I'm so happy I'm free

I found WAY better game so after 4 years bye bye. No BS reviving 6x in row(then healed). No BS reviving at full mana. Not broken mechanics.(restarting skill duration after bleeding or slowing mana from tiles which you have no control about it) Not 1% chance to summon(actually way better in new game). No game cheating hidden by RNG. Which is absolute BS. I’m done with totally unbalanced money hungry game and many more other BS.
Finally free. Have a nice day I already have.
I will play only wars for my alliance. Nothing else.


So like Dread Pirate Roberts you are only “mostly” free.


Sorry to burst your bubble, but if you are still here then you r not free…:grin::grin::grin:




Wow, I didn’t realize SGG was THAT old!


I know you can’t say but I would love to know the game too. The people in my alliance have just about given up on this game as well. The funny thing is we only play the wars too.


Picture looks just like Gramps in S4.


Come join the Peace-Keepers. We’re chill but active.

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yoooo…send the deets


After the war I will go visit.

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A four year old hot mess of a game


name ??? please ???


They can’t say it as it’s against forum rules.

Just FYI

It’s probably a competitor game. Many of them around.

Cannot be named. Even hinting will get your account flagged for attention.

Even if he posts, post will be flagged and blocked.

Best alternative is to find out where he is now. And get the info via the backroads (public line groups are plenty)

Or he can post on FB if he’s in a FB EP group.

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Maybe at least drop initials and icon description…
If they are done with the game, why care about ban.
I’ve seen plenty of other games names here.

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I mean…still playing wars isn’t being done with the game. It’s just a toys out of the pram rant as it stands.

Delete the roster and uninstall it is the only way “To be free”. Still playing wars is still playing…ergo - not free.

When I’m done I’ll just turn the game off and walk away.

But this again sounds like there’s an element of addiction and as usual I implore the poster to seek some external help to walk away properly if that’s what they want. This will also help them to not fall into similar traps again.

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What player means is that he only Logs on for war or maybe chat or collect ham. The most strenuous being war.

Otherwise it’s fluffy stuff like collect ham maybe. In this way, he is released from the daily grind.

I dunno, if you switch to a similar game with a similar mechanism are you really free? Or did you just transfer your addiction to another source? Like switching from whisky to gin.

I’ve tried a couple similar games to E&P and I don’t really see enough of a difference to make a switch. When I am done with E&P I’ll be switching to a different genre of game.


“I’m done with totally unbalanced money hungry game and many more other BS.
Finally free.”

That doesn’t support your interpretation I’m afraid.

So again, if the player wants to “be free” logging in at all isn’t going to achieve this

Ah I missed that bit. Yeah I would be better off deleting the app from my phone if I were him.

Maybe he needs time to wean himself off the game.