Imagine you have to design the next batch of costumes, what heroes and specials do you go for?

OK this one’s for a little bit of fun. Imagine you have been given creative control to design the next batch of costumes for SEASON 1 HEROES ONLY!!! Pick at least one 5* and 4* (3* optional as they’re more limited in options) from each element to design a special to go along with their costume that whilst might be more creative than what we can probably expect (we’re not looking for predictions here) but at least trace some of its routes back to the original hero. Remember that currently no costumes have changed the explicit mana speed of a special (just conferred a mana bonus instead) nor changed a hero’s colour so keep those rules in mind when coming up with your designs.

To start I’ll outline mine.

5* Hero Costumes

For this I wanted to try challenge myself to see if I could make a few of the less popular Classic heroes a little more useful whilst not veering completely away from their initial designs though to be fair as I go down this particular list I do take further creative liberties to be interesting…

Thorne – Druid
Icecold Freezer - Speed: Average
Deals 300% damage to the target and minor damage to nearby enemies.
Target and nearby enemies are frozen (silenced) for 3 turns.

Commentary in drop down:

It’s a bit difficult to vary a special that is damage only without adding something to it and given that the special is meant to be Ice Cold a freezing effect whether it is silencing heroes or maybe on defence freezes some random tiles like the Xmas levels seemed appropriate to give Thorne a new role.

Elkanen – Sorcerer
Crescent Barbs – Speed: Fast
The caster drains 300 health points from all enemies over 3 turns. The stolen health is shared equally between the caster and nearby allies. The effect is dispelled if the caster dies.

Commentary in drop down:

Elkanen has always been about draining health but has had a poor attack that is unlikely to change enough with a costume. Instead of a normal attacking draining special it is replaced with a reasonable DoT with the stolen health being shared about a bit to be a little more of a team player.

Leonidas – Barbarian
Spartan Flail – Speed: Average
Deals 280% damage to the target.
Steals all of the target’s current mana re-distributing the mana equally between caster and nearby allies.
The caster recovers 33% of their health.

Commentary in drop down:

Leonidas special has been a trifecta of damage, health drain and mana cut, this special reflects a similar trifecta but with the health steal instead becoming a mana steal that is shared between a few allies and the mana cut becoming a fixed heal instead.

Obakan – Wizard
Venomous Counter – Speed: Fast
Deals 180% damage to all enemies.
The caster has a venomous counterattack for 4 turns.
Any enemy hit by the initial attack or the counterattack will receive 240 venom damage over 4 turns, if the target already has this effect the duration is reset and damage increased by 80 up to 400 damage in total.

Commentary in drop down:

More drastic change for Obakan that goes from a hit-one, counterattack cover for one to being a Kadilen style hit-all but with poison damage that gets reset and stacks each time an enemy hit’s Obakan’s new venomous counter attack protection.

Khagan – Cleric
Khan’s Revenge – Speed: Slow
Target and nearby enemies receive 270% damage.
The target and nearby enemies receive -50% mana generation and -50% healing for 4 turns.
The caster and nearby allies regenerate a moderate amount of mana over 4 turns.

Commentary in drop down:

Khagan is probably the most difficult hero to balance for he is the only Slow hero in the game in which no part of his special affects all the heroes on one side either with damage, buffs or status ailments – which makes expanding a skill to more heroes tempting but feel like a cop out with 2 Classic Slow 5* Red AoEs already in Elena and Azlar – as such this build looks to be a multi-purpose (mana controller/heal blocker) hit-3 utility hero that after the first casting takes fewer tiles to charge with an Alby style Mana Regen aspect to ability.

4* Hero Costumes

I tried to restrict myself to one from each element but to be honest by about the third hero I was getting to the point of more writing what I’m predicting with the heroes rather than what I’d like to see though to be fair I think I take enough liberties with the first two 4* costume designs anyway to make up for it.

Wu Kong – Rogue
Gambler’s Last Stand – Speed: Average
All enemies get +150% attack with -33% accuracy for 4 turns. Also applies to special skills.
All allies get +33% chance to dodge attacks for 4 turns.
If an enemy’s damaging attack misses or is dodged the enemy receives 75% recoil damage.
If an enemy’s attempt to dispel on an ally misses or is dodged the ally instantly gains 20% mana.
All allies recover 720 health over 4 turns.

Commentary in drop down:

I suspect most are expecting Wu Kong’s costume will be like a 4* Tarlak (and probably will be - then again would that make Guardian Gazelle a less appealing hero to try for?) but I wanted to be a little more adventurous and create the long awaited 4* Holy healer whilst keeping faithful to Wu Kong’s high risk/high reward design. In this version of Wu Kong the healer, Wu gives gambler’s stance to the enemy and gives a dodge buff to all allies whilst a Heal over Time ticks away. The gamble is that if an enemy does hit one of your weakened heroes whilst under the influence of Gambler’s Stance then the hero is likely to die but with the accuracy debuff of gambler’s stance AND dodge buff you have a good chance they will miss resulting in either them taking recoil damage or you gaining bonus mana.

