Impact of Fiends on Titans?

Hello @everyone
Please can someone explain to me how the health reduction works when fiends are used.
As per Motega disappears after absorbing a healing amount of 50% of max health.

  • does this mean that if hero has fiend and gets healed, only healed by half…?
    So wont work on Titan if this is how it works.

As per Lu Bu he absorbs healing equal to 38% of max health

  • so if a Titan has 100k health the fiend must absorb 38k health in one activation?
    Or how does it work?
    Edit - i used him now on a Titan and it definitely doesnt work as asked above.
    Any idea?

Also… the reduction of health, is it over time or what?
Except for fiend dispellers like Belladonna, how does fiends go away? After amount of rounds?
Like when fighting minions, my tiles takes minions away… but if i have a fiend or 3 how do they take damage to dissappear?

What is that amount? And how do i decrease it if i have the fiend on my attack hero?

no it doesn’t work like that. for motega his fiends attack with 40% power of his attack stat, the fiend remains on the enemy until it absorbs healing, 50% of the total health stat of the enemy. if the enemy doesn’t do any healing either themselves or from a ally, the fiend stays on the enemy and keeps attacking every turn.

titans don’t do any healing so the fiend never disappears during your titan match. fiends aren’t great for titans because the damage is kinda small but every little bit helps so its not garbage but your not going to get a ton of damage that way.

if you have motega?? use his first charge for minions, they give increased damage ailment to the enemy, so tiles and ss do extra damage, that’s much better against titans :+1:


Honestly fiends are terrible vs titans because it’s what we call a ‘clock killer’. Any automated activities or animations freeze the field while running. However, while the giant eye animation, for example, is popping up the timer is still running. That 30sec wasted, you could be moving tiles or spamming loaded sniper skills.


The 13* Red Titan wipes me out before the timer runs out, so I sometimes take waterpipe with me specifically to slow things down :sweat_smile:

lady of the lake is good for that too, even dawn :+1: but those are minions not fiends


Yeah sorry, was thinking about the pro’s cons of slowing the match down with animations rather than the specific point about fiends. Ignore me :sweat_smile:

I understand that very well. my blue team for red titans has pengi and sorrow for minions, plus Glenda who summons for blue with elemental link. when I’m full of minions pengi hits hard but with 3 on each hero… takes forever in titan flags time for them all to hit at the end of my turn

Fiends can be useful against a titan depending on what extra effect the fiend brings. If the fiend will bring an att debuff, def debuff, mana debuff, mindless attack etc then it could be worth using at least once if you don’t have anyone better. Fiends like those from Lu Bu are great against rare titans like the Geriatric Kitty (Ancient Tiger) as Lu Bu’s fiends block buffs so that counter attack stays firmly quiet.

All that to say, Fiends, like minions, should not be your first choice against titans. Most do not add anything to the mix except taking away your time but sometimes the trade off can be worth it

Just one gamer’s opinion

Game Well :sunglasses: :mechanical_arm:


I bring Amethyst vs. Yellow Titans, for her super duper high attack stat (relative to my other Purples). But I don’t usually cast her special to avoid the fiends :slight_smile:

my Fortuna has a nice attack cut with her fiends, not something I need to much, my teams are mostly strong enough to last the flag but that is a good strategy if keeping your team alive is a prob👍 good to keep you from burning through so many items as well if you need them to help you last. great advice, there are people at all levels of play or lacking in roster depth your advice could be very useful for


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Exactly this. I use Phorcys and Amethyst for tile damage as they are my highest attack heroes. I just don’t use their specials because it’s slows everything down.

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