I'm NEVER coming back! See you tomorrow! Vent thread

working on a couple of stubborn costumes now :stuck_out_tongue: c-Triton is 4/60, special skill 6/8

c2 Cyprian is 4/47, special skill 5/8


were you perchance intending to post that on the challenge event thread, @Sam-I-Am ? :slight_smile:

well, yes, i think? or no. i deleted it from here but i can’t seem to find the thread or posts i was responding to at all now, they don’t seem to be in the challenge festival thread, although that would make sense. search isn’t helping at all.

that’s IT! i’ve had it with this forum and this game, making me look like a fool, i was right on the edge, but this was the last straw, I’M NEVER COMING BACK!

thanks for the heads up @sleepyhead, see you tomorrow, for PoG or when i start farming Untold Tales avatars or whatever :tropical_fish: :crab: :laughing:


If you’re just looking to complete, these are the two you really need to make sure you bring, cGormek to clear out the minions, followed up with Proteus mana block. After that, bring a healer and then various other heroes… personally I brought D’Andre, Dawn, and Hansel. Attrition will generally get you the win… of course maybe I’ll switch things up and take out cGormek and Hansel and put in Gobbler and Aodhan. I’m not going to make any speed records, but it’ll do the job.

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nice hilarious vent @Sam-I-Am :smiley:

I’m hungry! The portals are unkind so I have nothing new and what’s worse is I’m just not having any fun…thank goodness for war (& Goldman’s deli) :crazy_face:


I pulled again for Proteus . Didn’t get him for the millionth time . He isn’t even that awesome I just want him just like Merlin. I would probably only use him in events farming etc . At this point I may just assume I WILL NEVER GET HIM ( uncontrollably sobbing ) , but I will be back