I'm NEVER coming back! See you tomorrow! Vent thread

I saved for three weeks before the first PoV because I read about it in the forums here. So not that unreal.

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I managed to pull that off today, HOWEVER, the 6th team was already partially defeated, so take that with a grain of salt. Still, I’m glad RNGesus gave me a break for once allowing me to one-shot five complete teams at 4170, 3913, 3384, 3267, and 3151 Team Power defenses and then using a conglomeration of a 3-2 Fire-Nature Stack composed of 3/60s Gormek and Colen and Hawkmoon+C20 and 3/60s Little John and Skittleskull in a 5 on 2 against Kashhrek+13 and Grimm+16 both on the right side edge with Grimm at the wing (both with full health).

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I decide to wait 20 minutes or so so I can finish them all off;

and then I oversleep, or otherwise forget about it because I went off to do something else…

and then I end up wasting a couple hours’ worth of WE because my WE filled up long before I remembered to come back =/

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Many is the time I’ve done that too. Finish two of three rounds of the recruits II quest and I’m one flag short and at 93 monsters for my chest. Then I wake up some 7-8 hours later – well, guess I got that extra flag now :rofl:

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You must be making this up on the fly? 6.8, 6 to 10 recruits for 3 WE and every second pass gives you a trainer hero or troop or both in 3 passes; 7.7, 8 to 9 recruits plus rarer bonus heroes and troops for 3 WE; 8.5 (a personal favourite, I don’t know why?) and 8.7 which will consistently delivers 8 to 10 recruits plus one hero every 3 times OR plus one hero plus one troop every three times for 3 WE. So, just show me where it gets better?

But in Z’s defense, those Season 1 stages don’t produce as much Iron, Food, or Experience Points, so he has a valid point. I prefer to farm with as much balance on resources as possible.


Talking of the rare titans… few days ago we had a rare 9* titan with a chance for rings. Exciting! And you’ll think that at least one member should get it, right?! :thinking: Nope, not even one member out of 16 . Not fair! :smirk:

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I understand and by this token we should all be thrashing S1 17.1 for its food and iron goodness; 3410 & 7550 respectively, but 7 recruits? (and I haven’t seen heroes to go with it regardless of what stats say). I remain unconvinced at this stage but all of us have a goal in farming and it is not aways the same goal. (Those dragon bones from S1 6.x always make me happy.) :slightly_smiling_face:
EDIT: one day i will use my glasses… (for proof reading!)

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No I’m not. I’ve played this game, and I’m still playing it, intensively enough to know that, if you fill your chests on those levels you’ll nothing out of them. Maybe some food and iron and that’ll be it. So good luck farming on those little S1 levels. Those are not for me anymore. Good enough for lvl 30 or lower players.
And congratulations on those wonderful 1* heroes and troops. They really make my day.

Thank you Magnifique. No that’s not fair at all, and I can say that I never saw that happen in any of the alliances I’ve been. Ususally 2-4 persons get the bonus. I only got it twice, and I understand making the effort for the team, but I do think that the A+ level player should get them. Would there be a little competition within the team? Sure, but that’s actually healthy, because it makes you improve your titan teams. That’s my opinion on this.


Hi sft1965. Dragon Bones can also be found quite often on Province 9 of S2. Great additional prizes as well. Last Atlantis rise, I got about 60 of them, which got my Time Stops going for a month. (We’re almost there again, and I still got 10).

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And despite your patronising condescending tone, I have stated exactly what I get out of them and what i can get and, perchance, if I wanted to replicate you; then this is what I would be doing!!

So, buddy; lead with the stats! Show me what is better! Demonstrate it but don’t lead with lame diversion. Do we have an understanding?

EDIT: And while we are at it, those 1* heroes are worth between 2 and 5 recruits (at any time) and those poor troops you just threw some shade at are almost priceless and if you had been playing long enough to be levelling 4* mana troops (which is insanely expensive) you wouldn’t even ask something that silly!

I’m patronizing and condescending?!? Bravo! Get yourself a mirror will you? And sorry but I’m no buddy of yours, so keep that to those who are. We seem to differ on opinion and that’s fine by me, but insult me again and I’ll report you to SG. Over and Out!

Oh; please…

20 character slurs.

I know. Too big for you right? But I’ll make sure to check out the levels you talked about. If you’re right, I’ll have no problem acknowledging that.

Please do, it’s literally all there. @BarryWuzHere has provided everyone with an excellent guide although some things get lost in statistical noise (there may be mitigating factors involved but I have no meaningful sample that would prove that). Farming can be random or targeted. The advanced training house cannot supply me with enough recruits, so I have to farm; but recruits are not the only goal. I have a list that I work through: grimoire dust (not a biggy), midnight roots (!), dragon bones(!!), nuggets and a chance at a meteor fragment daily (and rugged clothes; I used to have thousands…). None of it is a mystery.

Most of all, have fun and if not there is always tomorrow. :+1:

Training swords and backpacks for me as well (beyond everything you said of course). Province 9 of S2 is also very productive in dragon bones (the most desired item, I believe). And you’re right. Perception from experience is not the same as hard facts, but I’m just fed up with being locked at home due to this stupid virus. Glad that you were able to defuse me and that we could end on a good note.


Yeah, I’m a hunter of Training Swords and Adventure Kits too because of my Common/Uncommon Element Specific Training which requires one of each. That Season 2 15-9 stage you shared, @Zarkov, seems to be very good for those, as well. I appreciate that insight.

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You’re Welcome Mothra, and sorry about my COVID-19 home prison syndrome at the beggining. And that farming gets even better in Atlantis Rise as you may have guessed of course.


I’m certain that amongst all of us, sights like this are not too unusual? Maybe something to do with recruits/ heroes?? :thinking:

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