Impact of past performance on war score

I’m starting to track our war scores to see if I can determine how (and maybe even an exact formula) win/loss impact the war score.

If there are two or three others that want to help by tracking their own scores and those of their opponents for the duration of the war, it would be most helpful.

What I’m collecting is the scores just before the wars starts (no more than 30 minutes before). The scores just before then end (with only few minutes remaining) and the score a few minutes after the end (enough time for the score to adjust I’m hoping, but not so long that people leaving or leveling might impact it.

The goal is to understand: From start to finish how much of the end score is due to leveling and how much for the win/loss.

I’m seeing some odd numbers from the opponents at times, but ours seem to tracking to what I would expect. I have a fairly stable alliance, so I’m thinking some people may leave an alliance at the end of a war (maybe frustration, maybe waiting for a chest to fill before they switch, maybe they are a merc) and that is why I see big drops on some opponents scores, but who knows.

In any case this is all early stages. If anyone wants to throw data at me I’ll add to my spreadsheet, but the timing for gathering the data is important. Also include any notes about changes to the alliance, so I can start tracking that as well.

Remember this is all war scores…Capture

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We lost 10k for a loss, went up 10k for a win. Been watching for a couple weeks. We are at 437k this war.

snapshot right before the end of the war, and right after I assume?
I have slightly different results. You guys have a much higher war score, so that may impact it.

Our war score is slightly above 300K and wins/loss make us go up or down by about 10k. Sometimes it’s more, one time it was close to 15k. But that seems to be the range.

Right now I’m seeing between 5K and 18K, but mostly on in the 5K range. We are in the 280K range. That 18K I’m still trying to figure out, we didn’t have anyone join and nobody did any power leveling of a bunch of 5 stars…so its unexplained right now.

Does it appear to vary with the margin of victory, do you think?

We had two close losses, then a win, then got absolutely pulverised!

Interesting…I wasn’t tracking that. Another item to add to the spreadsheet.


That’s exactly what i want to ask now.
The win/lose gap influence war score?

If i win by 1 or win by 1000, it change something?

Word I last heard was no, margin of victory doesn’t matter. (But that could change)

I don’t think it does either. But I’m starting to track that as well now. Too early to tell. Something caused a huge spike in our war score after one win…would nice to understand what that could be.

I know this isn’t re data you want but I think it’s useful. It seems to me that we win two then get very overmatched for third every time. If we squeak out the third win, then it’s a major blowout.

Which is why we are dreading our next war. Our last war was supposed to be the alliance that kicked the *** out of us but instead they left 31 flags unused and we beat them.

We kept saying fight us, fight us and, of course, we couldn’t just play to lose :rofl:

We are expecting a blow out this next war, which is to be expected.

We have won 4 in a row…and if the example we have seen from devs is accurate then it should be a fairly linear progression on each win (or loss).

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