Sabina – Cleric
Smog of the Fallen – Speed: Average
Recovers 609 health for all allies over 3 turns.
Automatically does 16% damage instead to an enemy whenever an enemy attempts to heal during the next 3 turns.
Dispels buffs from all enemies.

Commentary in drop down:

To be honest I expect Sabina’s costume will get the same special as Melendor’s costume, just as I expect the other Ramming Pulverisers to get the same skill as Tiburtus’s costume even if with a different name but hey trying to think of something more original. Dispel and the heal over time are relatively straightforward – to visualise the rest of the skill picture how an enemy affected by Hansel or Gretel takes some damage each time a full mana bar triggers it, this time replace the full mana bar as the trigger with an attempt to heal with the heal being replaced by a small amount of damage and you get the picture.

Boril – Paladin
Absorbing Repost – Speed: Average
The caster and nearby allies counterattack with 115% of the damage received for 4 turns.
The target of an attack regains a moderate amount of mana for each counterattack.

Commentary in drop down:

Did toy with the idea of increasing the range of Boril’s counterattack to the whole team width (perhaps even with a spirit share thrown in) but honestly part of me is curious to see how Sumitomo’s mana generating counterattack could play out when the flanking heroes also has the counterattack on them to benefit from the additional mana as well.

Colen – Barbarian
Firestorm Inferno – Speed: Slow
Deals 70% to all enemies.
All enemies receive 720 damage over 4 turns

Commentary in drop down:

With the current design for JF appearing to move further away from an insanely high DoT to all I reckon it wouldn’t be too bad of an idea for the likes of Colen who won’t have any of the defensive buffs and by the time he might be released more people may have Sonya costumes or at the least Rigards that have more of a chance with Colen’s mana speed. Even if relatively easy to cleanse if on defence he would remain a monster on offense where cleansers can be shut down by the likes of Hansel, Gretel, Peters, Merlin etc etc just to stick to 4* names.

Little John – Fighter
Rallying chop – Speed: Slow
Deals 210% damage to all enemies.
All allies regenerate a moderate amount of mana over 4 turns.

Commentary in drop down:

To be honest I expect Little John will just have his -Mana Generation to enemies flipped to be +Mana Generation to allies but a little bit of Mana Regeneration instead for a slow 4* hero would be an even more interesting addition given the additional supporting roles it could boost.

I’ve abstained from 3* heroes as they typically have a more limited range of skiils they can have and so I find a less interesting in a task like this and have already wrote enough to kick start the thread anyway…


Just to linky link some threads that may be interesting to pull ideas from:


Not really the same, they’re designing heroes from scratch whilst costumes have clear connections with their base heroes.
Edit: Just thought I’d add that before it gets merged into one of them too hastily.


Ahh oops!! Missed the “Costume” part!!

Still could be interesting to draw some info/ inspiration. :slight_smile:


Colan would get a fire fighter uniform and would set up 44% def against ice for his allies. Rogue class :rofl:

Khagan would become a mongolian singer and would deal additional DoT with his serenade. His special sound could become a kind of throatish overtone singing. Druid class.

Sartana could be swapped into a dark angel with burning wings and mana stop for a single enemy for 3 turns. Paladin class.

Cyprian would become a zombie with some direct damage. His costume would be very old and damaged clothes. Fighter class.

Thorne would become epic :rofl:


As in become a 4* hero or have a Thanos level special of 50% chance each enemy dies instantly (would probably need to be made Very Slow) level of epicness…

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Losing a star without any other change except a crying face. Then he was the best epic and wouldn’t harm your legendary roster any longer. :wink:


Think some people would need to have some Telescopes refunded if they had already ascended him from having no other options…

Thinking about it there’s a couple other heroes I wouldn’t mind seeing change rarity tiers, a few that are more left field than most would suggest.

No, simply undress to become legendary again.

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Think I would be jealous of a hero that becomes legendary simply by undressing though I better change tack before people start sending flags to cover my modesty…



With the recent improvements made to Costumes, I think there’s a good basis for improving Regular hereoes, and while the system still has some flaws (Why can’t we just emblem the costume as opposed to being forced to emblem the base hero in a suboptimal way?) I generally think it’s a step in the right direction and will help some of the older heroes shine in ways they couldn’t before.

That being said, I also think there’s an opportunity here to work with existing and new mechanics to breathe new life in some of these heroes and give them more defined identities or fleshing out their characters more. Here are some costume ideas I’ve come up with in order to achieve that goal.

Please note that these will exclusively be 5* costume ideas, with a potential follow-up on 4* ideas at a later date if this is well-received. Changes to the special skills will be marked in Italics.

First Costume:

Hero: Elkanen - Spearmaster of Moonlight
Class: Cleric
Special Skill: Crescent Spear - Fast

Deals 330% damage to the target and minor damage to nearby enemies.
Heals the caster for 38% of the damage dealt.

