I'm sick of this game but ! I can't stop playing it

This obsession with taking every round and every attack of the war to the last second and losing every round and every battle of the war has become absurd.
This game is over, a game is supposed to be fun, not to go banging phones against the wall ■■■■■■■■ on all the dead developers of this game.

Let’s go by parts, what are you looking for in a game?
Mortgage your house, your salary, the dog, the car and the children? Not true!!!
Get angry until you have a heart attack? Not true!!!

You are looking to have fun, disconnect from everyday life or even when you are sitting on the throne evacuating… but this obsession of the developers to always give satisfaction to those who do not play so that you get angry and continue investing money in the game has reached to the point that it is obsessive.

I understand that the game is to squeeze every penny out of every pocket, but for God’s sake give us a joy, let us have assaults that are a little more feasible, let us win the battles of the war.
Lower the level of the A.I.

We already know dear developers that if you want you can make Bane as an enemy win alone the most powerful team of any shark in this game, but that is not the goal.
In all the Alliances that I have been through, which are not few, since I like to meet people and help, I only see and read people bitter about this game saying that any day they will uninstall it, I already reminded you that you have infinite bad opinions of 1 single star in the game i spent 7 minutes trying to get to the end of
The bad opinions on the mobile screen at full speed wanting to reach the end and I didn’t get it, you can check that yourself (I mean the developers).
I have the sad feeling that everything I write is little and many times I would like to summarize my sad feeling with the simple emoticon of a ■■■■ but I try to give my opinion to see if one way or another we can make this game fun again.

What does it matter if the ones we play against are not connected!!! Wouldn’t it be better to leave more room for the one who is connected and lower the level of the A.I. ,?
I know that the others will also beat me, but now the others beat me and I lose.
And it’s not because I don’t know how to play or because I have bad heroes since I have more than 100 5* star heroes.

Something has to be done and that’s it!
Tell me if this looks like a chest for a 14* type A+ titan with a damage score of more than 500,000 and you will see what I mean with this game


Give yourself and the game a break
Its a game
Its based on algorithms ( boards can be very tricky the moment you hit attack it chose who wins and who loses ) its kinda logical to give everyone the chance to win and lose and make some kind of balance
Dont take it too seriously
Dont get burned out take a step back sometimes


To be perfectly honest, I really don’t get what OP was trying to say.


I can maybe just give those 2cents …

get some distance.

Lower the effort, lower the expectations, just try to not try too hard.

In the game you‘ll not be irrelevant by doing so.

I did so and it felt so good to not seek for the big wins and goals and trophies anymore

Examples for relaxation could be:
not participate on every tournament.
Not going for A or A+ on Titan.
Not buying offers over let’s say 5-10 bugs.
Don’t pay for summoning just free ones - NO invest.

That was what I did just now after 4 years of slowly evolving from f2p to p2w. I don’t regret having spend what I did spend - it was/is fun - but I’m happy with what I have and I don’t need any new hero. I’m ready to just take a seat and watch dem kids chase S5 heroes and what ever mysteries beta brings :wink:

That been said I don’t want to miss new features and I will still log in every day.


I have moments like this when i. Sick of it. Others when im all in.


The built in system boost to defence team is now variable. Not exactly that “20%” anymore.

The more powerful the team, the lower the system boost for that defence team. By how much? Not sure.

SGG has announced this change. And stated that the stronger defence teams will still be stronger, just not with that flat “20%” boost.

This is a good move.

However, because they do not want to buff the stats of older heroes, the “killer heroes” that used to take out enemies with 1 hit now need 2-3 hits, well… at least 2 (for me).

This power rush is endemic in this game.

I don’t embrace it. I just live with it.

If you don’t find joy in this game anymore, take a break.


Taking a break for a couple of days always works for me


OP wants devs to fix war. As it works now, 50% of the teams will win each war and 50% will lose. Teams with ick heroes are matched with teams that also have ick heroes. A built in mechanism helps teams with several losses in a row get a more favorable match. There really isn’t anything to complain to the devs about here.

