I'm NEVER coming back! See you tomorrow! Vent thread


I totally LOVE this idea! There are and will be times we need/want to vent without sarcasm or judgement. Play, get frustrated, lvent it out, then go back to cleansing the world if evil!


Love this idea too.

For me the most maddening thing about this game is how streaky the RNG is. It doesn’t feel truly random. For example, I’ll have periods where I simply cannot win a raid no matter what I do. The game simply decides and I’ll lose 5 or 6 in a row. Then poof! Now I can’t lose, again for 5 or 6 battles.

This also extends to farming materials. The RNG has gifted me with thousands of nearly useless feathers but I’m always short on the materials to make mana potions. I sure hope the alchemy store they mentioned fixes this problem.

Finally, even my TC20s are streaky. I just got yet another Elkanen, who I already had 2 of. Also, I’ve gotten Lianna and Kadilen from my TC20. 3 of the greens happened in a row (not in consecutive trainings, but as successive 5* weeks apart). 3 Justices and 2 Leonidas all basically in a row. One each from the other colors. Yargh.

Okay I’m spent now. See you all in the morning.


Yesterday I wasn’t really venting, just kidding around. But today…
I was raided over and over and over! It’s not like I’m some big fish. I can hardly stay above 2000 trophies. For a long time I been just holding on. I play all the time. I am suppose to be getting stronger. I’m so fed up with facing teams that my basic heroes can not even hope to win against. And I’m really tired of the, “you just need to have patience.” I fill 2-3 monster chests every day, I play, I grow. My best team, 4 fully leveled 4* and one 4.70 5* that I’m waiting (and waiting and waiting) for mats to finish, is under 3500tp. How can I win against all those fully leveled 5* super wonderful, strong 4000tp teams. They bring back the dead, one shot my heroes before I even get one powered up. This morning I started with over 2100 trophies. Throughout the day, between them raiding me and me inability to revenge them, I am just about to go back to gold.
I use to always say, no biggie, be back in a day. But today? This crap sucks! I even lost easy raids because the boards kept having NO matches. A rainbow team, and the boards just kept rearranging. I can’t power anyone up at all.
There…whew…thank you all…good luck


Okay here’s my vent:

Why are some people enormously blessed with something while others are lucky to see enough to barely get by? I know someone who gets an epic hero token from nearly every single titan, but everyone else I talk to are lucky to see 2-3 a month. How is that random? I used to think people were overreacting when they said the game’s rnging is haywire but recently I’ve noticed more and more gaps in what different players get.

Can’t get a hero of the month to save your life? Try stealing one of the five your alliancemate got with two 10-pulls while they were desperately trying to get one of the merlins you now have six of.

Always get a crummy amount of emblems or even none at all? Maybe you’ll still able to get a few wins against that player who’s swimming in them…or get creamed, but it doesn’t matter because it’s just a game, right?

I’m not stupid; I know computers can mess up. SG has to implement some kind of safe guard or at least look into these huge, consistant differences, but all we’ll ever hear is “rnging is rnging. You’ll get lucky one day.”

On a side note:
You can get up to 50(!!) emblems from an elemental chest OR as low as 3. I mean geez, elemental loot is crummy enough at least you can guarantee us 30 emblems to help those with consistantly bad luck have a chance.

Oh yes, and why won’t these darn cascades leave me alone!?! I swear no matter what move I make in a raid or war it ALWAYS cascades at least once and usually more—always with the 2-3 colors that aren’t on my team. Soooo many times I would have won if it weren’t for the darn cascades!

Vent over.


It’s kind of scary how much better I feel now. Good thread @Kayo


I love wars, except during the field aid rotation. I HATE FIELD AID. I HATE FIELD AID. I HATE FIELD AID. I HATE FIELD AID. …deep breaths, better.



Really, 2-3 a month? I would LOVE 2-3 a month.

I decided after New Years to save the epic hero tokens I get and use them for the next Atlantis pull. Now, some 5-6 weeks later I have exactly ONE. Come the next Atlantis pull I will no doubt have exactly ONE.

That ONE I got from a blue elemental chest, not a titan chest.

And I’ll probably pull yet another wickerman (Namahage).

Oh and I despise Field Aid.

I do feel better :smile:


Sometimes, it’s seams the game is unfair.
So many uploads…
The war…always the same thing…you take good teams for figth…and you have anithyng the colour you don’t put to play. For exemple you take 2 greens, 1 red, 1 blue and 1 purple…you will receive to play many yelows…always the same ting. I’m tired.
And the titan for us is always the same…you token 4 green for fight with a blue titan…and forget it…you don’t have any green or a few green to match.
I’m unhappy with this game.
And geams…ahahahaha…more than one year …and i never take a 5* heroe … only in ct 20. So many geams and nothing.


It’s great that you started a new thread to voice these complaints. I’ve never heard of anyone feeling like this before. You’re definitely the first.


Keep on geamin’ bro



Come to Alfa…and you will see. Everyone complaints the same.


Come to Alfa+ and you wil see


@zephyr1 can we merge to Vent Thread?


that’s why it’s called Empire & PUZZLES


Oh…of course!.. so you can do a puzzle without pieces.!.. so … i’m dumb


it is you who says it


Yes…i lost my inteligence surching 5* heroes with geams…more than a year.

And… ya…with a tem with 4 heroes 5* and one 4* i do my best.

But of course …it’s better reply like you did, because trying explain some other options is not easy



I can’t believe on this…you shure you playing?


this game is getting more difficult on the board in the Titan you go with 3 heroes of the opposite color and comes little jewelry for the attack when it starts to come the time of fight against Titan is exhausted