Costume idea: Bloodmoon Champion - A darker theme on the more bright Elven aesthetic.
Class: Sorcerer/Wizard
Special Skill: Bloodmoon Crescent - Fast

Deals 330% damage to the target and minor damage to nearby enemies.
The target and nearby enemies get -100% healing received for 3 turns.

Second Costume:

Hero: Thorne - Wielder of Frostmorrow
Class: Paladin
Special Skill: Icecold Finisher - Average

Deals 480% damage to the target and minor damage to nearby enemies.

Costume idea: Frostking of Glaceholm - Similar to the Isarnia costume style.
Class: Fighter
Special Skill: Lethal Frostbite - Average

The target and nearby enemies become Brittle for 4 turns.
Deals 435% damage to the target and minor damage to nearby enemies.
Enemies killed under the Brittle effect shatter and cannot be revived.

Third Costume:

Hero: Khagan - Chief of Tribes
Class: Ranger
Special Skill: Khan’s Order - Slow

Deals 320% damage to the target and nearby enemies.
The caster and nearby allies get +24% mana generation for 5 turns.
The caster and nearby allies get +63% defense for 5 turns.

Costume Idea: Ascended Warlord - A more refined take on Khagan with more elegant clothing and weaponry.
Class: Monk
Special Skill: Khan’s Wrath - Slow

Deals 230% damage to all enemies.
The caster and nearby allies become immune to new status ailments for 3 turns.
The caster and nearby allies get +60% special attack for 3 turns. This does not apply to normal attacks.

Fourth Costume:

Hero: Obakan - Praetorian Bodyguard
Class: Barbarian
Special Skill: Cleave and Counter - Fast

Deals 260% damage to the target and minor damage to nearby enemies.
The caster counterattacks with 115% of the damage received for 4 turns.

Costume Idea: Valiant Defender - Not really sure about the aesthetic, but the idea here is to bring out Obakan’s “bodyguard” aspect more by forcing the enemy to attack into his counter. He is “valiant” because he has low defense and won’t be able to take a lot of hits, unlike heroes with similar abilities (e.g. Black Knight and Queen of Hearts).
Class: Paladin
Special Skill: The Best Offense… - Fast

Deals 260% damage to the target. (No longer deals damage to nearby enemies.)
The caster counterattacks with 115% of the damage received for 4 turns.
The caster gets Taunt that prevents enemies from using Special Skills on the caster’s allies for 4 turns.

Congratulations if you made it to the end of this post. I welcome any discussion, both on the Aesthetics of what these costumes could look like, and on what their special skills could do (e.g. I’m fully aware that the Khagan Costume will mean a third Slow AoE hitter among the Regular Red 5*). Suggestions for other costumes are also welcome!

Thanks for reading,



Like the ideas here!

Couple suggestions:

  1. Obakan already is barbarian class so the costume could/ should be different.

  2. Khagan has a fair bit going on. Maybe drop one of the supplementary skills? Or keep him DoA3?

  3. Love Thorne. Nice spin on his mediocre special currently


The costume is actually marked as a Paladin. :slight_smile:

I agree. I really wasn’t sure how to handle him, but I wanted to make him seem more like a Warlord who stands in the back and rallies his troops, than someone who fights. So maybe reducing his damage from “320% damage to the target and nearby enemies” (base hero) to “320% damage to the target and minor damage to nearby enemies” is valid?

I like the idea of counterattack and taunt working together for Obakan.
I also have an idea about obakan, he could have rouge class and taunt :slight_smile:
The other great idea is thorne, however ranger class fits better to this new ability than the fighter.

I didn’t like the other costume ideas

Haha oops… Missed something lol

Khagan is an interesting hero. As he is, he is actually a pretty good hero except for the speed-damage trade-off

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An alternative way to handle him would be to make him faster (Average speed) and give him a more damaging special with less utility (e.g. 360% damage but only +30% defense and no mana generation buff). However, I feel that the utility is what makes Khagan useful, even though he isn’t great, so reducing his utility seems to be the wrong way to go.

@JonahTheBard for a merge:

This isn’t sth to vote for. It’s a collection of fantasies.

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That’s exactly what the “Ideas” tab is for, is it not?

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Nice idea in all, however for the new costume idea regarding Obakan,…maybe extend his repost to cover two nearby allies…making him/costume the first fast repost…

Also for Khagan, I like the costume idea of extending his damage attack to all enemies. But keep the original mana and defense boost to nearby allies

Missing in the lot is my dear Leonidas, would love to see the costume extend his attack equally to 3 enemies reduce their manas by 20% and possibly lower his vampiric healing to 50% of damage deals.

And for my beloved Thorne…may be additional skill.- Freeze healing on 3 targets for 4 turns…


You’re right, but a suggestion to vote for should contain a solution. This one’s more a collection of cool ideas.

I would rather like your post than vote for it.

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