I'm waiting to get what I paid for.m

I’m waiting for 9 hours ti get what I paid for…it is like that since 9 hours…

Did you reach out to support? Not really much we can do here for you as we are all just players like you.

What I must do;;;;how can I contact support;;

Go to the “OPTIONS” tab in the game and there’s a section up top labeled “SUPPORT”. From there you can contact them to assist.

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Try rebooting your device to force close the app. Then check your purchase history. If it doesn’t show that you made the purchase, try again. If you still have trouble, use the support button to send a support request


So… Did the suggestions by @MST3000 or @NPNKY work? Do we assume no news is good news?

As much as we hurry to the forum to complain, hurrying back just as fast to say it worked, not so much :woman_shrugging:.


Contact support:


Thank you for doing a video, I tried to do step by step, but a video is a bit hard while at work. Props!

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I didn’t do anything because I was working…it just autofixed last night…thanks for trying to help guys…

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Great video…I hope I won’t need it in the future though

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