Implement Defense Team Testing. 🛡



Creating a way to test your defense team’s setup would be amazing. We should be able to battle our own defense team to test the way it’s setup and how they work and look like together.

Anyone agree this would be amazing!?

Love this game…:slight_smile:

Attack your own defense team
Attack your own defense team

I like this idea. Voted.


Thanks very much! I would love to see what it can do by testing it.


Let’s spread the word and hopefully get this implemented! Would be awesome. I personally think it shouldn’t cost anything to test your defense team too.


I would absolutely love a practice area.


Sounds great! Vote it so we can get some eyes on it! :slight_smile:


Yeah… I have my own stronghold. My heroes live in there why not practice fight them…


Great idea. I don’t think this has en suggested before. It’s not the same as intra-alliance jousting, just you raiding yourself. Solid idea.


I would like to fight, in exercise mode against, a customizable team. So i could select heroes and set their levels, and decide if i m going to up them or not.
Example, i have yunnan but i don t want to up 4.80 just for test (and lose shields … )

I can t vote i don t have button “vote”


Great idea ! I second that :slight_smile:


Yep! I agree with YOU, guys! Voted!


This could be done where 1 of our 5 teams challenges another one of our remaining 4 teams.

Nice to test heros out and Chevy to see who works best with who.

Like it.

Can’t vote as I am out.


It would be nice to be able to attack my own defense team to practise, optimize and judge changes… . I should of course not loose cups when loosing against my own defense team :wink:


Much needed feature! Something where you have 10 slots with in set being on top where you could build your defensive team and the bottom 5 your attack team.

I would really use this feature and would go so far to say as this is a “needed” feature!


Guyyyysss, pleaaaasse. Use the search

Please @petri @rook


Thanks :):slight_smile: thought for a second that you were calling me out lol. I thought I was the first to say something about this haha


merged thread. :slight_smile: