I'm over it

I’ve seriously just about had it with this game and the greedy freaking Giants. I’m sick of having absolutely no chance of anything good happening with the “completely random” boards and summons. I’m sick of having the highest score on rare titans(by a longshot) and getting absolute crap chests to show for it. And I’m sick of feeding the $$monster$$. You like this this shiny new hero? What’s it worth to you? $100? $200? Firstborn child? Nope, over it.


So tell us how u really feel… Please sit on my couch and let’s discuss :writing_hand:

It’s a game :laughing: why are ya letting it get u this angry. Seriously, no game stays the same and though i hear and understand your frustration while encouraging your venting all i ask is for a few minutes so i can get a fresh bowl of :popcorn:

Find the fun my friend… It’s there, u just gotta look for it. ( kinda like my stone heart )

Happy gaming !


Regardless of how you do in summons (the chances are low, as advertised, so unlikely to do well) you will never be good at this game as long as you believe the boards arent random and you don’t try to improve your gameplay with the roster that you have.


I wanted to post something smart, but @Mistress_of_Shadows already said it all.
A note at the end: use the forum search and join the many threads on the topic.

Sorry, my mistress, but I’m out of likes again.


It’s a good rant with a nice classic greedy dev reference. Needs CAPS and some swears for a full 10/10.

But, in a rare show of empathy, can I ask what star Titan you hit?? It really does matter. Getting A+ on an 8* is worse than a C grade on a 14* for example. I got a tonic yesterday from a Titan, one of my alliance mates got a D.Blade and a Tabbard from today’s Titan. I was C, he was B.

8/10 for you today though.


I’m over greedy players thinking everything should be given to them. I’m over players who don’t understand randomness. I’m over players who think they’re owed something.

But I’m very for players doing what makes them happy.


I want to sit on your couch and discuss please. Sounds like fun


Let it go. I hope you feel a bit better after posting that. :slightly_smiling_face:

I don’t know when you started playing, but your forum sign up date of November 2020 suggests you could be a newer player?

And I get it. RNG can be a huge meanie. I have chased a 3* challenge event hero called Bauchan for at least two separate times.

You know what? I tried and I missed out on him again last time. I got a 5* challenge event hero called Black Knight, while I was hoping to get Bauchan.

Basically, RNG is normally a huge meanie. But I know from experience that it can be incredibly kind too. Occasionally, of course.

My suggestion: Chin up, and if you’re willing, hang in there!


You can’t keep playing this game with high expectations.

You need to expect nothing; pull knowing you will pull crap; collect your rewards knowing you will get trash.

This game is about achieving your little daily victories despite using suboptimal squads fed with disappointing loot.

If that doesn’t appeal to you, get out while you can. It won’t get any better, unless you are in for big $.


Calm down. Take a short break if necessary. Some distance may be good.

Look for fun areas in this game. If there are none, perhaps this game is not for you.

The monetary aspect of this game is endemic in this game genre: gacha. Dev, being a business entity, needs player revenue to justify their existence. Dev is not a social NGO. Obviously pull odds will be low, pulls cost money, etc etc; all engineered to get players to spend.

Players expectations vary. Some just like to gamble and don’t expect anything yummy. Some only expect 3/4*. Some expect a certain return rate: these type of players usually end up frustrated. You know yourself best.

Go chill yah. Weekend is coming. Have a nice weekend.


Remember that this is just a game and a bit of an escape from real life stuff.
As a game nobody needs to defend it and nobody needs to kick out at it.
We all know what we sign upto when we load this game.
Ask yourself why you play. If it’s not fun and brings you no enjoyment or entertainment at all, move on to something more rewarding.
And my advice to anyone in this game is don’t spend any money whatsoever. It’s addictive… and to keep at the top you need to spend and then spend some more OR be exceptionally very lucky.
Take good care of yourself and be happy


Is that my reputation? I’m a SG supporter but “no matter what” is not factually accurate. I get the feeling if I shared an example it wouldn’t help this conversation.

I found your reputation


Don’t you like the game? Do you get only negative emotions from her? Take pity on your psyche, save yourself - quit the game! This is not a mockery, but just good advice. This is the best choice for you.


Please dont get personal, not everyone who is not spreading negativity about this game is a fan boy. Maybe he /she is fair and rational?
Its ok to rant if you are stressed from the game, bat after calming down ask yourself a question: If your phone breaks tomorrow and your account is lost, will you miss the game?
If yes - try to find the best features of the game and concentrate on them, and accept the others, because you can not change them.
If no - quit, better sooner than later. Do not spend your free time on unfavorable things, seek fun and happyness.
Whatever your way is with this game, good luck to you, but dont troll players in the forum who are trying to help others.


In general I am negative about the game because it is offering a diminishing experience due to the speed of power creep. Others often disagree but doesn’t mean I should attack them for their views, if they think I’m foolish for thinking the game can be more balanced while some spend 3 to 5 figures a month then who is really the fool? No need to call anyone out on a different perspective, none of us are empowered to change the direction of the game… Only our expectations or quit.

For now I have changed my expectations, but doesn’t mean I will stop advocating for a better player experience than what we receive.


I sometimes wish empathy was more common in these forums. TGW and I used to talk about that a lot. Lack of empathy was one reason TGW left the forums.

Maybe it’s time for me to leave too.

@seandog I hope your rant made you feel better. I do agree with many of the sentiments here, it’s only a game and frankly not worth being so competitive. I used to get angry at this game a lot, but then slowly I adjusted my expectations. It’s simply very difficult to compete at the top without spending lots of time and money, but I settled for competing against myself and keeping my expectations realistic. It makes the disappointment sting less.

Hope you can find your fun in the game. ANd if not… there are better games out there.


My main issue with “rant posts” is they don’t add any value.

I understand this game can be annoying but people just set accounts up just to post a big rant and off they go again.

Zero value, zero use.

Now if someone wants to have a discussion about it then I’m cool with that but just coming on to wave a fist at a cloud…nah, not a fan.


… But for the “ranter” , in this case @seandog, when it’s something they seldom do, its most therapeutic. It’s so easy to be judgemental when there are sooooo many serial ranters that seem to have nothing better to do :sweat:.

Higher level titans in my experience, tend to be more generous. Perhaps something worth investigating :thinking:.

As for summonses… Pearls of wisdom…

In conclusion…

Me too. GL in your E&P journey @seandog.


Sorry to temporarily veer off topic, but just a reminder (mostly for those frustrated with small chance of good titan loot) how titan loot tiers work


From a very good thread on the topic Titan Loot Project - A Data Farming Project! Answering "What can/could I get from the Titan?"

So A+ in 8* titan will get tier XI loot which gives 3 ascension mat rolls. C in 14* titan will give loot tier XIV which gives 4 ascension mat rolls, with infinitesimally higher odds of unfarmable mats. It’s the extra drop the increases the odds by quite a lot.

Also getting tier XIV loot are B on 13*, A on 12*, or A+ On 11*

It is not necessary to be a whale to get into an alliance that will give access to tier XIV loot.

Okay that’s my soap box. Back to the regularly scheduled rant :popcorn:


Oh, and totally off topic apologies OP

Happy 2nd Forumversary / Cake day @Tess_01. Cheers :wine_glass: and thank you for your many, many valued contributions. Eg. :arrow_double_up: see post above. :wink: