I'm NEVER coming back! See you tomorrow! Vent thread

I am sure you will like this comment too.

Wars are predetermined as well.

And you will like this one too.

I was killed by two star twice in the raid tournament…my team costume hawkmoon, shrubbear, namahage 9 emblems, chick, and Gunnar. Zudack couldn’t be killed? Wtf.

Computer show me the board on which you make your moves.

I also finished 1100 in the last event quest for rare 38k for epic and somewhere under 100k for legendary. And I am at level 68…in a day.

threads like this are why i believe any device with internet access should be locked with a breathalyzer


The struggle is real…And so is the fix:

Use silver coins before throwing gems at a portal.

And take your pants off before going to war!

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Trolls be trolling.

I am with you. I knew the negative responses would come but I only blew a .07. Green light!

Are you answering to yourself or only quoting you? :thinking:



Here’s my 2 cents…
I just wanted to give a follow up to the 1 star review I gave.

I’ve been playing this game for maybe two years or more, the past few months I’ve been active daily. It took me a while to join a team to participate in wars and fighting Titans. I would buy things on occasion but tried to play without paying as much as possible. This was a slow go so I decided to invest a little more money by buying a yearly pass for VIP status.

Ever since I started playing more and being active in the game the more I’ve disliked it. My teams are never good enough, leveling up takes forever, and the wars and raids very often feel too rigged. Not only that the things that do cost money very rarely pay off. I’ve had a few thousand gems accumulated and with the Legendary event thought, why not try a 10 pack? I mean at least 1 in 10 would get me a 5 star legendary hero right? Nope, not a one. I even used 100 summon tokens for an 11th and still none.

What’s the point of fighting in this game when it’s so rigged against playing for fun? I would expect some payoff for putting money into the game and not just to speed it along at a what I’d call a normal pace of playing. But no such luck, the summons have such a low percentage it’s ridiculous, and every new feature just requires more money down. The overall feel of the game is a pay to play so I’ve had enough and gave it a 1 star rating. I’m playing till my VIP is over but this is just ridiculous.


How would they even achieve that? Get two people in two different timezones who are equally matched and good to go at the same time? Doesn’t work with this game model. I’ve Been playing another online game for 22 years now and skill is the only thing you can bring to the party: Myth II

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Last war we have some horrible boards all the alliance and the enemy have success in atacks one after ader. Haw you can compete fair when the computer decide everything before the war already start.Dont matters what you gonna do the results is gonna be a failure if they decide this.Already I didn’t spend 1 penny for 3 months in all my 5 accounts al over 4250 pawer and when my materials they gonna finish I whil remain whit 1 .the game beacoume a waste of time

vin., 18 sept. 2020, 05:06 Furious (Steve) via Empires & Puzzles Community Forum <smallgiantgames@discoursemail.com> a scris:

Before E&P I played another match-3 type quest game. It was much more limited than E&P and has disappeared from Google Play, but it did have one mechanism where you fought an opponent using the same board, taking turns making moves. It was quite tricky as you wanted to make moves to hit your opponent without setting up moves on the board for them to make to hit you. It was the one aspect of that game I miss.

How in heaven’s name do you maintain 5 accounts? I struggled with two and have just one now.

PS, I’m glad you are not spending on 5 accounts. Take care. :slightly_smiling_face:

Check out the chatrooms. There are thousands of players on at the same time.

Have you ever heard of yahoo games?

You can play cards chess checkers, whatever, with other players.

Have you ever heard of halo? Same thing

No idea what you are referring to but there are platforms that support live PVP gaming; I’ve played one for 22 years. The CRITICAL thing is you can only bring skill with you.

This game is openly mocking me. After 70 or so pulls without 5* during past and this month, got Ultimate Offer for Tavern of Legends, got Perseus, the worst from Featured heroes. For pulls in Costume chamber, I got, guess what, Horghall! Now of course I won’t see 5* for some time because I burned my ‘luck’ on such awesome heroes. You game could give me GM but nooo! Out of RT after 6 battles because of truly spectacular boards and losing twice to a single hero with sliver of HP because board was not cooperating! Now fighting purple titan, and 3 times of 3, both of its initial attacks went to Jackal and killed him before he even charged.

I swear, stupid game, drop this crap and repay me with Bera and/or Alfrike for Valhalla, or I’ll quit because the amount of BS makes this game no longer fun.

And also, since that stupid balloon mechanic the loot elsewhere is truly horrible. Do us a favor SG and remove that s### from this game!


Ok, this is pretty my own stupidity this time, but I forgot to complete Rare Quest and the precious Damascus Blade is lost :sob: . Damn those rare quests and their short duration. Of course when RNG does not screw me I am screwing me myself. :cry:

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I empathise :cry:… with a lot of things happening in game simultaneously, you’re continuously juggling, something is bound to drop. :confounded: The length of time for the rare quests havent changed, have a they :thinking:

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I didn’t even try for it. The world energy cost and it’s not like I have a shortage of blades, just heroes.

they can’t keep saying after seeing over 2yrs worth of complaints about the same stuff that they cant find any issues onesided mana and damage allocation form wars and raids, I’ve seen multiple complaints about the same stuff over 2yrs
And have been called a liar off the company, its getting worse each update, we’ve fixed this we’ve fixed that yet nothings been changed, 95% full mana bar, don’t fill in 12 all that colour moves, 6 specials and 12 moves don’t kill 3 quarters dead hero’s, yet you lose 4 full hero’s in one or 2 hits, and watch their hero use a special and 2 moves later another special. Need to listen to the members and complaints, and stop taking money for a service that isn’t being offered properly woth money taking under false pretenses of where fixing things and value our customers but will delete the effidence we asked you for and say your lying

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