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Yes happy cake day @Tess_01

I’m at the stage where a 3* unfarmable mat is junk. Trap tools just won the race to 100. Literally get one or more every Titan now.

4* mats don’t drop like candy from the sky but they drop many times more than when I was hitting 8/9*. Had like 3 4* mats in a year on them. Probably get that a month from 14* titans.

It’s fine to be frustrated but please for the love of your own sanity explore the ways to change things in your favour if you can. I understand 14* may be out of reach of a lot but the higher you can get the better it pays out.


Hmmmm … Somebody needs a snickers and :beer: fast.


@Ruskin505 u can be my fan boy anytime @JGE u may sit on my :couch_and_lamp: and i may even take the plastic off of it…

Bottom line the game is a side thing like a mistress…
The community is the :heart:. The game (mistress) u go running to when u need to get away from rl. Let that sink in. :popcorn: :beer:



Gacha type games in general are variable-ratio, variable-schedule operant conditioning to try to get you to keep spending. If the interval between rewards (pulling new hero, getting good loot, etc) is too long, then this type of feeling tends to happen. The best thing you can probably do to avoid this is just go fully f2p or c2p with a budget (or stop playing if it’s no long enjoyable). And not expect anything good from pulls. It’s often when we have high expectations of a good return that we feel especially bad when the reward is not received.

Take if from me, I almost YEET’d my phone out the window after doing 188 pulls over the course of last Springvale seasonal event and not getting a single event 5*. I’ve done probably 250+ during Guardians for Panther and didn’t get a single event 5*.


I love the hypocrisy from the keyboard warriors on here who defend SG lol. If you call out SG, their response is just to quit. They complain about players who complain lol. Heaven forbid if the players want things to change because they want to continue playing the game. Ill keep calling it as I see it.


Hopefully in this case OP quitting and putting the game behind him will make hm happy – unless he gets caught up in another gacha game instead. Oh the horror!

Let’s put this all in perspective. Empires and Puzzles is a mobile phone game. A game! Games are usually intended to be entertaining and/or relaxing and/or diverting. Not all-encompassing and all-devouring. If it has become that then you really need to look at your motivation for playing and remember why you originally started playing the game.

Sure, the devs want you to spend but that doesn’t mean you have to. And no, they are no more greedy than the local lottery ticket agent. Sure you need to spend to reach the top levels in the game but do you rally need to do that? What is it giving you in return? Frustration / heartache / empty bank account? Is it worth that? NO!

Play the game as games are meant to be played. There is no professional league here, no ROI at all other than entertainment. And if you’re not even getting that, then I’d say it is definitely time to move on.


Keyboard warrior is someone being aggressive to others so I guess your one to yeah as you started it off.

Everyone entitled to there opinion plain and simple weather you like it or not some will defend SG some won’t. But it don’t give you the right to be nasty to anyones comments that goes for others as well not just you.

The door is open so anyone that don’t like the game kick your self out when ever you want SG are not holding you against your will. And tbh will not miss you especially to aggressive keyboard warriors.

P. S. SG stick vela, telluria back to there former glory :wink: as I’m defending you :joy:


Frustration gets to everyone in this game but over time you will get used to it and eventually the bad boards bad pulls will be a standard thing. And you will be able to manage it better and won’t be so much frustrated when thing don’t go your way.

Your not alone we all hav are moments in this game. And most plus me hav vented lol. Always good to get things off your chest :+1:.


And comical… Make a game of it… Who pulled the most carvers, bane…


Think I defo got the most dawa :rofl:

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I cannot like this post. :sweat_smile:

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There are a number of threads to discuss the points OP brought up. There’s one specifically for venting and quitting. I’m all for empathy. OP should do what’s best for them and this game isn’t for everyone.


I gonna have to call bs here. As a strong supporter of what could have been with E&P I tried several different times to sit with big names here and have intelligent discussion. I have everyone of those conversations saved. You however I didn’t even choose one with because…lets just say I would rather meet you in real life and have that talk because you are that special to me :).

Original poster there is absolutely nothing wrong with some enjoying whats supposed to be called a game. At one point we had three men and needed some extras to keep going if we messed up. Then came saving progress, and the first full milker, absolutely no way to figure out how to beat all the stages unless you subscribed to PICK YOuR GAME MAGAZINE OF THE MONTH that would have tip and tricks for you to get passed those stages months after a games release ( yeah castlevania 2 bellmonts quest im talking about you.)

However for the money spent you recieved actual progress. The problem here is the only real progress one sees is leveling heroes, to hopefully finally get into the lowest loot tier possible in events, yet they make it impossible to get new heroes, and nothing to do with all the dupes clogging up your space forcing you to spend STUPIDLY hard to earn gem amounts to make more space for more dupes.

Once you have reached this point its time to cut and watch and wait. Hopefully one day they pay attention to what these new guys are doing and learn something, but trust me, the fan boys here are a different breed, and don’t gice them any food cause they will eat it every time, stomach full or not

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Last I checked, most people play a game because A they enjoy competing/using there brain to figure out puzzles. B because a fun game is even more fun when you and your friends can play together.

Any game that doesn’t make sure everything in it is not allowed to be farmed in some way or another, WITH A PLAYER HAVE SOME FORM OF CONTROL OF THIS, is no longer a game but a gamble. If you could actually use your rosters to win real cash, everytbing here would be totally different but you can’t, you can only spen cash to participates in events that require you to spend stupid sums of cash just to place anything worth anything. At least at the carnival if I win my girl a huge stuffed animal I will most likely be rewarded when I get home. Put your pom poms away its making you look rather feminine

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Well, I appreciate some of the comments and I’m honestly just amused by the rest. Just needed to blow a little steam and now I really am over(past) it, and I didn’t expect so much attention to be paid to it. Despite so many ‘concerns about my well-being’ I have no intention of quitting at this time. too much invested-time and $$-plus I do still really enjoy the game despite the frustration it can bring.


I see your point. But I don’t see your factual suggestions.


I did far fewer. (far, far fewer) and got my second Lepus for the second year running. I was just: wtf? :laughing:

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