I'm not spending time and resources to level up more 5* heros

I’ve been a very active player for a year now. I used to spend a bunch of money. In one year of daily active (and spendy) play, I have 17 fully leveled 5*'s. Why would I be all that excited and ready to spend to level up more 5 's, because in a year I’ve got 17 leveled up, but, I’ve got 33 sitting at 3-70. Thats two years of 5’s based on your odd decisions on speed of play. It’s frustrating and stupid… Like today, I buy 2 10 packs (primarily for the free ascention material offered. I get gloves and a compass. And nothing but hero food gotten. I NEED TO BOLSTER MY PURPLE TROOPS SO I BUY 2 10 PACKS OF TROOPS. Not a single purple troop… Just curious about your strategy. It seems like SG is in a race to increase their FTP or CTP numbers.

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Some players have been on this game for close to 3 years and they have yet to max twice the number of your maxed legendaries. Maxing 17 5* heroes on your first year is already a feat. Most players, if not all, experience this bottle neck of ascension materials, starting from 3* ones and then evolved to 4* ascension mats. It is the normal thing experienced by most, unless you buy all available gem offers with free ascension mats or gamble getting it from the in-game Shop or just plain lucky getting it regularly from the various chests or as a reward from different sources.

If you feel that you lack ascension mats, it would be wise and prudent on your part to stop summoning for heroes (unless you gamble it again from the summons reward chests from select portals). The more you summon, the more chances of getting those legendaries, which would logically deplete your hoarded ascension mats.

FWIW, here is my stash:

Not as many as other players here. 40ish maxed legendaries. 70ish maxed epics. Nearing my 3rd year anniversary of playing.