I'm tired of putting up with it!

The topic is mainly for developers, not for flooding. Sorry for my (google) english.

I have been playing for over a year and a half, regularly and very actively. The level of participation in absolutely everything is 100%.

I’ll start with the good.

Like most here, I will note how beautiful, bright and colorful the game is with many interesting various events, quests, battles, etc. In general, a really addictive, addictive game with great opportunities for action. Separately, I note that the game is perfectly adapted (at least for my region), rare errors, technical problems, etc., are quickly removed by the developers. All your work, dear developers, is very clearly visible in everything: new events appear, new heroes, expanding tactical capabilities (like a combat formation) and much more. And any work should be paid, especially if this work is visual and of high quality. Therefore, I consider it absolutely normal to pay for your work by making purchases in the game (donate)). After all, everyone considers it right to pay for the work of a cook and a waiter in a restaurant)). It’s the same here, just a little in a different plane;)
Perhaps that’s all about the good stuff)

And now the general state of affairs in the game.

Alliance Wars. WTF ?!

A very strong bias in the selection of the enemy. The strengths and levels of the players are categorically different and do not even look alike! This is a very serious and big problem for so many alliances and players.

In some version in the fall (I think at 30), you changed the system for selecting the enemy in the war. As a result of this, opponents are constantly coming across much stronger than my alliance and everything turns into just a continuous massacre!

Bring back the old matchmaking system !!! Stop mocking people (your clients and breadwinners)!

Since that moment (autumn !!!), our alliance has won literally several times, and that is because some players did not fight against the enemy at all!

In one of the wars with another strong enemy on our side, one player (and a very weak one) turned out to be on the battlefield more than theirs - did you put additional food for them to earn even more points by killing this player ??? Don’t you think it should be the other way around?

  • Points for the killed player. WTF ?! Why does a strong alliance as a whole for each individual player (which is also much stronger than our strong ones) give points noticeably less than for our weaker or equivalent one ??? And this difference is between 5 and 15 points. Don’t you think it should be the other way around? As an example, I attached a photo from one of the last wars, in which my strength and points are visible (first photo), and players from the enemy alliance (everything is highlighted in red in the photo).

  • Shields on the game board (hereinafter referred to as stone). WTF ?! It is simply not there often! And if only I had one - all the players of the alliance do not have it! It is because of the cut stone that since autumn I have not recaptured all 6 attacks according to my available strength - 5 * heroes fight like 3 *, the stone is so disgusting that very often heroes with fast and very fast mana never gain it in a battle !! ! Why then call and improve some heroes, if they do not reveal themselves at all ?! But the enemy is doing well - the stone abounds, they kill us with one attack, the field is turned over as they want… Don’t you think it should be the other way around?
    Oh yes…. The only case when the stone is beautiful is the “rapid attack” war mod, but this is only so that all enemy heroes instantly gain mana and kill all your heroes at once - you don’t even need to put 3 * here (not to mention 4 and 5 *), 1-2 is enough * - everything will end very quickly and sadly for the attacker.

  • A new trend has been noticed. Note! Since the selection of the enemy in the war takes place according to the total score of the alliance (which is formed, among other things, from the sum of the trophies of each player), the “smartest” ones, before starting the selection of the enemy, now discard (drain) these trophies so that the enemy gets weaker and easier. So what happens: I and my alliance, too, now have to “drain” our honestly earned trophies for this? That is, instead of developing and progressing, you force the players (your clients) to degrade and regress in this way? Then why do I need the heroes I play, equipment, buildings, if it turned out to be bad to develop and grow? Then why, in principle, play your game? Personally, I do not want and will not “merge”, you change something in your distortions - more precisely - just return back the old method of selection! Or figure out how to fix it.
    Better yet, think about how to fix all the serious flaws that I described.

  • I hope, against the background of all this, you understand the general demoralization, disappointment, frustration and resentment. People play heartily and imagine their mood and depression from all this. Therefore, for all this time and nerves, I DEMAND FROM YOU COMPENSATION for moral and physical (devices also suffered)))) damage caused by such wars: for example, you can give all members of my alliance the previous hero of the month (frost or urey) or a couple of good ones (and not as usual - poor) war chests.

Titans and Raids / Tournaments.
The stone (shields on the board) has long been bad or very bad. I perfectly understand that you will now start telling me about «random» and all that, but believe me - it is very clearly visible when the stone is cut by you (on titanium, in raids / tournaments, wars). So don’t bother yourself with these stories, just don’t cut it down so much;)

And here do not bother yourself with stories about «random» - it became very noticeable when the calls are clearly cut by you. This is “your random”.

In one of the versions, you boasted that in the Tavern of Legends you increased the chance of getting heroes from last year’s months. Here are my personal statistics:

In each of the last 5 taverns, I made 50 (+/-) summons, for a total of 250 (+/-). As a result, I got one unfortunate fifth out of the total number of 5 * heroes. WTF ?! For whom did you increase this chance that you were bragging about ??? For yourself?

And just personal statistics of getting 5 * heroes from events for the entire time of the game: Atlantis - 1 piece; valhalla - 1pc; tavern - 3pcs; ninja -1pc; masquerade - 3 pieces; abyss - 1pc. I don’t know how other players make whole teams of 5 * heroes of each event, including a completely fresh abyss!

And this despite the fact that there is a lot of donation on my part!

Awards. WTF ?!
I will only touch on the chests)

  • The chest of enemies (100) and heroes (40) - of course, they can be filled several times a day, so you don’t expect anything special from them.
  • The titan chest is ideally filled once every 5 days (on average, 7 days) - make better rewards from it.
  • The war chest, in the ideal case, is filled once every 18 days (on average, more than a month and a half)) - and its contents almost do not differ from the chest of 100 enemies, i.e. - shameful… Have a conscience - make it worthy at least for those players who have a 100% participation rate in wars !!!
  • Colored chest (blue, yellow, etc.) - used to always please (until at 30), then it almost ceased to differ from chest 100 enemies. Have a conscience - get back satisfying rewards from it!

