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You soon be ashamed whit the board what you give to my aliance for 2 months 1 victory in this time.For what we have teams of 4700 if we louse whit 4000 al the time.we have 30 miss attack and the enemy 31 wins in 37 attack we have to take this cap board beacouse you arrange everything from behind the stage. I START TO FEEL SORRY I PUT MONEY AGAIN IN THIS GAME AFTER 4 MONTHS TO GET THIS CRAP FROM YOU.IS NO CHANCE TO WHIN A GAME WHEN THE BOARD IS 30 TO 70 AGAINST US ALL THE TIME AND FROM THAT30 IF WE ARE TO CLOUSE TO THE ENEMY APEAR THE MISS 1 AFTER ANADER ONE20 POINT IN 5 ATACK FROM Q PLAYER OF 4700 THEN 1 VICTORY AND AFTER 150 POINT IN 16 ATACK OVER 3 TEAMS LEFT ON THE BOARD. BIG SCAM AND YOU SHOULD BE ASEYME

dum., 3 ian. 2021, 15:52 Marius Adam <adammarius705@gmail.com> a scris:

I spent a lot of money on the game and I’m trying to keep playing!
But I don’t feel like it anymore!
I’m at level 80 and I have 13 heroes 5 stars with full badges, plus 21, 4 stars with full badges and 19, 3 stars with full badges!
But in tournaments I always have to spend gems, even with a very strong defense and attack team, War is surreal! I always go 3/2 in Wars, but the board makes me lose to teams with 4-star heroes! it’s too surreal!
It always happens!
2 months ago, in attacks: if you managed to kill 2 the battle was 90% won, now if you defeat 2 enemies, the stones disappear and we end up losing! That everyone felt the difference!
Titan chests, nothing good ever comes and even the 5 titan beast only comes with bad things! Elemental chests rarely come with good items!
I feel that evolving in the game does not result in anything!
Another very important point, summons are much, much more difficult to get good heroes!
I feel sorry for my money spent on the game!


I’ve tried several times, open one about the injustice of the game!

@Adi2. Seriously, 50% win, 50% lose. It is not possible I would have thought to lose 7 out of 8 wars. At the end of that your opponents will be ~15-18% weaker than when you started. Wars are not rigged. It just seems that way sometimes… :slightly_smiling_face:

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50% win and 50% lose! You have unintentionally indicated that the game is rigged!
In a random stone board game, obviously those who are lucky will win big! And whoever is unlucky will lose a lot!
Just have a few neurons to understand, that the game manipulates, so you don’t always win!
It doesn’t matter if you have super teams, with everything emblemed!
The game will make you 50% to 50%!
And we always think that with new and stronger heroes, it will make a difference, but it won’t! I did it before the nerfs started, Not now!

War matches are designed to balance out and aim to give an even chance to win or lose. That is why the win/lose ratios are factored into the war score.

Is it rigged if everyone understands that is how it is supposed to work?

If you are consistently losing, it’s probably not the boards that are the problem…maybe you need to relook at your hero selection and game play…

Almost 3 years playing!
I won’t even discuss this with you!
If you play for a long time, you already realized if you did not understand better or try to explain, since it is full of content in that sense!

Sorry, but regardless of what I may personally believe, companies are in business to make money and Zynga/ SG have a product with a finite life so they are milking the cow while they can.

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Rigged so that statistically it is perfect. :slightly_smiling_face: In every war, 50% of teams lose and 50% win. Where is the rigging supposed to be happening?

We could start a petition demanding 70% win rates for all teams. :thinking:

My friend, as an old RPG and MTG gamer and a very new E&P gamer, I have this to say to you:

First of all, it’s not very wise to spend money on pixels. In the past, I did give money to certain people that made enjoyable online RPG games, but that was for them not to give up and continue with the development of the game, and certainly not because I wanted specific rare items or resources in said games. I was rewarded by the developers with several said items/resources, but it was not my initial intention to get them as I knew they would make so little difference in the long run.

If I may say, you have a very nice progression of both your level and heroes development, but with a sufficient amount of money everything in this game can be achieved very fast as we all know.

But this game obviously relies way too much on pure chance, since with a single strong combo you can break easily almost any team. Games are made this way because otherwise newer players such as myself will not have any chance to progress since they will hit the brick wall of more powerful opponents they can never defeat! This way the game attracts new people, who (like myself) get the satisfaction occasionally to beat teams that are 500+ points stronger than their own. If there wasn’t such a big RNG that would decide the win/loss, then new players would never come. I hardly think that the % is 50, more likely 25-35%, but I get that it’s frustrating to you since you spent a lot on this game and (by the looks of it) you expect to be undefeated by the majority of players, especially by the F2P ones.

