I'm NEVER coming back! See you tomorrow! Vent thread

Hahaha I have 10 TC20’s running for 3 months each. Not even one 5*. I’ve gotten Three 4*, the rest has been :poop: 3* feeders. Your chances of getting :poop: is good…

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We take the point @Aussie, but the topic is Empires and Puzzles.

I’m sure that if myth wars has a forum, they’ll love to discuss its merits :+1:



Ouch…, …

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Last year you said you will never post again. You would make this community a great service. All your posts are the same and totally useless. Go play that game or whatever you want and stop trolling around.

Actually I am a little bit confused why @JonahTheBard didn’t hide/delete your posts, since are definitely against this forum rules. The publicity for another game on this forum is strictly forbidden!


Then it’s absolutely on topic. :wink:


Can we pretend that we both are on topic?
Can we pretend that I really like your posts? Heck yeah
Can we pretend? 'Cause honestly, reality, it bores me

Let’s pretend…

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Ironically, discussing mod and disciplinary decisions is also against the rules :slightly_smiling_face:

The topic is for a civil rant against RNG or game mechanics or whatever

Let’s all move on :+1:


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Would someone please check my account for a bug or something? 3 months of 90% crap boards is getting really old. Just did tournament was literly looking for every single march on the board. And conviently no matter how I stack the team guess what colors do not show up enough to make a difference. I won 2 bearly. First 3 I had not a prayer to win. Literally looking for the single match on the board. Been this way since end of August. Enough is enough. Titan hit bearly any tiles of colors used titan scores are worse than crap. Sorry to vent but this is ridiculous. I understand bad boards but 90% bad boards. Come on.

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Sadly, I don’t think this is unique to your account. I’ll change the category to general and give the mods a chance to merge it with the multiple other threads saying the same thing.

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Merged. :slight_smile:

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SG wants me to pay for Heroes. But I’m not stupid enough to be cheated. I would rather throw money to beggars than to this company. But I will continue to play this game and consume his server resources until he goes out of business.

So I presume based on this statement that you will be giving money to beggars then?


If I beg will you give me some money so I can buy a few 5* hero’s? Or at least some vodka!

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Today, from Training Camp.

Also got (from Training Camp): Lianna, Domitia, Leonidas, Thorne, Kadilen, Vivica, Marjana, Elena, Horghall and some duplicate of those.

Playing since December 2018 ( ~ one year).


If I could disable raiding

I’ve played lots of video games, MMO’s and phone app games.
The one thing that turns me away from most of them is PvP gaming. I really, really do not enjoy PvP. I prefer games where it doesn’t even exist.
I can’t justifiably explain why I dislike it so much. I’m not a violent person, by nature. I don’t like confrontation.
I can beat up zombies, rock monsters, programmed mobs all day long, no trouble.
But if I know that the creature/character In supposed to attack is controlled by another real person somewhere, I have panic attacks trying to justify an attack. I’m not joking.
Remember the Nintendo Wii game, where the boxing option has you swinging punches at an imaginary opponent? I can’t even do that.

So raiding, in this game, I only participate in because it’s required to advance at the end of each level. I suppose my animosity toward the combat scheme is somewhat mitigated; I cannot attack other teams if the player is actually online; I can only attack their teams when the player is offline. That’s a small solace.

I really, I cannot stress this enough, loathe. HATE and despise raiding.
For two reasons. One, my dislike of PVP. Two, raiding in this game seems SO unfairly unbalanced. Whichever side you’re on, attacking or defending, the raid seems geared to the other player’s favour.
Raiding is what drive me away from the game the first time, two years ago.
And just now, I had an obligatory raid. I scrolled through the possible opponents, looking for one with low enough points Vs mine, that the contractual conflict would be at least brief.
I have 1320 or so. After throwing away an absurd amount of food, I chose one with a score in the 1100’s.
It really felt like they received double, triple bonus attacks for every hit, while I was doing the mathematically minimum amount of damage possible I’d hit, feebly score ten or twenty points against one opponent, then a barrage of attacks and special moves from every character would reduce me to ashes.
The fight (my 1320 vs their 1100) was over after seven rounds. I’d defeated Brand, of theirs; they had destroyed my team. It reminded me why I quit the first time.

Whenever I’m raided - I log in and see that my base had been attacked - I just hope they enjoyed the combat. They won some trophies, how nice, I hope they enjoy them.
I have no intention of retaliating. I don’t care how many trophies I have, I’m not here to prove anything to anyone. I just want to build my Stronghold, go through the map, play the game, meet some new heroes.

I’d be immensely happy if my little corner of the world had no involvement with any other player besides mutual support.

And Alliance Wars? Absolutely not. Not ever.

Sorry for my rant. I genuinely enjoy 90% of this game. Just not raiding or anything that relates to player Vs player conflict.

Love you all,


Maybe looking at it more like chess than combat will help.


That’s a good analogy. I just wish that the team I was fighting didn’t have another player’s name attached to it.


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