General mood. Fatigue and frustration
Now I propose to stay a little in the place of almost any player (your client):

  • just went into the game and immediately showed how many trophies he lost - chagrin “from the start”;
  • attacked the titan - upset the cut stone;
  • went to raids / tournament - upset by the cut stone and losses because of it;
  • went to fight in the war - infuriated the cut stone and losses because of it;
  • filled and opened one of the chests - the awards upset;
  • called on the hero - upset with the result.

And so almost everyone and almost always - a constant continuous negative in everything already!
And you don’t need to tell me about “random” - everything is deliberately cut by you (the developers) everywhere!

What are you doing?
You yourself, in this way, kill desire and motivation, do not give any incentives. Naturally, people first stop making purchases, then they just leave alliances and the game in general - they just stop playing. By the way, I’m next in line)

You should encourage and motivate your players so that the mood is more positive, and the desire to enter the game once again, and more willing to make some kind of purchase in the game, but for now you only push and force your fans (and customers at the same time) to simply leave the game and forget about her.

P.S. I expect you from a careful consideration of all of the above and compensation (which I wrote about above) for my alliance).

Thanks for attention.


Say what now? :thinking:

War match ups are based on…


The number of trophies you have is not considered for war matching…

You raise a lot of issues, about a lot of different features of the game. A wall of text - Tl;Dr :sweat:



There’s no way I’m reading that.

If I wasn’t frustrated before reading it, I sure as hell would be after.




I read some of it, I gave up after the Alliance War rant. This is a player with little to no understanding of the underlying mechanics of the game.

I’m not saying the game is perfect or great at all. It isn’t. But if you are going to make a long-winded rant like this, please PLEASE at least make it around informed opinions based on facts.


The points for team kills in alliances is a constant thing people complain about.

But that’s because they don’t seem to get how they do it. It’s based on the total health of the heroes, no the TP of the team.

We have someone who uses a 20 emblem Buddy as his war tank and that give more points than my 20 Emblem Heimdall tank team. Approx 250 TP total difference.


Man, how I wish OP was providing exciting analysis based on actual math and/or actual statistics related to the game and based on known mechanics.

I didn’t finish reading the entire post after rereading the first 10 or so paragraphs trying to understand what you are trying to say. I lost interest when OP erroneously misunderstood certain mechanics on a subject I don’t even remember what that was all about. And the interest waned when I realized I am not even a quarter of the entire damn tome of mis-tactics.

Give me compensation for the lost minutes trying to care at the beginning.


I envy you for your patience. You should try getting compensated, too. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I gave up after this.
20 good laughs :rofl:


I didn’t even reach that far. :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


O great E&P gurus, mechanics, mathematicians and extras! I’m not even going to understand the mechanics of the game - otherwise I would be in the development roster, and not in the players roster. I have something and with what to compare - “how it was and how it became” (if quite primitive). The real facts and statistics are those that I described above, based on my observations and the observations of many other players who also came to play, and not understand the mechanics! Facts: 1. The game sank to the bottom; 2. People leave (and rightly so). Why is that? Described in 1 post.


Absolutely untrue. Our alliance also carried out an experiment: they dropped trophies on a special occasion and the enemy was really a little easier.


How, in principle, a team with all 5 * heroes and a grid of 20 give fewer points than a team with 2 heroes 4 * and a grid below 20? (this is a rhetorical question - does not require an answer)

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So when the war starts it has 1500 points to spread across the teams. It apportions this to total health rather than TP. So if you pick a team of 4* with big health figures (Gobbler, Gullibursti, Buddy all come to mind) you’ll get a bigger amount of points than someone with 5* that have less health.

That’s just how it works, don’t ask me for the finer details of it as I don’t know exactly how it does it. We just know that it is does.

So true

Highly doubtful you’d qualify.

If you don’t understand the mechanics how can you possibly have any relevant statistics?

For example, the points allotment in war is 100% independent of the opponent. It is based only on the difference in health of your defense teams, and adds up to 1500 (with round-up can be 1500 to 1526 or so). This has been shown by many players here in the forums to be true. it is a well-understood mechanic of the game and collected data matches the statements made by developers on this. It did not change between updates.

If you read different threads here about wars and tried understanding the mechanics maybe you’d understand better how they work. Then perhaps you could construct proper analytical criticisms instead of half-baked rants.

Sank to the bottom of what?

People have been leaving for as long as this game has existed. Updates to the game hasn’t changed that either.

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Well it’s absolutely untrue right to the point where it is actually true.

It tries to match you based of War scores. Trophies or Titan score has no bearing. If you have less then 30 in a war it can struggle for exact matches as it then needs to assess people opted out too. The less players the more volatile the match ups in my experience.


I have never heard that it does this. It should not.

The game can try matching you against opponents with +/- 3 opted-in players if it can’t find a suitable opponent with equal players.

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Seriously, wtf???


Thanks for your opinion. In my experience (as well as many others), the previous matchmaking system worked much more correctly. This made it possible to play “on equal terms” and with pleasure, but now it is a continuous stupid carnage.

Man, I’m so, so tired of these absolutely ludicrous rants based on something so far removed from reality. This denial of very basic facts and refusal to actually look at the mechanics to understand how it works… I almost literally boggles the mind how anyone can walk through life like that.

Edit: I also love that strategy of pointing to the many fictional people who think the same…

Edit 2: I also wonder why I actually felt compelled to get involved this… I should know better


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