I'm out...it's been fun

Well, I just spent the last of my gems on the Guardians Summon and the last sum of money I will on the game this morning. Did 3 x 10 summons and received one Guardian Bat and 29 season one heroes that were used for food. This was my litmus test for whether or not I’d continue to play.

At least in the other game I’m playing, when I have a certain summoning shard I know I’ll be getting an epic or legendary hero and the probability for dupes, triplicates, or even quadruplets is significantly lower than what I constantly receive in summons here due to the fact there are more heroes available and multitude of places to play within the game.

I appreciate the forum members taking the time to answer my questions and wish you all the best!


Sorry to see you go. You take care. And lots of luck in your new game


I don’t know who you are…

…but if you just joined the forum on April 25th…and are ready to quit after a disappointing summons two months into your playtime…

You’re making the best decision for yourself…this is what the game is.


Peace out …

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Good luck and fun gaming!