Immune to new status effects — should also protect their allies from attacks/specials that reduce mana

I would like to make a case that the three heroes, Gato, Aeron and Grazul, who render some or all of their allies immune to new status ailments, also protect their allies from attacks/specials that reduce mana.

There is currently only one hero, Poseidon, that has a skill that renders him and his allies immune to all negative mana effects.

Mitsuko and Ursena reflect all status effects, which counters mana reduces, but they are limited to one color in their protection, blue or yellow. That makes 3 heroes that can, in some way, resist mana reducers. Adding Gato, Aeron and Grazul to that mix would make 6 heroes that protect against mana reducers when their special is activated. Still a relatively small number of total heroes.

I am specifically addressing heroes like

Guinevere, Neith, Leonidas, Chao, Li Xiu, Gan Ju, Rudolph, etc. whose attack/special skill reduces mana.

I am not referring to heros like Aliase, Boss Wolf, Little John, etc. that decreases how much mana a hero can gain for a certain time. That defensive special skill would still only belong to Poseidon.

I am interested in others thoughts on this proposal. Having a very fast mana hero like Grazul protect against Guinevere’s special could shake up high tier defense teams. The full team of defensive heroes would come in to play on a more frequent basis. Attackers would have more options against Guinevere tanks than simply stacking dark heroes and hoping for a good board.

Definitely have not thought through all the unintended consequences of this potential shift. That’s the beauty of the forum.

Thanks for reading my rambling.

Poseidon does that at fast mana… And some heroes have that as innate hability… Anther hero means feeding Guinevere to an Aife… She would became useless…
She has enough counters already and many purple fast hard hitters so I don’t really see the need for anything else…

Maybe a good idea as a costume ability for Thorne (protect the whole team for 3 turns), Sarta/Cyp/Boril (protect 3 for 4 turns).


Fair points Rfm. Thanks for weighing in.

That actually sounds like a great idea Olmor. Would be an awesome add to those heroes.

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