Implement Defense Team Testing. 🛡

@ZEPHYR1 Thanks, Zeph, i knew there was a post somewhere in here similar to this, just couldn’t find it…


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Testing the own defense team or that of alliance mates would be pretty nice.
If they implement it I will propably spend the whole day raiding myself.


In addition to this there could be a list of all players set up the exactly same defense (mayby different order) sorted by power and beeing able to attack them just for fun without any influence.

Just facing the own team in different constellations and at different levels would be very cool.

It’ll be very interesting at least to get to know how many (if any) players run the same heroes on their defenses.


And it could be helpful to test new heroes’ defenses in search for bugs to fix.


This coincides nicely with a topic I was just reading I’ll link it here and then folks can check out both

Love this idea too.


Let players practice raid their own defense team to determine best heroes and order to use!
Also would be handy to see how much loot raiders actually get from a raid instead of the “amount in the watchtower” posted on the raids screen which isn’t what successful raiders actually net.

This is a genius idea, I would love to test out my defense to see who should be moved where and who is best

Bump up a great idea.

It’d be nice to also see how many people looked at your defense and fleeded (rerolled).


It would also be nice to not only test your own defence but the ones from your alliance as well. You can learn from each other that way.

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Now here is a novel idea!! Love it! You have my vote

That’s the idea behind the very popular Practice Battles or Raids Against Teammates in Alliance [MASTER]

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What do you think about maybe three flags each month to run attacks on your own defence team?

With the time, everybody who uses his daily raid flags knows how his team works together in offence raids. But, as we have no chance to see the line up of the attacking team, we can just guess how good the line up of our defence is.

Therefore, I think it would be a nice feature if we could have three flags a month to run attacks on our own defence team to check if they really work together the way we think or if an adjustment is needed.

I am new to the forum and not sure if this was ever discussed, but I would love to see a training facility, where we can use different defense combinations to test and see how they work. Maybe allow this training site to have your heroes fully maxed and see how they compare to your other heroes. This way you can decide what is the best defense to use and which heroes to level up first.

3 flags a month? How about unlimited flags!

Sadly, I don’t hold much hope for this feature. Reason is it doesn’t fit the formula of monetizing a micro-transaction game (yes, even for all the free players out there).

These games don’t want to let you spend time on their platform doing things that don’t cost either time or money. That’s why flags are on countdown timers and that’s why the game is designed for grinding and for leveling up. It’s meant to push you to become impatient with slow progress, so you spend money to speed things up (buy resets for flags, buy food and iron, buy items, buy heroes).

So letting you test a defense, unless it can be done as you say in a way that can be connected to grinding (like 3 flags per month, which as mentioned, I would find frustrating), it’s not likely to happen. They don’t want you spending a percentage of your daily time that you are active in the game on features that are allowing you to be entertained but aren’t really progressing you anywhere (like fiddling with your defense combinations for hours and hours). They want you leveling up, not treading water.

Iam pretty sure unlimited flags are not going to happen, because it would provide too much knowledge of the calculation and gameplay that’s behind the scenes. And that’s also ok in my opinion. Reduce the possible attacks to a level of three flags a month would provide the player a good base to test the defense and doesn’t allow the players to know more about the gameplay as already visible in the forum.

So I think this would be a solution both parties could agree too.

I’m sorry, 3 flags a month is not a good idea. 3 flags an hour would not even be satisfactory.

And I’ve explained why unlimited is not likely to be supported.

I do wish we could practice on our defenses, but if unlimited is unlikely, and 3 per month is ridiculous, then we need to keep trying to come up with better ideas.

This is the first thing I missed when starting the game. Such a basic thing aswell.

If monetizing it is the hold up, then you could just include “sandbox mode” in the VIP. Or charge a flat fee of 1000 gems to unlock the mode.
It’s definitely something that is missing from the game though…either through playing with yourself :blush: or through playing with other subscribed alliance members.

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