I'm NEVER coming back! See you tomorrow! Vent thread

I will trade you rugged clothes for backpacks


Raids So wonderful

■■■■ SG and Zynga. You have ■■■■■■ this game up so badly with the ■■■■■■■■ raids. So ■■■■■■ stupid. So many ppl quitting because of this ■■■■■■■■. Thanks for nothing.

Welcome to the forum, BigDawg15. :wave:

I’m sorry to read about your obvious troubles with the game. Maybe you could take some more time to back up your frustration with some examples and evidences - and please, keep your words civilized. The community is here to help you. :wink:


You’re new to the forum, so you may not know that the forum users are players of E&P just like you. :confounded:.


Welcome to the forum. First things first, remember that the forum is composed of players just like you and me, so let’s always try to keep the conversations civilized. Everybody is here to help you if needed. Secondly, you are not the only one who gets frustrated with raids, we all go through it some time or the other. Here is a very nice post to get you started and make them feel a little bit less frustrating. :slight_smile:


They are going to be days raids are terrible bad boards etc. But then you have good days you beat everyone. People pay so much attention on when the lose but when they win they expect that’s how every match should go. It wouldn’t be a game if it’s not challenging at times . This game is such a rollercoaster game your going to summon heroes and get a 5 star you love then you will have days you do two 10 pulls and get all 3 stars it’s how this game works .
The only thing I think is wrong with the game is SG doesnt reward gamers who spend thier own money on the game and get the same odds as gamers who dont spend a penny. I’ve spend over 120 bucks this last 2 months and have gotten 0 five star heroes no hotm nothing but my alliance members who hasnt spent a dime been getting event 5 stars and hotm which is ridiculous. SG reward gamers who spend money on the game by increasing odds for 5 stars and keep the odds low for the gamers who dont spend money. If it wasn’t for the gamers who spent thier money on the game the game wouldn’t even be 1/4 of the game it is now . Just saying what alot of people I’ve talked to are feeling the same frustration as me .

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Still now and again get the bs one sided damage in raids, this time it’s been raid tournament, make 2moves full team nxt too dead, nxt raid, get all thr hero’s, dwn lower thn quarter hp, and set off 4 attacking specials, no damege, set off a 10x hit combo, 2 hero’s, die, I heal all my hero’s too full, make a move, and I’m dead in one hit, thn nxt raid, no damege in 6 moves of combos frm all 6 moves, they nit touched a special and I’m nxt too dead


That looks like Jeopardy in the meme. Or is that the point?

It’s supposed to be Wheel of Fortune, but whoever created the meme probably used a Jeopardy screenshot.

they should have ended it with a question mark.

Sounds pretty depressing. I’ve been there!!

Not this tournament then? This is Bloody Battle; healing and resurrection have no effect! This one is going okay for me so far!! And ONLY one team member had emblems and I ditched her after attack one today! All my matches are up to well over 200 TP stronger than the teams I am using (the last I was ~2350 vs 2865 and I won that one too.)

I have only one questions ,who are this beta testers that nerfed Zeline back in time ,and who was ok with a tank like telluria in game ,enjoy it all who have it ,dear devs u r pushing everything to the limit and always more abd more to pay for win ,you will end up with like 100 players playing the game if u keep acting like this .Take care and happy quarantine all.U keeo loosing players everyday and you decide to release a tank with telkurias stats?! Is this a dying game and devs are tryings to collect as much money as possible b4 it shut down?!

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I think you asked three…

In any case

I can answer this one, though, no beta tester has ever nerfed a hero. All decisions are made by small Giant :slightly_smiling_face:


Beta testers can nerf/buff an hero?
Zeline was nerfed twice after released in live game… So she pass with an OK from Thoose beta testers…
I would love to meet one of Thoose beta testers that way I would buff the heroes I have and nerf the ones I don’t…


I asked only once ,and u were faster than me lol

Leave the topic there please i wanna see what other players thinks too ,thank u

There was a nerf telluria one already…

Read this thread to know what people think…no reason to reinvent the haterade wheel

It’s a duplicate and I don’t tolerate threads that lead to attacks on beta players, even if they are well intentioned :man_shrugging:t3:

There are already several threads on Telluria if you want to discuss that hero :+1:


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