I'm raging (lost Internet connection)

Fought against somebody in alliance wars. Bevore I could kill the last hero of his team, my internet connection got lost for a couple of seconds. I could restart and my used heroes are gone. The enemy team is untouched. What kind of bs is this? Do something SGG so that this game can save what we have done!

My heroes are gone but the enemy’s heroes are revived??? :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Why is this game able to save my used heroes but not the killed enemy heroes?

The game marks the heroes used and takes the war energy away at the beginning of the round, so when you lose connection the status of your energy and team used is already saved on the server.
Unfortunately the status of the enemy team isn’t saved until your client reports back to the server when the fight is over. There are probably a bunch of verifications involved to try to reduce clientside hacking.
The status of the attacker’s team and accounts needs to be set when it is in the fight to prevent abuse and cheating by deliberately interrupting the client-server connection to get free retries if a fight is going wrong. I don’t know what they can do to help reduce the disconnect issues, but the complaints are common enough that they really need to try to find solutions that work while still blocking cheating.

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Maybe the used heroes shouldn’t be saved at the beginning rather at the end. I don’t know if this is possible.

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Then everyone would just disable their phones internet if the attack goes badly, that way regainen their energy and heroes?


Yes, you can restart. But you probably shouldn’t have. I got the lost connection sign (pulsating wifi, or whatever is called) a few times at the start and during war attacks, I waited, and seconds or minutes later the connection was restored and I could continue the fight and didn’t lose anything.

There are (likely highly difficult to implement) measures the devs could take to avoid this, but at this point the simple solution is for the players to just wait during the lost connection sign.

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I had to restart the internet connection otherwise I couldn’t start the game. I understand your point but that problem was different.

Maybe you’re right Smoothie. I don’t know what to do about it but if possible, there should be a solution for this problem.

But what happened with the game when you lost the internet connection? Wasn’t the game still running?

The load screen from the beginning was shown. The game loads after the reconnection.

Then it was some other kind of lost connection than mine. For me the game only reloads after I leave it unattended for some time.
I think over the 7 months of play I also got once or twice reloads because of server problems, but that wasn’t lost connection either.

The only comfort I can give you is that this happens to more players, including your opponents.

Every once and a while any of us will lose a raid or AW battle because of RL interfering, whether through lost connection, intruding significant others, or anything else that gets in the way of our game.

I think the most important thing to note is - this is becoming increasingly common. In the early months of playing this game, I never encountered this problem. Neither did it happen to others in my alliance. However, I find that since the implementation of the AW, it has become a serious problem. My wifi connection is stable. We have never had a problem with it. Yet, I have also had this problem during AW and it is extremely frustrating to lose an attack plus heroes due to this. And no - I cannot switch to mobile data when playing at my home, as mobile connection is basically not available.
Seeing the increasing amount of players encountering this problem from all different parts of the world, I think we can rule out that the problem lies in the player’s connection. We had one case during an AW, where several of our alliance members lost connection during the last hour of the war all at the same time - and they are situated in different countries… so I am convinced that the problem lies with SG and they need to address it without delay.

Was a bit angry as it happens. Now I’m cool with it. Especially because we won the war :smile:

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