OP just needs a break or a change of scenery. Perhaps a change to a new alliance that could give more structure and positive thought to the war experience.

I also hear frustration with money spent. That is an easy change. You don’t really need the best of the best to enjoy 90%+ of the content. Challenge yourself to figure out how to succeed with what you already have. And if you still can’t find fun, recognize that devs won’t find fun for you either.

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“Class, for today’s lesson we are going to learn How to manage expectations, and how to manage our disappointment if it doesn’t go our way. But first, we are going to do a roll call like we always do for the 4 years old”

“Alex T”


“Rachael S”





I really can’t see how the AI could be any lower without literally firing special skills at its own team.


Mmmm ……
I went to watch my 11 year old grandson play football for his local team today. It was a friendly and they lost 4-1 … all the lads got frustrated and angry with themselves, their striker who just couldn’t keep the ball got substituted and came off the field really upset.
All the kids came away totally deflated, one of them even cried, my grandson simply said “we got battered” …
Then I reminded my grandson of last Sundays football match, which was a tournament game, and which his side won 4-0 against a stronger team.
I asked him if he had had fun and if he was enjoying himself and if he liked playing football with his mates.
He said “yes it was good” …
I just reminded him that he can’t win every time, and that he may lose more matches than he wins. And that it’s just a game to have fun in.
My advice to @Sapu … it might be the right time to take a break from the game, recharge your batteries, keep your chin up and come back fighting with your head held high and a big smile on your face


Yup, just listen to the wise JGE. :slight_smile:

I mean, look at me today:

Sure, this team is nasty. But my first 3 boards were just awful. The game didn’t give me any chance… I said fine, let’s try one more time. I found some tiles finally, but unfortunate cascade took Milena to the 2nd charge. She killed my team instantly. What can you do other than say - whatever, and move on. Next time the RNG will be better. The power creep in this game makes it hard to keep the pace. The best thing to do is just to let go and play in your own style. Forget about the competition part. It’s stressful and bloody expensive. :joy:


Different players have different concepts of “fun” with regards to playing this game. For some it seems to be showing off their l337 skillz and dominating others. Unfortunately, in this game that doesn’t really work out for you.

If you aren’t having fun, look at what you would consider fun. Is that possible in this game? If so, play that way. If not, play something that is fun. And if you have been playing for years, was it fun and what makes it no longer fun?

I get the ranting and venting but really, for those of us who still get fun from the game – and I would not be playing it if I didn’t anymore – you are not convincing us.

And even with my f2p bench the AI is not the problem.


I´m sorry the game has gotten to you in such a way. I can relate, without a doubt. A step back would probably be good. Often cup dropping can help too. I find myself much less frustrated with the game, if I am in the Platinum leage instead of Diamond, for example. Easier to fill my Hero Chest that way too.

But absolutely, Wars can be brutal, and unfortunate boards frustrates more there, because you want to do your best for your alliance. But we have to remind ourselves, that we are fighting an opponent that cannot be beat, unless the system decides it´s ‘your turn’ for a victory, and that is The Randomness of The Tiles. Sometimes we win, sometimes not.

And with the overwhelming increase of new heroes recently, now is a good time to stop spending and be content with what one has. Because, unless you are willing to spend a very large amount of cash, I am uncertain if it´s possible to keep up and belong to the ‘top’.

But with the right mindset, it´s not too shabby down here :blush:

Good luck ahead. :four_leaf_clover: :slight_smile:


This is so true and well said. It is exactly how I feel right now, like a retirement or something. :joy:
I just want to enjoy in those things that I still enjoy, free of charge. I know I can’t grow anymore, my pick in this game is behind me… So why investing money? Playing with what you have until it makes some sense. :man_shrugging:

How’d you fight the same player 4 times?

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I took a break after first 2 hits…The other guy attacked me and I got new attempts - as if everything got a reset. Wanted to go all 5, but accidentally moved on. :joy:

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Lol that’s funny :smile:never seen that.

No it doesn’t. Not remotely.

But I agree with your not getting burned out comment

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