Implement a storage building

A storage building should be implemented to store excess iron and food. Sometimes when I run out of materials and can’t buy anything my iron and food are at max capacity. Or my buildings are all levelled up and I have no use for iron anymore. I want the ability to store these resources.

idk enough off the top of my head but believe players have been finding work arounds by storing them in long processes like lengthy trainings and craftings

@Asura_El Using recruits, you are able to store ham and iron in different locations. TC10 costs 25 recruits and 105k ham, which lasts 24 hours. HA6 costs 150 recruits and 151k iron, 5 tall boots, and 5 Scabbards, which lasts 2.5 days. TC11 costs 2 recruits, 1k ham, and lasts 2 hours.

I use TC11 to store tons of extra recruits (I currently have about 900 days worth). TC 10, I have about 225 days worth, which equates to about 24 mil ham, and 167 days of HA6, which equates to about 10 mil iron. Funnily enough, and I never thought I’d say this… I ran out of Scabbards to store more iron. I have resorted to building tons of Tornadoes to use my iron up.


In addition to Training Camps and Hero Academy, Alchemy Lab can be used for Food storage too, without Recruits.

Here’s 22 million Food in AL8B, for example:


I store my food in AL9A for Orichalum Nuggets (resource for Tornado) and TC20 (for recylce HA10)
I store my irons in HA6 for troops 3* feeder.


My main problem with storing lots of stuff in AL, and it’s a very petty problem, is having to hit the “Autofill” button every single time you want to add a +1. I’ve never looked, but I assume there’s no way around that?

That Autofill button is the entire reason I never store more than 5 days worth of stuff in there at a time!

There’s no way around selecting items or hitting Autofill for each addition, but that’s considerably less tedious for levels that use a lot of resources than the lower levels that don’t use much per Transmutation.

Longer-running Transmutations are also better suited to Food storage, so you’ll have an opportunity to withdraw and use it before the Transmutation queue is completed.

And on the plus side, when withdrawing, you don’t need to deal with moving Recruits around to other TCs, like with TC20 withdrawals.

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Ahh, I hoped there was a way around it. I’d love to queue up a bajillion items and let it run forever, but I just don’t have the patience. It did get much better when I stopped running AL 1b!

Thanks for the info.


You’re welcome!

Just as a side note, that’s actually no longer possible anyway, as of Version 34:

And I agree, the lower levels are extremely tedious to queue up — and that’s part of why I don’t run them anymore either.

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Current link to storage

([Math] Hoarding resources in Training camps versus Hero Academy)

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