As a player who controls 20 different accounts, I may tell you that the odds to get something good from mystic visions, wanted missions, titan chests, killed titans or tournament loot are indeed small, but they are nonetheless present since all of my logins occasionally get good items from at least one location - for example, in 100 Mystic visions I noticed to have at least one unfarmable 3* or 4* material. Unfortunately, almost never one login gets all :slight_smile: but that is to be expected. I’ve heard that the developers of the game have decreased the odds of getting nice stuff from said sources so that all you who spend on this game should spend more to get what you want. But take me for example - I gladly accept all that is given to me by those sources - whether it’s good or bad - and wait patiently for the 100% sources to get stuff - like the rare quests, challenge events or the Path of Valor. Why do you rush it so badly? You won’t probably get your 14th 5* hero fully leveled and emblemed by the end of the month, but why is it so big of a problem to wait a couple more months and play with what you have rather than spend hundreds of dollars to rush it?

As a new player, I cannot say how it was in the past, but may I tell you, the game evolves perfectly. For you who are willing to spend - it evolves in a way to force you to spend more. For us who have better things to spend money on - it’s splendid in a way to offer us more diversity. I mean, for a new F2P player now there are tons of ways to get good early heroes between the easily accessible challenge coins, atlantis coins (of course those are somewhat luck dependant, but easy to farm nonetheless from orihalcum dragons and mimic chests in said events), and especially costume keys (who also make your classic hero much stronger if you level up the costume). Plus (as I hear and read) there is the hero academy later to give a F2P player a chance to get a nice old HOTM or Season 2/3 hero.

I also feel sorry for the money you spent on the game, and a late “You shouldn’t have done it” will not make a difference, but quitting also won’t make a difference. If I could give you a bit of advice - keep on playing, just don’t spend anymore and enjoy what you have, and keep in mind the RNG in this game is too great for you to be consistently on top of the ranking without spending thousands of dollars again and again. Remember, this is no chess.

Best of luck and sorry for the long post.

Play 3 star tourneys without emblems and a top 5% finish is still totally doable. I have doubts about people who say they are fully emblemed and lose ALL the time. Most 3 star tourneys I play I end up facing all +20 heroes in a few days. Just part of the scam to get you to continue for money. Sweet sweet money destined for Finland and wherever Zynga is based (Cayman Islands??)

I spent about 500,000 yen, almost $ 5,000! I think that those who play more time, have more heroes emblazoned and spent summoning should have an advantage in the game, is that right or wrong?
When I start a new RPG game, I know that I will be the most and I will have to evolve to fight at the highest level, this is normal in life in games at all!
Now have 5 heroes. 5 stars with maximum emblem and lose to teams with 3 4 stars and 2 5 stars, without badges!
What’s the point of getting stronger and summoning new heroes?
If it were rare, but it happens all the time!
Take a look at the cases of heroes that cause blindness? When we make attacks, if they are blind, they hit 90% of the attacks even using jade which gives up to 75% of mistakes!
When it is the other way around, even with the 5% blindness effect of the heroes of Valhalla, we miss 90% of the attacks!
I know that this happens to everyone, because I watch videos on YouTube and in the alliances I went through, everyone reports the same!

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Yes, 100% true!
When I had few heroes, I was at 5% 10%, so I blended my teams to get top 1%, you know what happened!
Still the same thing! I get a much weaker team with level 1 troops, and I’m always top 5%! Rare sometimes I manage to top 1%!
Look buddy, I have almost all 3 stars at most, and 5 teams of each element at most emblem!
This makes me very angry, I have a full emblem and lose matches, for teams that are much weaker!
What happens is this, you think that evolving the heroes and adding badges leaving it full, it will be easier to win!
But that does not happen in this game, it will continue the same!
You will lose to weak teams and period! it’s SURREAL !!

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Of course it is incorrect to expect that if you spend money in this game, you will be stronger than those that spent no money. A player with no money invested could still have a decent hero roster with enough time spent playing this game, and with enough brains could beat you any time. Don’t expect money to win you any fight. IMO money simply get you faster there, but a player who invests no money will also get there eventually.

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Didn’t you read it right?
Who spends more and who plays more:
1: Who spends more. (Rises faster)
2: Who plays the most time, and does not spend. (Rises more slowly)
So it’s already self-explanatory, whoever spends more reaches higher levels and has more heroes fast.
Those who play longer, have more heroes at higher levels, but achieve this more slowly!

Yep, same as I said. Sorry if I misunderstood. Money just get you there faster, nothing more.

I get a little pissed when I dump two flasks into a Titan and NONE of my alliance mates got the ascension relic . I dont care that I didn’t get it I CARE THAT NOONE GOT IT ! I’ll be back tomorrow !!!

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My perception in 3 years is that the items never come random! Has an algorithm that makes you earn items of epic rise and rare over time! If the chests really were random, sometime after years of playing, we would get rare items in a row, but it doesn’t! So there is% luck when opening the chests, clearly not by%, but by the algorithm of the game that makes all of us, not get items! It is frustrating to kill a rare titan 10, spend tons of items and harpoons and see nothing for anyone …


Yep. As loNG as SOMEONE gets em but NOOOO! It’s pretty frustrating

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