Im.not getting my points valor

Okay so I’ve been paying close attention to my points and I’m not getting credit for them. Then tonight I did 6 raids and won and didnt get credit for any of those. Please tell me what I can do about this?

Can you provide screenshots? or better yet a video of a raid including before & after PoV screen?

I dont know how to do a video of a raid or anything like that on the game I’ve tried. Ugh I’m sorry but I can take a screenshot

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In 30 mins when I get a raid flag back.

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Are you sure you are getting raid wins in the correct league? Like it says “get 5 raid wins in bronze or higher”, “get 10 raid wins in silver or higher”, “get 20 raid wins in gold or higher”, etc.

I’m currently struggling to get into diamond for the last 60 raid wins in diamond. I usually hover around 2100-2200 cups

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Here now it womt count the healing potions I use. Doesnt matter which one it is minor major med. I’ve used 3 of them all and didnt get credit for them. Something is seriously wrong this time with valor.

I am having the same problem with PoV not recognizing healing potions being used.
I will video when my WE refills.

I am also having the same issue. As it doesn’t specify which size portion to use i have tried all sizes but nothing is registering?

as there is only 12hrs until the challenges refresh can this be fixed please because i want to go to bed…

I believe you need to use this potion: image

Have you tried this one?


It’s all in the name apparently… Discovered that it is this one ‘healing potion’… Lol

was complaining in my ally when a member pointed it out to me… I think if used every size except this one…

Lol… Yes thank you… That got pointed out to me and it has worked… :heart: it’s actually not a size i ever use so had plenty of it sitting around

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