I'm NEVER coming back! See you tomorrow! Vent thread

And why exactly are eastern Europeans bad? All, virtually, of my Eastern European opponents have been great; whereas a higher proportion of others have been lazy or war shufflers. The matching algorithm doesn’t care where people are.

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It may mean that this game has gaining popularity in that part or region of the world, thus more Eastern European players and alliances.


When you lost, did you try using a team all in the same color (purple) thats what I would do it gas worked for me.

I shall confess, I’m oftentimes unable to tell the difference between Russian / Ukrainian / eastern European alliances? Forgive my ignorance, I’m a U.S. American and where I grew up, I never learned the Russian alphabet, so those characters are all Greek to me. LOL.

I have absolutely nothing personal against any citizen of any nation or ethnicity. I will say that many of our alliance’s war opponents seem to have Russian alphabet characters in their names, I figured that meant they were Russian? But Russia is not the only country that uses that alphabet, so they could have been other nations. Hence why I say, forgive my ignorance.

Of those teams with Russian characters in their names, I have seen everything from teams that were extremely well coordinated, mono tanks, strong teams, coming in at us in waves and destroying the crap out of our defenses… to teams with Russian characters in their names and half of them don’t even hit.


Just goes to show, you cannot judge a person by where they are from.

That’s one of the actual good things about the internet and people using screen names and avatars that don’t reveal their actual identities…

I judge all of my opponents individually based on their actions in the game (or their posts on the forum), not by their name or where they’re from.

Oops I’m off topic…

Would say something on topic here, but oddly enough, I currently have nothing worth venting about. :man_shrugging:

Yeah I still hate the stupid Boblin Galloon, but apparently it’s here to stay, and I’m learning to pretend like I don’t see it. Same as if the government decided to build a nuclear power plant behind my apartment. I’d sign petitions against it, go to town hall meetings and shout at the top of my lungs for months against it, but once it’s built and there to stay?

What can I do? Either move away or just pretend like it’s not there. I hate the godawful ugly thing, and I’m sure it’s probably dumping toxic waste into my base’s drinking water, but I don’t have the authority to get rid of it either way.

Just waiting for the next shoe to drop so that I have something else to come on here and ■■■■■ about in the meantime. Which probably shouldn’t take too long.

EDIT: Ooh there’s a ridiculous complaint idea. I’m complaining that I’m starting to run out of stuff to complain about!


I need to vent.

I have just noticed I am the second most frequent poster in this thread and I can’t remember the last time I posted in this thread. Did someone steal my identity here?

Of course #1 is @TGW :rofl:

Ok I feel cleansed.


You are absolved, my son.

tenor (2)


Exercising demons? Take the little buggers to the park to play…


LOL I was going to make a joke about how I put them all on treadmills, but I thought “nahhhh that’s even too corny for me…”

EDIT: hah! Coincidentally, right after I posted this, I step out of the room to go to the kitchen, and there’s a commercial for Peloton exercise bikes on my TV. :laughing:

“Exercise, you little demons, exercise until you drop dead!!!”


Ohhh now I actually do have a legitimate “never coming back” to the forum, at least until…

Isn’t it funny. How in the real world, if I happen to be walking down a street behind a woman, and she gets suspicious and calls the police, I go to jail?

On the forum. If I start following some woman’s posts and replying to everything she says, even after she has told me repeatedly to leave her alone, and I say “hey lady I’m just trying to make polite conversation, you’re the one who’s being paranoid”… forum mods would quickly step in and tell me to stop harassing that poster.

I guess since I’m a male, I’m supposed to be capable of “defending myself” even in an internet forum where one’s physical size and such has no bearing… male harasses a female, instant block. Female harasses a male… “oh get over it dude, grow a thicker skin, ignore her,” etc.


I haz told her several times to leave me alone. I meant it. Yes her replies to me are bothering me. No I’m not going to just “block her” so that she can continue to mess with me behind my back.

I want her to leave me alone. PERMANENTLY.

But she won’t, and the mods won’t do anything to stop her from harassing me.

So. Yeah. This is “goodbye forum” for now. Until that particular demon is exorcised out of my forum life for good.


Forreal this is a problem.
Double standards that come with it nauseate me.

