I'm NEVER coming back! See you tomorrow! Vent thread

U r being riduculous as beta tester and as a person too ,that was a retoric question…but looks like you were ok with tellurias actual stats lol

I cant create any new post on this forum because someone will be there eitger merge it or either close it

I am… Just had a war against 23 tellys flanked by 21 velas went 5/6 so I think she is hard but if you know how to face her she’s doable…
And don’t tell me about boards because with Thoose bad boards it doesn’t really matter the tank you won’t win anyway…

Tell me im stupid how ? Getting 5 grazuls or 5 jean francois ?!

Nope 0 grazul 0zimkitha 1 JF…
5 costume rigard
2 hansel
2 gretel
And timing…

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R u serious ? Think better than

What alliance are u part off?

You can see it in my profile…

You are very welcome to create threads that neither breach the forum rules or duplicate current posts.


What boards you got ? Cause my boards usually cant make 9 tiles for my stacking color and not making 11-12 with 34% decrease

I get 35 stones each board FYI
I attack 3/2 or 3-1-1 or 2-2-1 focusing more on my heroes sinergies(against selected target)… Because against telluria I know she will fire 8 out 10 times…
That’s why Hansel gretel merlin cleansers and nenemy dispeller are needed

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Post some raids on row against her ,than everything will be easuer to explain

Its not telluria tbe main problem but telluria paired with the best flanks of the game…infinite reasons why a green tank with her stats should have not been released

Now my main question is who tested it and was ok?!

With this I can agree… This is the point but not a reason to nerf telluria

Remember the crying about Jean-Francois damage getting cut back a month ago? Nerfing him was terrible, worst thing ever…

Suddenly a strong green tank hero gets released – now the nerf-hammer is being waved happily in the air.


Legit, just can’t please everyone.


What do u suggest than exceot nerfing her ? THE PALADINS EMBLEMS ON DEFFEBCE KEEP ACTIVATING ASWELL looks like they have 100% chance to be activated ,she always ends up with like +30% deffence only from emblems

SGG tested it and they okayed it…

Beta testers are simply victims of the cross fire.


Find the best strategy with your available heroes to counter that trio (GM telly vela) and you’ll be fine

Who cried about Jean Francois ? I dont thubk abyine did it ,what are this urban legends?!

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