I'm over it

Just today an alliance mate pulled Miki out of HA10 - :crossed_fingers:t2: GL

Totally off topic - apologies OP. Intermission over, as you were :wink:.


:popcorn:… Extra salty :popcorn: here!!! Also have jalepeno for those dull chats. Andddd ALWAYS cold :beer: to wash it down!!

I’m over being upset with this game. So my new career is taking off with the help of @Sarah2 advertising my specialty services :kiss:

Happy gaming :crazy_face: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


To Mistress_of_Shadows. Have you seen my Guinevere? Have been searching for her since I started playing this game and my game is incomplete without her. Oh my, what shall I do going down the rabbithole again. Bottom line, this is a GAME! People complain about it but yet spend millions on lottery tickets that have probably just as bad a pay-out. Now I need an appointment for the couch plse

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@Mistress_of_Shadows is :popcorn::beer: something you do while you play or is playing something you do while you :popcorn::beer:. :grin::grin::grin:


:laughing: depends on the company I have at the moment :kiss:…Im just over the drama and pissiness of the game. I luv my game family and the community ( except a few of u ) :laughing: they deserve no :popcorn: or :beer: just :poop: :laughing::crazy_face:

Happy… Whatever :thinking:


Great Rant

9 out of 10 from me today :blush:

HA10 has so far given me Athena (pull 6) and Morgan Le Fay (pull 15). So far I’m beating the odds :+1:


There are 200 b8g spender Accounts just around the corner waiting to fill the whole

Let’s put this all in perspective. Empires and Puzzles is a mobile phone game. A game! Games are usually intended to be entertaining and/or relaxing and/or diverting. Not all-encompassing and all-devouring. If it has become that then you really need to look at your motivation for playing and remember why you originally started playing the game.

Nearly there years ago it was “entertaining and/or relaxing and/or diverting”. With all the changes, you can’t compete without chasing heros. You have to chase other items in order to compete in raids, tournaments, tower, etc… This game has become “all-encompassing and all-devouring”. Look at the amount of time to complete tower of magic. At 5 minutes a level, it will take four hours to complete. At 10 minutes per level, it climbs to 8 hours. Spread over a few days, SG obviously doesn’t care about QOL. Unlike some people, I work for a living and don’t have that type of time. Fun went downhill went Zynga bought the game.
They have ruined a lot of games over the years, so don’t blame the players.

3-1/2 years ago, when I started playing, you still needed to chase heroes to compete. All the top players had Guin tank and GM flank. The game was entertaining because I didn’t try to compete – because I was not spending money to do so. The game is still entertaining to me now, but again only because I don’t try to compete. Seriously competing in a game is the antithesis of my reasons for playing the game. Sure, I want to be competitive in my niche realm somewhere below the top tiers and so far I still am. But I have no intention of letting the game stress me out because I have enough of that from real life thank you very much.

I rarely get above level 20 in any tower (highest is 23 in Ninja). I only use raid tournament flags for finishing chests without having to use a flask. I complete the challenge quests just for the sake of completing them. My goal in PoV is reaching level 48. My main interests are wars and raids, and my hero collection. And seeing how far I can get without spending.

I made it all the way to level 16 in Magic Tower :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: :rofl: :beers:

I don’t blame the players but I do actively encourage them to reevaluate their approach to the game.


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