I'm not angry, but hope has left me and my wallet is closing

Hi all! Know I’m not the first to write what follows but bare with me!

I’ve played just over 10 months and gradually increased my spending and growing slowly. Lately tho, my love for the game made me try to accelerate growth and that meant PTW and joining the right peeps. Said and done, joined an elite alliance, been super active and bought all offers that came my way the last months - but my luck has been awful. One 5*s since I started this rush with the first Atlantis and the final nail in the coffin was this week:

I’ve made about 180 pulls this week without receiving a single 5*. At the same time players around me do a single and receive, do a 10 and get 2 Hotm aso.

Happy for them, but my hope is gone! I’m not going to stop playing cuz I love the game. But I do have one wish and that is that you create the possibility for trading or merging accounts. Yes, I have more then one account since my son started to play also but lost interest and I’m keeping it alive since I’ve invested in that as well :slight_smile:

So pls SG @Petri ! Consider this as I think it will keep the game alive and flourishing for a long time!


Sorry to hear that buddy.
Your bad luck put my bad luck at shame.

I guess you must be really lucky on love affairs, lol.


I feel you on the bad luck. However SG will never implement trading among accounts as it would take money out of their pockets.

It’s tough, and hard to swallow. This is a game where you can’t look back and think “omg how much did I spend?” Or else you will go crazy and grumpy.
In all October the only hero I wanted is Athena, so I focused my gems to get her (I had 29000 gems saved). Believe me or not, it was necessary ALL of them to succeed. I needed 2 x30 summons + 1 x10 summons and finally when I decided to do my 3rd x30 summons she appeared.
Which means this game charges a lot to give you what you want. The big difference is that while I was trying for her, I got my 3rd Magni, 3rd Leonidas and 2nd Obakan. To me it was dupes / food but for most players those would be amazing pulls. What I am trying to say is that you must know better than any of us the best time for you to stop spending or to cut your share. I defined $100 max per month, and I stopped buying from the store and just getting the deals with items. They give a lot of gems too, that’s how I gathered so much (and I was lucky to get tarlak on a x10 last month. Wanted another Alberich but I decided to save gems) so this month I bought the rings and tonic deals so far ($70) plus the 4 from Atlantis ($8) and will get only one more if a telescope appears.

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That’s true Elpis and I’m really happy that it ain’t the other way around :smile:

Athena was the one I chased as well, as I haven’t got any blue 5:er yet. And I thought the odds would be right with so many possibilities - aegir, missandra, Athena!

But I chased tarlak and alby also :smile:.

Let’s hope TC20 bring me a Magni soon cuz I’ve been chasing blue for 6 months now

Not to mention the inevitible “I got ripped off trading with so and so” threads"…

Tc20 will bring you Throne :smile:
To keep the luck chining :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

TC 20 brought me 3 Thorne’s.
I wonder if there are any opther 5* hero’s lurking inside my TC… I think I will need to pull at least 3 more before I will receive Elena :rofl:

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Welcome to gang of bad luck people.

100x pulls this month (both combined Halloween/Atlantis) no Victor/Athena (no Aegir)
100x pulls and no Khiona/Albi last month. (gave me Ares though)
100x pulls and no Tarlak/Hel the month before. (gave me 2 Drakes)

Yes I have a fraction of better luck than you but really could not pull the desired 5* heroes that I want after spending on those pulls.

But anyway, all the best to you whether you would continue spending or not. I keep using posts such as yours to rant. :joy:

I did last month ~28 pulls in the row and dint get any 5star neither monthly hero. This month the same experience. After challenging for almost a year to get a monthly hero i just deleted my bank account for this game. I don’t want any trading possibilities in this game but fair options for everyone. Somebody in my alliance pulled Zim 2x by using one hero token first time and second time challenging purple heroes. I can’t get 5 after 28 pulls - sorry. :angry: This shows that something is wrong. I was willing to to pay like many others but failing for a year is just sick.

Hey I feel you. I will repeat it (Yet again) that I’ve only ever gotten 1 4* troop, despite more favorable odds (10% chance for a 4* of any color).

It’s really tough to come here and see some people pulling 2,3, 4 of the same Hero of the month, but at the same time… I’ve been very very lucky to pull 3 hotm just from tokens.

I have stopped spending because I am having more enjoyment from the aspect of “unexpected” good stuff rather than hoping/expecting something good and drawing… Ulmer, his brother Valen, their cousin Gunnar or any host of other 3* that I really truly do not need or want.

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I have noticed the same trend for me!!! I also spend on this game and get crap loot and I JUST got a 4* Hero from my TC20 after having it run nonstop for over 6 months! HOW IS THAT FAIR!!! But the folks who don’t spend get better loot than me. I even did a test for my mental sanity, used my gems and didn’t spend for a good 2 months miraculously I’m getting tabards and darts via MV. We shouldn’t be penalized for spending because most likely if we are treated the same as nonspenders I’m probably going to continue with my spending. However when I notice those who are rewarded for not spending, guess what SG - I’m going to stop spending too!!!

Btw my 1st and only 4* from TC20 was Melandor. :unamused: I’ve had so many of him I’ve had to eat him…

This is another topic but why are rares even part of TC20?! It should be 4* and higher.

No, it should not! There is a sensible balance between the proportion of 3, 4 and 5* heroes within the game and being able to get guaranteed 4* heroes would tear it apart. 4* heroes are the back bone of this game. Complete 5* teams belong above mid platinum. That means that far less than 100.000 players have a complete 5* team. They are competing for top level positions and are the core of high level alliances, But they are just a few compared to the 3.000.000 + active players which have no 5* teams. Now, this is where 4* heroes are the law. While being kind of hard, but not impossible to get they are strong enough to take out a 5* team, with a lucky board, and they wreck havock among 3* heroes which are the main force of every low level player. If everybody would have guaranteed 4* heroes, this would change the face of this game in unthinkable ways.

Just think. You fed Melendor away as soon as you got him. Well, most players would give away half of their better heroes to get a Melendor…

My team mate got 2nd time Zim with one token :smile: I am happy for him but why people who habe already one monthly hero should get another one? This shows that some people are lucky and I who tried for almost a year are doomed to fail. Best decision I did to remove bank account connection to this game.

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