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I am really sorry that you are experiencing this type of behaviour in the forum.
I have no idea who the lady concerned is but have you flagged any inappropriate behaviour to moderators such as @Guvnor @Rook @littleKAF etc?
If rules are being broken I am not sure why someone wouldn’t step in to prevent it happening again.
Are you flagging her messages to you?
Take care and stay safe
Best wishes

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Say what now?
I’m surprised and so sorry this is happening. :sweat:

Ps. You have more friends than haters :hugs:


If anyone is concerned about harassment, please flag said posts to bring it to the mods and SGG’s attention. the issue noted above has been and will continue to be discussed. This thread isn’t the right place for that though.


This makes me very unhappy when I absolutely have a zero chance of winning. I believe that there should be parallel boards showing the moves the computer makes.

We have all been there, and today seems to be a bad one for me. Yes I know there is an ebb and flow of when the game decides it is your chance to win, but come on. What are hiding computer?

I was destroyed by Rigard three times…Wtf.

Two years I have been playing and I am starting to get frustrated. The amount of time I have put in (because you have to). Is unbelievable.

My raid scores were just as high one year ago…I don’t need examples of what I am doing wrong. This is clearly an algorithm.

And also why can’t there be live one on one raids like chess?

Season three can take a hike. The time limits are dumb.


This would be interesting, taking turns and watching the gems flow the other way when the enemy goes. Likely not going to happen though.

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  1. You have been playing for 2 years and you want to see what moves the computer is making? You are seeing all the moves the computer is making already, there is no hidden board

  2. Record some videos and share with the forum and you will get feedback on whether it is your team configuration, board manipulation, target selection or skill sequencing, pure bad luck, or a combination of the above that are leading to the outcomes.

  3. The matches that you play today are quite different from those from a year ago. The heroes are very different, some OP, some with very unique skills. This also leads to very strong hero synergies. +20 emblems are there now. What you did a year ago may well no longer work in this landscape.

Personally I have won about 33 of my last 35 raids so I am not quite buying the pre-determined outcome theory.


I’m a little confused by this part of your statement:

The “computer” makes no “moves”… The defending team doesn’t have a “board” which it plays… The defence team generates a small amount of mana passively each turn. They also generate “active” mana based on the tiles that slam into the heroes… both on and off colour tiles generate identical active mana for the defending team, but the quantity diminishes during a cascade. There are other threads on the forum which dictate the quantities more but the TLDR is that.

You can vote for this on this thread: What about some real-time raid duels? / Live PVP Raids [MASTER]

There is no “time-limit” in the battle iteslf so I assume you are refferring to the staggered release of 3 provinces per month? This was the exact same case when Season 2 was released & just seems to be the way that SG keep the season going as well as allowing the portal to continue returning for a while. Proof about S2 staggered release in this comment here: Next Atlantis Rises: October 1: Atlantis Calendar/Schedule/Date & Guessing Returning HOTM and Featured Atlantis Heroes


This made me guffaw. Good for you to point it out, @Homaclese. Nicely done.

One year ago, most players doesn’t have a lot of heroes emblemed. Either you degressed or wasn’t able to keep up with other players in terms of getting better heroes and/or max embleming their prized ones, troops included.

But I do understand the OP. Chances of being and feeling :poop: :poop: :poop: are 100%. But this is more like a ranting/venting thread than anything else as two years playing this game would already arm such player with enough understanding on the basic game mechanics.


It is basically a whole new game, with little in the way of profits. So no, not going to happen.

Would be fun though as it introduces a new layer of strategy in terms of not just feeing gems of your own color but depriving the opponent of gems in their color. How would it work though? Take turns as raider and defender? Does the defender still get the 20% buffs - what % makes sense given some of the raider advantages are still there but some of the defender disadvantages are also still there? I think that model wouldn’t even work as you can’t have a classic defender setup with a rainbow team as that would cripple you in trying to damage your enemy. Or does everyone has to go rainbow? Does everyone chose a team and the opponent is blind to that team? So you could go strong defensively but that would limit your attack, or try to go mono which could leave you exposed?

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How about:
No “defensive buffs”.
Each player selects a hero one at a time in turns.
No idea. Just thought it sounded interesting. No way we’ll ever see it as you said…it’s a different game!

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