get people to use those, but its a thought…

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I suggested adding trainer heroes in the link below along with:
uncommon only
and trainer heros

I was having the same idea and wanted to see if there was already a thread on it. And boom, there it is! Thank you for making this suggestion!

In short, I think we all agree that some of the levels in tc are almost (if not completely) useless. A redesign would be greatly helpful, whether it is training troops or trainer heroes.

this would be awesome! but adding more Training Camps/ building space would be awesome too.


what do you think to add level 21 to training camp to train trainer hero or converting one of training camps to a trainer hero academy? (woah there are lots of train word here ups did it again :))) )

Closing and marking as IMPLEMENTED.

The ability to create trainer heroes was added in V30 update in the Hero Academy.

Read more here:

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