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1 tkkwe have 2 minions at that hero?
kw it conflicts with other minions?
redhood, delilah?

limited to 3 cloning minions?

questions, questions…

Actually if a heroes have 3 minions and a new minion appears, the oldest disappears (on the right position)


I got an aw opponent who has 2 Delilah and Redhood tank that other day.
I lost the war cause the minions are never able to die was a nightmare.


A key fact is that a hero can only have three minions. So each clone has the potential to displace a more useful minion.

For example, suppose these hypothetical cloning minions had 5% of caster HP and 5% attack. Delilah’s clones have 13% and 16%, respectively, so if one of her clones is crowded out, then I’m worse off.

Another implication of these hypothetical cloning minions would be that battles will tend to stretch out much longer, increasing the value of Slow-mana heroes.

Also, the value of having a Gobbler to gorge on all these tasty minions goes up.


… assuming Gobbler has not been killed prematurely (due to his ridiculously low def stat) :wink:


Heh, yes, there is that. Note that I didn’t say Gobbler was yet good only that he becomes more valuable.


I already have nightmares with Delilah, RedHood and other existing heroes minions! I absolutely hate them!

If new heroes appear with the hateful ability of CLONING them, I will pump up my Gobbler and try to pull other four of them to use a full five-Gobblers team against them!

Yes, I would lose 100% of the times but If I ever manage to eat them once, i’ll be satisfied :slight_smile:


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